Open thread: impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S5 or not?

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Hands on MWC 2014-1160026

Yesterday at their MWC 2014 Samsung took the wraps off the Galaxy S5, bringing us a new soft-touch back cover, a fingerprint reader and several other new hardware and software features. While there were certainly a few changes and surprises when it comes to the Galaxy S5’s design, it really wasn’t the dramatic design departure that many of use were expecting. 

In terms of specs, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a very real upgrade over the original, however.

The GS5 is powered by a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU with 2GB of RAM, though that latter spec might seem like a small step backwards when compared to the Galaxy Note 3. What really sets the Galaxy S5 apart from its predecessor is its water proof design and excellent camera, bringing us a 16MP shooter with ISOCELL technology. The fingerprint reader and heart rate monitor are certainly intriguing as well.

Here’s the full spec list to give you an even better idea of what to expect from the handset:

Display5.1-inch Super AMOLED, Full HD (1920 x 1080), 432 ppi
Processor2.5GHz Snapdragon 801
Battery2800 mAh
Cameras16 MP rear LED flash with ISOCELL and 4K recording (limited to 5min), 2.1 MP front
Networks3G, LTE Cat. 3 2X2 MIMO
ConnectivityGPS, GLONASS, microUSB, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Dimensions142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm,
145 grams
ColorsBlack White, Blue, Gold
Waterproof and dust resistantRated IP67 - USB port covered with plastic flap
SoftwareAndroid 4.4

If we were to sum up the Galaxy S5 experience, it would go something like this: Samsung essentially took the Samsung GS4 Active, GS4 Zoom and the Note 3 and merged them into one compelling package. And then for good measure, they took the Nexus 7 (2012) backing and slapped it on the Galaxy S5.

The end result is a handset that removes the compromises users had to make with the S4 Zoom and Active, giving us a soft-touch design aesthetic that has an excellent camera, can handle taking a splash through the water and brings hardware prowess that’d we’d expect from a modern flagship handset.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of the new look and others feel that Samsung should have done something a bit more revolutionary in terms of design, both from a hardware and software standpoint. While we’ll be sure to bring you more Galaxy S5 videos, and an eventual review, we’d love to hear what our readers think of the newest member of the Galaxy S family.

So how about it, are you planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it arrives sometime in mid-April? Are you impressed by the features? What are you most looking forward to with the handset? Or what do you feel Samsung should have done differently? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments!

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  • Kyle J

    Build quality and design is what the S5 is slacking on, the rest of it (not the 2Gb ram) is pretty much what I expected, Still hoping for a galaxy S5 Pro (Prime Edition)

  • Andrew P.

    Pros: Camera, water resistant, soft-touch back.
    Cons: base model 16GB (half left for the user), nothing really innovative, Another “S-update” rather then new (ala Apple’s S model, So this could be Galaxy S4s…)

    I won’t be getting one. I’ll enter every draw to win one, but It won’t be worth my dollars.

    • me

      Or galaxy s3two

  • Corey Watford

    Just curious how this chart would compare to the iPhone 6 come October, not a fanboy-just curious

    • yudi_hilmawan

      iPhone 6 will be better than this crap you know why???

      Because you can’t get IOS experience from any other manufacturers.

  • elros mente

    i like the new ultrasaver battery,every smartphone with an amoled should have,BUT,ther’s a but,i think samsung didn’t made a good job with it,the idea is very good but need more easy use and no need to drastically change UI at those level.

  • KillEmAllx

    No, because of a lot of reasons:
    – Design. The worst thing about the S5. The person(s) that designed that back cover should get fired. It is just aweful. I wonder why they chosed that instead of the back cover on the Note3 or the S4 black edition, now that is a pretty good looking cover. Then we have those bezels, making the device bigger with just 0.1″ bigger screen. And it is also thicker and heavier than the S4. Big no.
    – Software. TouchWiz is still the same TouchWiz of all times. Buggy, heavy, ugly. The whole UI makes no sense, and it is a mix of all shapes and colors. Those round notification toggles are horrible, and don’t fit with the rest of the UI. A good thing is the more flat look of the ROM, but still, same old TouchWiz all over again.
    – Specs and features. I’m not impressed by any of the features that come with the S5. The fingerprint scanner is just a response to Apple, and the heat/pulse thing is just meh. The phone has the same screen resolution, less ppi (little bigger screen), same amount of RAM, and less storage (no 64GB version). The good things are a slightly better CPU, better GPU, slightly bigger battery, and hopefully a better camera (and camera experience).
    IMO it is not worth the update coming from the S4, or any device for that matter. The Xperia Z2 is better in almost every category, and the M8 will (hopefully) be even better. It’s still sad that the S5 will sell like butter.
    I will wait until my S3 4G pretty much dies and then upgrade to a Note X or a Nexus/GPE.
    Sorry Samsung but you’ve failed on this one.

    • patrik

      Lol claiming the Z2 is better in almost every aspect? That’s your opinion, but if you’d look at it objectively you’ll see just how wrong you are.

      • Jaun Lombard

        Agreed….the Z2 looks better but otherwise they are the same…only the Z2 has a simpler UI and the S5 a Fingerprit scanner!

        • nondimwit

          You think the S5 screen is anywhere near the quality of the Sony? Super Amoled is so old it’s inconceivable that Samsung still uses it. What a joke.

          And the casing of the Sony is years ahead of the S5.

          • YoungHermit

            Old? Super Amoled is new technology and some think that it might replace LCD in the future

          • nondimwit

            Only a Samsung fan would think amoled is either new or good…

          • YoungHermit

            Take it easy I currently own an LG -.- I won’t argue with you, because clearly LCD and AMOLED are good and each have their own advantages

          • nondimwit

            The only – and I mean the ONLY – advantage Super Amoled has is its rich blacks, and that’s it.

