Ingress leaves closed beta, grab it now on Google Play

by: Andrew GrushOctober 31, 2013


Up until now Ingress has been a closed beta, giving it an exclusive status that required you to request an invitation or be gifted an invite by a friend who already has access. This changes starting today!

Niantic Labs has now removed the close beta tag from the game, allowing for anyone to jump into the augmented festivities, no invite required.

Many Android fans already know a great deal about Ingress, but for those that don’t, the game works by taking the real world and laying over a virtual experience on top of it. Basically that means you need to go to real-world locations to collect in-game “Exotic Matter”, all while fighting for territorial control against a rival faction.

So is the game worth playing? If you enjoy the idea of interacting with real-world locations in a massively multiplayer experience, then yes it certainly is.

As a word of caution though, the number of Ingress players is still growing and so if you are in a less populated area you might find that the game’s experience isn’t quite as exciting – yet. Now that anyone can freely grab the game, this situation could soon be changing.

For more details on Ingress or to grab the app, you’ll want to head over to Google Play.

  • jusephe

    iOS version ?

    • Thomas Su


    • Terry Cameron

      Next year. It has been confirmed.

    • AGoogler


  • MasterMuffin

    Not for me, I live in a city with 30 000 people :/

    • Mayoo

      Then you can rule as the self-proclaimed king and these 30k subjects.

      • MasterMuffin

        Sounds good. Actually, sounds great! :D

        • professorpasta

          Yes, you should quickly capture the portals. There’s upkeep to them, but it’s not unreasonable. There’s a city I know of with 10% of your population, and they have at least 7 portals. Granted, there may be no battles really, but they do get flipped from time to time. That doesn’t prevent you from leveling up though.

          • MasterMuffin

            It’s probably not the amount of people that is the factor in the amount of portals, but the size of the city. I wonder if we have even 1 :D

          • Bjajjull

            Send in as many portals as you can.

          • AGoogler

            haha 7 portals ! that’s truly lame my city has at least 20 and more appeared yesterday.You need loads of portals to level up.

    • AGoogler

      30,000? That’s not a city its a village :)

      • MasterMuffin

        Size doesn’t matter!!

  • Robert Gerhart

    Lame game. I’ve been playing for months, and still can’t crack level 8. No fun when you are competing against middle aged dorks who lurk around hacking portals at 2am. Get a life… get a job… get laid… get *something*…

    • AGoogler

      more likely they are on the other side of the world cheating using gps hacks lol

      • Robert Gerhart

        That too. But one portal is right in front of my house, and I’ve seen cars pause there in the middle of the night. I saw their activity in the COMMs, and was able to figure out who one was in real life. Turns out he is the real-life version of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons: a middle-aged, overweight white dude, except he works as an independent IT “consultant” (read: self-proclaimed know-it-all computer geek with no official professional credentials). I’m almost tempted to figure out where he lives… I’ll bet the name on the mailbox is his mom’s.

        • Coto Jest

          In a game where portal hacking is the point, why are you so butt hurt what time it is? Should you be in bed vs watching comms at 2 am? Maybe he’s on his way home?. I Guess you’re a (read: self-proclaimed judgmental ass)

  • AGoogler

    Been playing it since it first appeared , great game but actually requires you to get off your butt and go to locations , if you don’t like this then stick to regular games it is only really good for very job mobile folks like me who travel enormous amounts, the only problem with it is it is prone to assholes cheating but the latest version seems to reduce that plus if you get caught you can lose your account and go back to square one , the good thing is if more people play then people like me on level 7 can decimate them easily :)) , there is also a good social scene which i no doubt new players will discover once they have climbed the levels.

  • Joelle Clark

    Been playing awhile now,Husband started playing first and managed to get me a invite when he got tired of me watching him play and growling about not being able to.

    Been a level eight for quite some time now and have found the same cross section of players in both factions that you do in day to day life.People from the highly brilliant to those seriously disturbed,stalkers,haters and those who made ingress their whole reason for being.

    It encourages thinking outside the box and developing strategy and social development skills.
    Our family has fun with Ingress.
    How others deal with it,like life is their responsibility,you get out of it what you put into it.

    • elgoog

      3rd faction coming soon.

      • Joelle Clark

        I have been hearing that for few months and am intriqued by what another faction might represent and the many and varied possibilities.
        Would love to see more direct shaper involvment,

  • Jake from State Farm

    I’d heard some folks talk about this a while back but had no idea. Downloaded it and now I’m hooked….dammit AA. Now I need a phone with better battery life.