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After the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in London on Thursday, now comes the grueling part – waiting for the super phone to be released. This time around, the wait, at least for some folks, shouldn’t be as long as the wait for last year’s Galaxy S2. We’ve scoured the web for some official confirmations regarding the Galaxy S3’s release date in several Southeast Asian countries, and here’s what we’ve found.


Samsung, without a doubt, is the most recognized face of Android tablets and smartphones in Indonesia. So, when can our Indonesian friends expect to see Samsung Galaxy S3 land on their shores?

According to Samsung Mobile Indonesia product market manager Fabiant Kayatmo, quoted from news portal Detik, the Galaxy S3 will come sooner rather than later to Indonesia, at a date that will possibly coincide with the release of the phone in the US and other Asian countries.

When pressed to be more specific, Kayatmo said that June is a possible launch month of the Galaxy S3 in the Big Durian.


In Malaysia, Samsung holds 60% of the smartphone market share, making the Korean manufacturer number one in the country.  Talking to Bernama, Lee Jui Sang, Samsung Electronics director of regional mobile business for Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Taiwan, said he’s confident that Samsung Galaxy S3 will make its way to Malaysia in early June.


As for the release date of Samsung Galaxy S3 in Singapore, home to some of the world’s most gadget-obsessed folks, we heed the words of Hardwarezone, which apparently had gotten the memo directly from Samsung Singapore.  Again, it’s not a very specific one, but apparently the Samsung Galaxy S3 will debut in Singapore from Q2 2012.

From the several official sources above, it is highly likely we’ll see the Samsung Galaxy S3 touching down in the SEA region in June. Unfortunately, the price hasn’t been announced yet, but we wouldn’t be too surprised to see it in the US$700 – $800 range, such is the case with other high-end smartphones in the past. Of course, it can be yours for free if you enter our Samsung Galaxy S3 giveaway contest!

Don’t forget to check out our hands-on impression of the Samsung Galaxy S3 as well.

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  • Weka

    really looking forward to having it soon!!!

  • Caveman

    I’m in Indonesia and really looking forward to the release..Still in dilemma though whether to buy HTC One X or Galaxy S3. It all depends on the S3’s price when it’s released here.

    • Vic_nash04

      go for s3….for better camera…performance….n ui…
      HTC one X with mnior prob like…poor camera…signal n battery life

      • Halo

        lol, you never catch up, dont you..

    • Winarto Zhao

      @Caveman: Prepare your wallet, tomorrow is the launch date in Jakarta

    • Rb Playboy2050

      please inform me about s3 price in indonesia as soon as possible…

  • Any idea about release dates for India?

  • Cib1951

    Can reach Malaysia before June??? =((

  • Kajangan

    Congrates to samsung. The world is proudly smiling at you

  • wow… hope the battery life way much better than s2…

  • Sobhan189

    if every one know when galaxy s3 come to IRAN please send email to

  • Winarto

    Just for your info, this device will be launched in Indonesia tomorrow. Yes tomorrow 22nd May 2012. So Android fans in Indonesia, get your wallet ready!!!

    • Adalahtu


    • Kunkilee

      Beneran di mana

  • rosy

    i m deadly waiting fr s3

  • Guest

    News for Indonesia s3 Will be released at 2 June

  • Princess1666

    Hey SGS3 fanz in Indonesia.. wats d lowest price IDR? Pls reply asap.. TQ.