          • truthspeaker

            Only Samsung haters would automatically write off amoled just because it’s samsung

          • nondimwit

            Go watch this video about how low-tech Super Amoled is compared to IPS/LCD3, etc – honest review of the Note 3.
            Dim in sunlight, screen burn-in, false colors… not sure how anyone can defend Super Amoled at all…


          • Cody Lamson

            I definitely prefer amoled to LCD. The amoled screen on the note 3 is jaw dropping. And its brighter than any LCD phone screen I’ve seen. You just can’t beat an absolutely black screen because the pixels aren’t lit. It makes the contrast much more enhanced and to me its a much better technology and looks the best out of anything.

          • YoungHermit

            I like both honestly, LCD offers more realistic colours… My old S2’s display looked amazing but they weren’t realistic and it ended up with burn-in :(

          • nondimwit

            S.Amoled is the dimmest of all current screen technologies… not sure which decade you’re living in. Go to Best Buy, et al, and actually look at other screens, especially HTC.

          • nondimwit

            Not new. Invented in 2010, available early 2011.

          • truthspeaker

            You sir have no idea what your talking about. LCD TFT is the old tech, as far as color reproduction super AMOLED is far superior the only the LTD dose better than Super Amoled is brightness of the screen but this is even starting to be a non issue the screen on the note 3 is plenty bright and can be viewed with no issues in direct sunlight. Now Regular AMOLED Has Been Around A While But Super AMOLED Has only Been around Maybe 2 Or 3 years. Get you facts straight.

          • Ant-Man

            Plus every one forgets about the ISOCELL camera (better low light pics & better colors & the camera being smaller in size they can add bigger battery or thinner phone in the future) ….. a lot of people only look at MP and don’t know what ISOCELL can do plus it has some type of wifi thing that works with LTE I believe and makes ur WiFi even faster plus it has the 801 snapdragon like the Sony Xperia z2

          • Ant-Man

            I am a lil disappointed that they didn’t change the design into something they haven’t done before but if u look into the features its still a great phone

          • yudi_hilmawan

            Yeah almost all high end phones is great and full of features.

          • yudi_hilmawan

            Lool… can you prove it to me that ISOCELL camera is better than Sony Exmore RS??

            Samsung only claims that their sensor is about 30% better than CONVENTIONAL BSI sensor.
            And in the same time Sony also claims that Sony Exmor RS is 30% better than CONVENTIONAL BSI sensor.

            Most product with Sony sensor always on the top of the list.

          • Ant-Man

            I guess we gotta wait for reviews and dont get me wrong I really like almost anything sony puts out … im a big playstation fan because I feel they got the best exclusives but on phones im not 100% with them but im not counting them out either

          • yudi_hilmawan

            Its not about what you like or what i like, Because i’m also samsung loyal customer since 2009-2013 (GS2is the last samsung smartphone that i use).

            But it just there is so many people think that ISOCELL is way… better than Sony Exmore RS sensor and i”m not agree with that because for NOW both of them claims that their sensor is more superior than conventional BSI sensor and there is no real life comparison.

            On paper Z2 camera is better than S5 because it has larger sensor with higher MP, faster and wider lens the best thing about S5 camera is 0.3s autofocus but we also need real life proof about that.
            And according to DoxMark test (one of the most profesionals when it comes to photography) even without the latest software improvements the OVERALL quality of Z1 is better than any other phone except Nokia 808.

            Last but not least i never like oversized smartphone thats why i preffer Xperia Z1 Compact.

          • Guest

            They don’t use TFT anymore .. noob

          • truthspeaker

            Oh and also yes a agree the materials used in the construction of the Z2 are high quality and Sony should be commended for it BUT, here is the issue with the material Sony uses and I’ll make the point with a simple question…. what material do you think is going to hold up better in a fall? Glass backing and metal frame or plastics/rubbers?

            I rest my case….

            Both manufacturing processes and materials used have their disadvantages and advantages.

          • YoungHermit

            The Z1 was pretty strong and sturdy in the drop test, but random noise was displayed on the screen. Putting an 800-dollar phone in a case doesn’t hurt

          • truthspeaker

            Yea no I agree cases are good but I don’t know maybe it’s just me a phone like the z1 would be under classed by a case I mean what the point of such a beautiful design to be cover up by ugly cases… The only case I put on my xperia z was a clear THE case because I didn’t want to cover up the beautiful craftsmanship. But my point Is if you drip a GS5 it’ll probably hold up.better.

          • Corey Deane

            I don’t like how the sony had such sharp corners. I like the slightly curved corners of the galaxy’s

      • truthspeaker

        I agree completely the GS5 this the best looking one Samsung has out out in a long time. The back of it reminds me of the 2013 nexus 7 which I loved. It not being flimsy glossy plastic for once is great. Oh and ab I UT touchwiz you must not have been paying attention, the took out and didn’t add all those useless features that have been every single Samsung flagship. The Z2 is not superior at all Sony phones are great don’t get me wrong I had a xperia z my self but the brava or x reality engine they put on those phones absolutely KILLS the battery life on the xperia line something about it just sucks the battery dry, and this is the first time Sony has actually got their display right the display on every Sony flagship before this was so lackluster the blacks were almost Grey the whites were almost cream and it was not bright at all. With that said until we actually can hold and use the device for ourselves I’m not going to say Sony did good on their screen. As of right now I’ll take Samsung super amoled over anything Sony has put out thus far all day. The processor in the GS5 is higher clocked yes it has less ram but honestly android dose not need 3gb right now I’m using the note 3 right now and honestly it would do just fine with 2 go I almost always have over a gb of ram open, the biggest apps on android use maybe 100mb. Then you look at the GS5 camera and yes Sony has more mega pixels but the GS5 camera has the super hast focus and Samsung lenses and sensors have always been quality I mean to be honest my friend has a Z1S from t mobile and my pictures from my 13mp camera on my note come out better most of the time then his 20mp camera and also megapixels don’t mean a better camera it’s all about the lens baby. So maybe be more objective and don’t be an automatic Samsung hater just because they are mainstream and before you say I’m just a Samsung fan boy the galaxy note 3 is the first touch wiz device I have ever owned the only other Samsung device I’m ever owned was the Samsung galaxy nexus, I’ve own more HTC and Motorola devices than anything…

    • Sammy Jasper

      Dude, I agreed with u but u miss to mention dust proof and water proof which is pretty good features offer by Samsung. The person that designed the whole cabinet must be HANG!(I jst lose my temper)

      • 8894

        not water proof… its water RESISTANT… BIG difference…

    • Klanx

      You forgot to mention Galaxy S5 is still 32-bit smartphone..

