Ingress updated to version 1.26 with vital notifications and new animations

by: AA StaffMay 22, 2013


Ingress, the augmented-reality game developed by Google in cooperation with Niantic Labs has just received another update, this time a pretty major one, a few days after that huge Ingress event held during Google’s I/O conference.

Certain game features received a much needed makeover and Ingress now includes several new elements, in addition to the expected bug fixes.

As seen from the changelog of version 1.26, developers have integrated detailed information about the health of the portal and the percentage of faction control right inside the Portal Keys panel from the Inventory menu. Moreover, support for Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor objects has been added.

Ingress is now capable of sending notifications in case someone attacks a portal or neutralizes it. The same applies when another member of the game mentions you using your @codename. Another important addition is the new Recharge visual animation, which will be displayed each time a portal is healed.

Even though the update is counted as a major one, Ingress is still in the closed beta stage. Those wishing to join the conquest can request an invite from the official website or from a high-ranked member (level six or above).


    They later on gave 1 invite capability/key what ever to all lvl 2+ players, should be pretty easy to get.

    • Phil Nolan

      Yes, all level 6+ people got one, then everyone above L2+, I gave those out, then they randomly gave me another one (it’s gone already)

  • Phil Nolan

    The new power level meters on keys is very nice and helpful.