      • truthspeaker

        And your point? That’s the most retarded comment I have ever seen. There is not a single android flagship that supports 64 bit yet, the Z2 is not 64bit so dose that make it bad? No. It’s a very nice phone. There will not be any 64bit flagship till the end of the year, there will not be a single serious OEM that will use mediateks 64bit processor because we’ll they are just not as good as the snapdragon line and even when they finally release a 64bit flagship snapdragon, Google will have to bake 64bit support into android which it has not done yet. To be honest at this point 64bit is overkill until we have phones with more than 4gb of ram there is not going to be much point to 64bit and it will not make much difference to most users.

        get educated before you say dumb stuff

    • AndroidBoss
    • Brian Shieh

      The settings app in the new touchwiz isn’t good looking at all. It is pretty inconsistent with the rest of touchwiz. The back cover should have been the leatherette design; it looks classy and more premium than the studded rubbery plastic.

    • TheUndertaker21

      HTC M8 will NOT beat Samsung, M8 is the same shit as M7, only a nice design and a better camera, NOTHING ELSE!

  • Shark Bait

    Not at all! (Its ugly)

    It is big on the specs, which just isn’t enough these days.
    I thought we where getting refined software , and new stylish hardware. I think they’ve left lots of room for sony and HTC here

    • Jaun Lombard

      Agreed. Looks suck (but might be durable) but hardware good….but so is every othr phone’s spec.

      it all comes down to price

      • Bryan Z

        yeah price…. it’s overpriced.

      • Shark Bait

        Yes I think so, if it comes in a little higher than the nexus 5, then I’ll forgive them

  • MasterMuffin

    They teased us and made us think that TW would get as big update as it got between s2 and s3. That didn’t happen. Specs are okay, but nothing to write home about (the only thing shining is the camera and waterproofing). Battery should have been at least 3000mAh. Aaand damn that backplate is ugly (and Y U GOLD (or copper but whatever, it’s gold)). Overall I’m more excited about Z2 and upcoming Find 7, G3 and Note 4!

    • WestFiasco

      I think the design of touchwiz is a step up from what it was before. I still would prefer UI’s from Sony or HTC over Samsung but it looks improved, though still heavy on the bloat. There needs to be fat trimmed from it’s ‘feature set’ and that’s for sure since it’s looking like 8GB maximum a user can expect to use on the 16GB model. Honestly, the S4 has a better design and I wonder how the majority of their customers are going to react to that when the 5 goes up for sale.

    • Brian Shieh

      I’m wondering if the Note 4 will feature the less-touchwiz intensive skinning that Google wants them to have

  • Nate Fredricksen

    Meh. And you know why? It’s ‘my’ fault. Hell, it’s a good phone, and a legitimate improvement. I think the hype I created in my head (the same hype a LOT of us created, methinks) is what made NOTHING we were going to get…good enough. Come on…when you see fan ‘concept’ models floating around that looked like they did? WOW. I was expecting something BIG. This? Looks much the same…and it still has that ******* button.

    But that’s just aesthetics. Performance-wise…I guess the 2GB is kinda the biggest surprise. I saw another article that said, “Samsung is usually pretty good at going down the checklist” Not this time. They failed to check off 3GB…

    I’m hoping the “Prime” or “Premium” we heard rumors about a) exists, and b) is coming soon, because I would like to see a bit more…

    If Sony had a fingerprint scanner, I think they’d have the phone to beat right now.

  • Cotomeo

    Currently the Note line is being more impressive than the S line.

    • madone10

      By just one GB of RAM? RAM really isn’t as important (we’re talking relatively here, the 2-3 GB range). Sure, the back may look a little nicer, but I’d say the other specs (camera, waterproofing, etc.) far outweigh the looks.

      • Johnny Mackry

        Are you kidding me? In terms of touchwiz? 2GB vs 3GB is a huge difference in terms of performance. The Note 3 absolutely flies but at 3GB it just has to. Samsung’s multi window, resource heavy features and especially in the camera.

        If this was a Nexus phone or even a HTC phone with 2GB it wouldn’t be a difference but when it comes to Samsung it’s huge.

        • I’ve been waiting for devices that work as fast as I can since 1980 – and the devs just keep outpacing the hardware by coming up with ever more bloat…. …because they can.

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        I think the S line is going to become less premium and it will be the Note or something else that will be more premium.

        • On a Clear Day

          You could well be right, but I find it hard to imagine. Here’s why.

          The Note 3 is big – and can even test the bounds of the average man’s hand to hold it without it seeming too big. Women will naturally have an even bigger issue with that factor and if Samsung did focus more exclusivity on the Note 3 they would by default be shooting their female prospect base in their collective foot so to speak.

          I think what is perhaps more likely would be that the Note 3 and its latter iterations 4, 5 etc, and Galaxy S5/S6 lines will peacefully coexist; with each serving a similar but still divergent customer base, who will make their choices predicated on what best suits their purposes.

          The Note though I think will become more and more slanted towards professionals and/or high end users who want the flexibility of the S pen and the advantage that greater screen area gives to business type users.

    • Sulley Alsaeed

      because the note 3 had room to grow from note 2. the s5 is a massive improvement from note line and s line.

  • kreemer

    Samsung missed it, and I don’t know how – it was ALL over the internet.
    They could have left the S4 as it was spec wise, gone water resistant and DESIGNED a great phone… Would have been a hit.
    It is about design this year… They weren’t listening.
    This is already, yesterday’s phone.

    • Sammy Jasper

      Ur right man. U got my vote

    • Shark Bait

      I totally agree, they used to make in roads through better specs, but this year specs are (becoming) irrelevant.
      Manufacturers need to differentiate by creating nice hardware coupled with nice software they fits the device. Samsung has missed that compleatly

    • AndroidBoss
    • Luke Taylor

      You said it.

      The problem is the materials, this should have been the beginning of the new Galaxy range, should have been more like the iphone, I was hoping for metal and glass like most, however we got this, as you said the back cover is literally my definition of tacky.

      Touchwiz is a continuing problem still laggy and looks cheap like the S5 overall. Frankly I moved away from Samsung S4 and tried some other options and finally settled on the Nexus 5, while it lacks metal or glass, it looks premium with the soft touch finish and the simple design, again even if the design had become more subtle and stylish i could have accepted that, but that fake chrome bezel, dodgy back cover and a re skinned Touchwiz simple isn’t enough.

      I wouldn’t imagine that the S5 will sell that well when LG and HTC are making some great devices, the playing field is still as large but with more players able to cover the distance. While Samsung aren’t going to disappear overnight I think they’ve over looked what their users actually want, and that… is a Android iPhone.

      • John Mortimer

        Him I think it will sell, when I get my nexus 5 out they go what’s that then,not a Samsung, they up on the Samsung looks, change and its game over

      • kreemer

        Not so sure any of us want an iPhone anything..!..but yeah, some sort of design, some attention to detail not as an after thought, good premium materials….
        I don’t understand how they missed it.

      • AussieGreek

        It is like the iPhone!!! The same as last year’s with some minor changes.

    • Balraj

      True but note the important thing lg is doing
      Lg g3 Will definitely have snapdragon 405
      But from what I have seen from Samsung
      They might launch another s5s or what ever
      During September that’s for sure…

  • IanDickson

    Having had a SGS, SGS3, a Note 2,and now a Note 3..the S5 is a little lackluster IMHO. It’s only SLIGHTLY quicker than what I have now and that it.

    The only thing Samsung presented that perked my interest is the Gear Fit, and ONLY if it can control things outside the Samsung TW ecosystem, and not a half-baked idea like the SView cover.

  • Grman Rodriguez

    I’d like to debate with those who said “Absolutely!”, these are pretty rare in the Internet nowadays

  • HitokiriX

    I think all the blogging rumors ruined the unveiling on the phone. Talk of a metal body, retina scanner, 2K displays… people expected all of that and more… and when they don’t get it, it seems are more of a let down.

    • RarestName

      I find our hilarious that they’re getting the same response as Apple.

    • Mike X

      No, not really. LG G2 ruined it. It has larger, better screen within smaller body, better materials, thin bezels, better UI, no stupid physical button, same processor, etc. Xperia Z2 also ruined it, it looks better, has 3 GB of RAM, 20MP camera.
      HTC probably ruined it too.
      In a market as hotly contested as mobile phone market doing what Samsung just did is borderline suicidal. Not to mention that Samsung can’t poke fun at Apple any more.

      • And if I could see going with Win, the Lumia Icon ruined it too – so sweeeet. Went to a Verizon store, and had an S4, the old HTC One and others in my hands this week – and only the Lumia gave me real gadget lust that made me realize there’ll be digital life beyond my Moto X…..

  • tmcr7

    I actually like the new design of the Galaxy S5. The dimpled texture of the material would actually help the grip of the user. The texture is similar to the handle of a golf club or steering wheel. What’s the purpose of using an aluminum body for a smartphone if owners are going to place it inside a casing to protect it from scratches? This S5 doesn’t need a case. Because it’s not gonna scratch easily.

    Apart from that, the camera looks really a cut above the rest. Then, features are really the ones people need: water resistance, power-saving mode, these are quite useful. And the battery life is really impressive.

    Perhaps people should stop being superficial, and see that the S5 was designed to be functional and not be treated as a precious bling bling.

    • On a Clear Day

      I agree with you – re the design and the case’s functionality. Never been able to understand why so many out there are so obsessed and hung up on “metal” cases and such. It’s a phone; a device whose purpose is to connect us in the ways we deign be connected – not serve to help us catch the eye of some fetching girl or boy so we can then offer to take them home and show them our etching.

      This phone has all the power and might one might desire to keep up with the future before it ever arrives for several years to come; it has a removable battery; is waterproof and has I am sure, if you delve below the surface, enough useful and helpful apps and functions than most any of us will ever have time to discover – but “they’re in there”.

      It is not ugly – beauty in case some of you out there wailing and gnashing your teeth away haven’t heard – is in the eye of the beholder.

      What is ugly? – a dented up, scratched up aluminum case. What is stupid? Buying a prettier than pretty metal cased phone that is sealed up so when it die – right on schedule as pre-planned by the manufacturer so that you are forced to “upgrade” – whether you want (or can afford) to or not.

      Samsung is doing exactly the right thing now – they are focusing on the fundamentals; producing a high powered product that gets the job done and able to keep on doing the job way far down the line. They did not set out to create the device equivalent a ridiculous $10,000.00 Parisian designer’s dress bought today for someone’s empty headed trophy girl friend – destined to be discarded and forgotten – just like the girlfriend – tomorrow.

      The handset market is growing up – apparently some of the people attracted to it aren’t.

  • Nicktrance

    No, but it’s what I expected. In fact I don’t expect any impressive phones this year, hopefully I’m wrong.

  • Jack Parker

    Not at all. The fact that sony released a better built phone, with a better camera, more ram and bigger screen with a bigger battery and will likely cost less.

  • monkey god

    Looks like Samsung has nothing left up their sleeves after the S4 and Note 3. Everything is incremental upgrades with the only innovations being the fingerprint scanner and heartbeat sensor which have questionable usefulness. Not sure why anyone with a S4 would want to upgrade to an S5. This reeks of the iphone 5 to iphone 5s update except that the new Galaxy got uglier and no 64bit.

  • kal22

    no not at all , they just wanna fool ppl ya camera you can get better android cam , finger scan bullshit , heart rate are u kidding me if i wanna chick my heart am ganna do it by real medical device , nothing unique bout it but i think sony made good phone finally its way better than s5 waiting htc m8 to decide what is my new phone but till now its z2 btw i were samsung fanboy i had galaxy s2 , s3 , s4 and i think am ganna leave it coz its just like apple same experience in software and in design

  • Micro Shaquer


  • Jaun Lombard

    Spec is tops with the rest with extra!

    Only the looks…Galaxy F….hope it is real!

  • James Diman

    Everyone is talking that it is not much of an upgrade from the S4 and that most will not upgrade. Most people have a two year agreement on the S4 from their carrier (in the US) and really wont/cant upgrade. I have S3, which I love, but it is time to upgrade and the S5 is a respectable replacement. I also think that the Note 3 and Note 4 (when launched) are also great alternatives, as the S-Pen adds much more usability to that kind of phone.
    I had an older LG Android phone before my S3, and I don’t use anyone else’s phone, so all the complaints that TW is bad, I don’t understand. People complain about it, but never give details as to why.
    The heartrate monitor, very few people will use that beyond two months. The camera is a big leap forward from the S3. There should be a 64g option, but at least you do get an SD card slot. And cloud options are abundant.
    Is it made of metal, no, who cares. The industry tries to get you to upgrade your phone every six months, and with the high cost of phones, plastic is cheaper and lighter. HTC started to lose money after the One came out cause the cost to manufacture and parts was too costly. And the phone is heavier than the S3/S4, try holding that up to your ear while your talking to your wife or GF, your arm gets tired.
    Was it a game changer, no. Has any Apple for the last two years changed, no.
    Was the design a game changer, no. Look at any industry, if you have an already good design, you only slightly modify it, cause any major departure will cause backlash. And everyone that states that this is too much like the S4, you would probably be complaining if there was a radical design change. Besides, most get a case or flip cover.
    The option to use Wifi and LTE at the same time for downloads is a great idea.
    Dust and water resistant should be done on all phones.
    And I like the physical home button.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      I agree.. Coming from the S3 we certainly get a good upgrade. So I will probably get an s5 because it is enough of an upgrade. I don’t like Sony. And if I had an s4 I would still be in contract and get a note 4 maybe.

      The only good phone out there for me is the LG G2. But I would get the S5 because it wouldn’t be months old when I upgrade.

  • Mohamed Ashmawii

    I wanted to change my galaxy s3 lte to s5, but after its announcement, i think i will keep my s3

    • RarestName

      The speed improvements will not disappoint you.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      I don’t get why you would keep your s3. Yes it’s still okay but it’s two years old almost. And the s5 is an improvement.

      • Mohamed Ashmawii

        Yes, it is an improvement, but its design is ugly plus it has many useless features “for me”, and about 55% of the votes here are not impressed with the new smartphone, anyway I’ll decide when the device is released on april, maybe I change my mind.

  • Jaun Lombard

    I want to see a complete review and comparison between the S5 with the GEAR fit and the Z2 with its Fit thingy. The test should include everything….from drop tests to battery life! Even a sound test!

  • Nathan Sassaman


    Is is wrong to feel underwhelmed? or to expect more from a “Flagship” ? I just bought an LG G2 a month ago and that blew the S4 completely out of the water spec wise and it is blazingly fast. Yet the S5 still has a smaller battery and a smaller screen (1080 P)? than my “Old” G2 that came out last year; the main advantages are Kit Kat which I am getting next month and the camera that is 16MP to my 13MP.

    I am curious to see the LG G3 in May and the Galaxy Note 4 in September to see how they compare.

  • arcwindz

    Only one word, size.
    When will people start to realize “damn, this thing is BIG”
    Sure, only a couple milimeter difference, what’s the big deal? But you should check the average dimension of flagship in 2012 compared to the s5
    And don’t start with the bigger battery to fit and stuff unless you’ve got definite proof that there really is no room to spare

  • Venom03

    First of all – I am dissapointed … I have never been Samsung fanboy, honestly i prefer more LG and Sony, but i was always curious what can Sammy us. Well this time it was quite a mess and probably nothing special…the new Galaxy S5 looks like the S4,but only with better camera and waterproof :/ In matter of fact,i would probably think of anything else,if GS5 has 2K display,or something special,which other OAMs can’t offer now….But as i see right now,it would be better if the price of the device is properly cheaper,than the previous Galaxy handsets,but i strongly doubt it will.At the end of the day the Xperia Z2 for example will beat in every single aspekt S5,because it offers what probably 70% of the people here want – 3200 mAh battery ,while Samsung rely on the spare battery and gimmicks,which in about a month or so will be forgotten :/

  • jack

    Not impressed at all to be honest. Hopefully the Note 4 has that WOW factor and better software. I’m happy w/ my Note 3 running stock ROM 4.4.2 until then.

  • kyle sundberg

    I’ll get it. But I’m definitely getting an aluminum battery cover. And as for the size. I don’t really care. I always use a case. To me being water proof and dust proof isn’t enough. Yes you can drop it in water. But what if it hits the concrete underneath? I hope the s6 will come in a pro version. All aluminum. Looks and feels great on the HTC one and the metal uses on the iPhone feels good in the hand.

  • Jason Baroni

    I am an Apple user, but I am fan of the S4 more than this new S5. I don’t think it is a fair upgrade from the previous (and amazing) version as the S4 stands.

  • George

    I think if the s5 was the same as the s4 only difference it was glass front and back better touch wiz and faster CPU it will sell better than the s5 young people don’t need heart shit

  • dude13

    Your poll is missing one voting option – INSULTED, because
    this is how I would’ve voted if I could. Yes, I’m insulted by Galaxy S5. When a company with enormous resources like Samsung tells me that they “listened to their customers” and then shows me a phone that not only doesn’t sport a new exciting design, but actually looks uglier (thicker bezels) than its predecessor – that insults me.

    I don’t want my phone to make me fit. I don’t need a heart
    rate monitor. I have a pulse most of the time and know how to check my own pulse without a $600 gadget.

    I’ve had a number of phones and smartphones and I never ever
    dropped them into water. I don’t need a waterproof phone. I suppose some people do (navy seals?), not me.

    Fingerprint sensor? Why not teeth whitener? That would’ve
    been much more useful.

    You know what I want from my phone? I want to be able to
    feel joy every time I take it out of the pocket and look at it. I want a sleek beautiful high-end device that exudes sophistication and superiority. I want it to look different from competition, different in a good way. So what did Samsung do after sentiments similar
    to mine spread like wildfire on internet after S4 release ? Nothing. Samsung did absolutely nothing.

    I don’t know who’s fault it is. Internet is riddled with
    spectacular futuristic phone designs and Samsung definitely has capacity to at least copy some of them. Latest phones of major Chinese companies all look fresher and more exciting that anything Samsung did in the last 3 years. My LG
    G2 looks ten times sharper than S5. So this is just laziness and arrogance of a company that got too comfortable and totally gave up on innovation. Funny how I used to (and still do) say same things about Apple. Sadly Samsung now fully deserves to be called SameSung, as it joins Apple on the pedestal of irrelevance.

    I hope Samsung suffers a huge financial loss due to dismal
    S5 sales. Despite their claims they do not listen to us, but they still can count money.

    • number29

      Sounds like you need an iPhone.

  • George

    I think if the s5 was glass front and back better touch wiz faster CPU it would of been top seller younger people don’t need heart shit

  • Bryan Z

    I am impressed! at how much the S5 sucks, really this phone should have been a better version of the S4, now the truth of the fact is that this time samsung did not add all these features that nobody uses and that they advertise as features that innovate user’s experience but then we got left out with nothing because that’s what samsung is. This could very well be a move to make the galaxy look worse than whatever phone they come out with next year that has Tizen instead, who knows. But today samsung just let down a lot of people and HTC and Sony better take this opportunity

  • nondimwit

    Super Amoled? HAHAHAHA, what a joke.

  • iamtravis182

    I think a lot of people were disappointed in the lack of innovation found in the S4, and unfortunately, I think they will be experiencing the same emotion.

    It will take some lackluster sales periods before Samsung will wake up and realize that LG, Sony, and HTC are eating their lunch as result. Then maybe they will come out with a more drastic and innovative design. Kind of like HTC did last year with the One.

  • Rachel

    If a car company year after year releases a new model and just by looking at it people can’t tell if this is a new model, a previous model or one before that – this car company goes out of business. SG5 is a fail.

  • Alix8821

    Fingerprint scanner seems useful. Originally mocked my GFs obsession w/ it on her iPhone. But it’s handy…

    I’m more interested in Kit Kat, and the camera enhancements.

    And Obv the water/dust proofing.

    I absolutely love my Note 3. Action Launcher fixes TW, I rooted and slimmed things down. BUT, Deff would love Kit Kat asap. But got VZW…

    S5 is a very, very solid improvement. BUT, nothing earth shattering either.

    • Verge said the fingerprint implementation pretty much sucks in this first iteration….

  • pecemece

    As every phone this one is not perfect. It has great camera, fingerprint scanner ( which is working quite nice in the reviews i watched, and yes it’s not like the touchID but it’s a nice addition), it’s dust and water resistant also a nice feature, has one of the best processors, nice display ( with all new features that samsung introduced in the unpacked event). I also like the private mode where you can protect private data, and yes i know you could do that with 3rd party apps but its a nice addition. And the ultra battery saving mode is awesome.
    On the other hand the design is pretty awful. I hate the texture on the back, the heart rate monitor is useless and the touchwiz is not really that different but it’s much better than the previous version.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the all new HTC but i doubt that it will be better in spec probably better looking.
    Probably i’m going to upgrade from my nexus 4 if the htc is worse.

  • juanmateo

    Not at all.

  • 4runnerJones

    Yes for the Camera specs and waterproof, but no for everything else.

  • Sulley Alsaeed

    Frankly speaking, overall, it is the best Android phone out has so much to offer and only lacks in design. Something i don’t mind compromising since we are getting way more relevant features this time around. I believe we are all having this massive negative reaction because we have come to expect the best out of Samsung rather than Sony, HTC, and others who produce great phones but always seem to come third place behind Apple and Samsung.
    In conclusion. Yes the design isn’t the metal uni body we hoped it would have, but lets think remember that isn’t why we are android users. We are here to take full advantage of our smartphones. And I believe that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a reflection of that purpose.

  • Suthan Sivekumaar

    Nice work Andrew Grush! Wow, the majority is not impressed by the GS5. But I love it! Its specifications! Even though it won’t be as cheap as the Nexus 5 or other, I still would love one and experience the newer processor Snapdragon 801 and the stock android experience known as Android 4.4 Kitkat! xd

  • CRiTiCaL_FLuX

    When all high end phones have pretty much the same specs these days, it’s design and software that count. Samsung has neither. Instead then think a bunch of gimmicky features are what will get people to like their phone.

    I was honestly expecting a lot more from the S5, given how Samsung was saying that it was going to be a completely new device or something along those lines leading up to its reveal, but what they gave us was essentially an S4 ver. 1.5

  • ertugrul

    It is ugly, it is ugly, it is ugs in the ugly

  • Adon

    Not really a game changer in my opinion. Its NICE but its NOT GREAT or Awesome.Move from Blackberry to Apple to Samsung than to LG than to Sony now back with Blackberry and LG PRO G (need go replace). Am sure Sammy has one or two more tricks in the bag left. Price maybe? High Spec model. Love the Sonys but OMG they ALL look the same. The Sony Xperia X2 and LG G PRO 2,interesting 2 is the magic number lol,Take the cake. The G2,looks even better now,thanks to the new New S5. Anyway time will tell,the real beasts take their time,you dont know what they will do,unfortunitly Samsung has become predictable. IPhone 6 ,LG G3,cant wait to see them, they will be the Game changers. As for Moto thats the Wolf in Baby lamb clothing. Anyways,buy what you want.

  • Chris

    LG G3 is all that matters now. S5 has a 32-bit, 1080p, quadcore, kinda sounds like last generation.

  • RM

    RIP S5, Bye bye SS

  • Said Kharoub

    I’m very disappointed.I’d expected a lot more.a totally new design, at least 4 GB of ram and higher display resolution, I wanted to say WOW, Bravo Samsung, but not anymore!!The design is a hybrid, still the same cheap Samsung style with nexus 7 2012 like back cover!!. 4K recording limited to 5 min…WTF!!…..this time I prefer the Z2!!

  • wezi427

    I’d rather have the Note 3, but I’ll keep my Note 2 until the Note 4 is available.

  • AndroidBrian

    Nexus 6.

  • Sudara

    I’m gonna go for Xperia Z2 this year. It is time to say good bye to Samsung

  • trwb

    Ugly beyond belief

  • Roj Beraña

    they cant innovate so they said they are going back to basics

  • kfg
  • Islander

    Phone should start with 32GB/64GB and then 128 GB storage capacity. Also Samsung blew it by not having more RAM…Should be at least 4GB memory since both manufacturer and carriers like to add bloatware using precious memory. The phone would work better as well

  • Balraj

    That phone sucks from every angle
    Enough said !!!

  • Anirudh

    Lack of design !
    Inside and Outside.

  • joey b

    Ill reserve my judgement until I can hold one in my hand and use it. As of now Ill say from the videos I’ve seen the software appears to run well and shows minimal lag. and people are comparing the new back to the original Nexus 7’s back casing and if its like that then I personally will love the feel. As always tho it will come down to personal judgement so don’t just jump on a bandwagon and hate it for no reason. I originally hated the design of the GS4 but then i got one and I love it.

  • jamesinkorea

    Samsung wasn’t listening to consumers. They put out another cheap crappy product thinking dumb consumers would pay their ridiculous prices for it. What’s pathetic is a bunch of dumb people will buy this phone and be perfectly happy with it.

    • Andreas Larsson

      Haha yeah pathetic people who buys phones that they’ll be happy with :-P

  • Corey Deane

    I actually like the design of the galaxy s and the note lines. I don’t care for the new golf ball look of the back cover. And don’t care about the finger print scanner or the heart rate monitor. I have always liked the Super HD amoled displays. And I can’t wait to play with the camera.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    O didn’t vote “no”, somehow it already chose no for me. I would have said mixed feelings

  • gs4user

    The Galaxy S4 is a much batter option as compared to the Galaxy S5. Firstly, the S5 is not as sharp as the S4. Secondly, the bloatware takes up half of the internal storage for the cheaper 16GB variant on the S5, whereas the S4 only has 7th of bloatware. Thirdly, though the processor speed has now jumped up to 2.5GHz, I still want to keep using the trusty S4. Fourthly, the Media Hub app is not available on the S5, which is quite sad for me. Lastly, the display is still the same as the S4, just that the screen size has increased, but the increase is not really noticeable. All the other features are redundant. Hence, S5? Not for me! Will be waiting for the Galaxy S6!

  • Atul Sangwan

    why is international variant always so bad.

  • phantomsofthedesert

    I think Samsung played it safe. the fact that it looks similar to the S4 which looks similar to the S3 is a testament to the original S3 which really doesn’t look out of place. I do agree with most of what being said that it will be the hardware changes that help to sell the phone. I’m in a dilemma as to which phone to look at . LG Flex, or Galaxy Note 3 and of course the Galaxy S5. I guess it’s a nice problem to have. Maybe wait till Galaxy Note 4

  • kush

    i would s4 as s3s and s5 as apple does

  • Sammy Jasper

    VERDICT: All the smart phones look the same in their own way of manufacturing companies. Look at Nokia’s Lumia(s), Sony’s Xperia(s), High-Tech Computer or HTC’s Desire(s), Samsung’s Galaxy(s). Size and Specs matter in common.

  • simon

    I will reserve judgment until I see it in the flesh iphones never have the greatest specs but the user experience is fantastic.I think that’s were Samsung is going with the S5

  • Jermaine Smit

    The things is people thought more ram and more battery and that is lower. They dont need more but people thought it would be higher. Meaning people will think it is bad. If this was rumoured to have a 2,3Ghz and 2500mAh battery with 1.5GB or 2 then people would not be hating it so mutch. 1 thing i dont like or think wtf… is that heart rate monitor. It has no real use because you have this on the gear 2 and the gear fit to… Design.. I still like the fake leather texture. But the blue color rocks!

  • Rohit Naik

    Galaxy s5 is one of the most anticipated devices of 2014

    but there are couple of things which you should consider before making decision

  • Eul

    Hi all,

    I don`t think it is the design problem, it is good to keep the same line of the design because it makes it familiar. The problem was “the materials”, SAM is using this cheap “plastic” and it seems like they don`t want to upgrade to some premium materials like: glass, metal or something else.
    About the hardware part, already the phones from last year are really “beasts”, so this year the focus is on the materials and building quality and SAMSUNG just missed that.
    I think that S5 will not be the same hit like last year and probably OEMs like Sony,HTC and LG will recover some “land” this year

  • AndroidBrian

    Nexus 6.

  • Max_says

    Believe it or not, i am impressed by the gs5.

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    Why do companies not build phones that look like the awesome concepts we see? Blah

    I really like Samsung. I have a Note 2 and will be getting the Note 4. I look at the S line as an indication of what to expect for the Note line. Although I’ll be glad to get a new phone, it isn’t as good as I expected.

  • Other than the ISOCELL sensor, nothing impress

  • A Snapdragon 801, 4.3″ 720p RGB AMOLED and premium casing will be better device than this S5. 720p 4.3″ is enough because it has higher resolution than Apple’s Retina.

  • Gio

    I think Samsung holding their cards back and maybe waiting for the iPhone 6 to arrive then they will strike back. I don’t believe that a multi-billion dollar company she doesn’t research or see the reaction of the world. My opinion their holding back. Maybe technology is there for Samsung but other companies they are not ready yet to support Samsung technology. At 2013 CES introduced so many prototypes and devices that are mind blowing. Do you think that they don’t know what people want? Also who ever came close to the limits of a galaxy cell phone in any aspect. Especially GS3 and GS4. A cell phone is device that for the average user not the “geeks” is good when you take good pictures and download something fast as well as making a clear sound phone call of course . The rest of the functions come secondary. As far as the metal casing that everyone complaining, 90% of the people using protective cases so they don’t care. Also you can change the back plate as Samsung rep said with custom colors and textures. Do you think that it was just luck that they sold 200M GS phones since the beginning? Just galaxy phones. No matter how “ugly” or “pretty” the back is GS5 it’s a phone with a lot of technology inside. Protected well from the elements with IP standards, and 99% you watching the screen. Bottom line is people still going to buy the phone and so far nobody else comes close to GS5 as a total solution. It will be an excellent device like the GS3 and GS4. As far as Apple and Iphone their good too. Everyone is free to choose. I personally prefer the new Galaxy S5, and after six or eight months the Galaxy S6 and so on.

  • cc

    yah it was totally frustrating.. seems Samsung is out of its mind, and to introduce s5 in MWC that could signify GALAXY F as their new rocket

  • Well the polls are in, pretty much over 50% of people say they are disappointing or “hate” it. There’s just one thing that though, and I find it quite hilarious that all these people on this site amongst others, are praising LG, Sony, and HTC ” The HTC one was soooo amazing, and the aluminum and blah blah” but then when the numbers come in Samsung still shits on all of them? How is it possible with all this hate and disappointment they STILL manage to outsell the competition with a seemingly “inferior” design and product according to everyone? Doesn’t that make the other companies even worse then, they can’t outsell Samsung even with better phones? HTC posted losses last year, Sony who? I never see anyone with an Xperia Z, much less a Z1. I highly doubt I’ll even see a Z2 unless it’s in store. The only company I really have respect for right now is LG, the G2 was undoubtedly overall amazing, as well as the Nexus 5, but they still have a lot of catching up to do. I think everyone just gets their panties in a bunch over anything whenever Samsung releases a new phone. Is this a good phone, surely it is a good phone. Is it great? maybe it’s not, but remember how everyone said the S3 was ugly when they introduced the “Nature themed” pebble look, but then they sold 10 million units in a month? I mean c’mon guys their obviously doing something right, cut them some slack will you. Oh and I almost forgot exact same thing happened with the S4, people complained like no other that it was too similar to the S3, and then they sold even MORE in a month than the S3 originally did.

  • Bjorn

    Samsung realy has to update the design,its getting very boring to see the same design over and over again on every galaxy phone they develope,realy a shame,also they should improve build quality,,they feel to plasticky and cheap for a high end smartphone like this.
    I stil use my galaxy s2,because i think that was the best galaxy phone,buildwise and weight,from then on they only went down with quality imo.

  • Mikeer

    Samsung hater should be disappointed with the S5. Here are another bad news for some of you. A few people I know (especially girls) do enjoy the new S5 colours and design. IMHO, a phone design rate very low in my preference for a phone. Here are my top 5 requirements for a phone: 1) Battery life (not just capacity…I am pointing at you Z1!!) 2) Screen size (min: 5″~5.5″) 3) Screen resolution (720p ~1080p) 4) Camera (min: 8MP) 5) microSD card
    Everything else is just “useless” (i.e. back design…I don’t waste time looking at it. I prefer the screen side better LOL)

  • iFaitPlay

    The features that make S5 top smartphone.
    1)Battery, battery management, and Black&White mode(WOW).
    2)Bid display (in small device) , with brightness from 2 up to 500nits(WOW!!!). Sharpness, New AMOLED tech , that can provide both – natural and beautifully colorful

    3)Swappable battery and SD support up to 128GB
    4)Water resistant
    5) Great SoC and graphic (making the milti-view and multi-tascking great)
    6) Greatest camera today

    I don’t think the features like FP scanner and BR scanner should be in this list.

  • In my opinion over the past few years Samsung has created an image of a respected brand. People are buying Samsung phones by its name and i have seen that design or quality of material doesn’t matter to common people who just want a phone that can take acceptable photos, can connect to internet (basically Facebook & WhatsApp) that’s it. If a phone satisfies this criteria they’ll buy the phone.

  • ddd

    I was very disappointed from samsung because they didn’t do well on the phone hardware like screen size and design the phone. When gs5 come out to the carriers, I don’t think people won’t buy it. WHY SAMSUNG CAN DO BETTER? Samsung should change phone design and bigger size than gs4(5.3inches higher than full hd). When galaxy s6 come out next year, they should change design and better specs, features. I think samsung should be top of the world.

    • ddd

      They should rid of home button like all galaxy smartphones throughout the future.