IHS: Android Still Number One in 2015

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 21, 2012

Here’s one reason why people shouldn’t underestimate the Windows Phone: experts think that in just three years, Windows will be making a huge step ahead of Apple’s iOS platform. Thankfully, predictions say that Android will still be number one.

This prediction was made by more than several analyst groups already but this is the most recent one made by IHS iSuppli’s Wayne Lam. According to him, the market share of the Windows Phone will peak at 16.7%.

This might be a prediction that’s hard to accept, especially since Microsoft’s platform was only able to get a 1.9% market share at the end of 2011. But then again, considering the fact that we are starting to spot some Windows Phone powered Nokia devices, it might turn things around for both companies. Perhaps this is the reason why almost everyone is crediting Nokia for the Windows Phone’s boost in the market.

Going back to the earlier assumption made about iOS’s standing in 2015, IHS believes that Apple will be dropping from its 2011 18.0% market share to just 16.6% in 2015.

Android, however, has been predicted to keep growing—even with a slow grow as compared to the Windows Phone. But still, this is good news for Android as IHS foresees Android to climb from 47% market share in 2011 to 58% in just three years.

Most importantly though, IHS predicted that the mobile industry will be dominated by smartphones—whether it’s that of the iOS, Windows Phone, or Android platform.


  • yeah right… android just lost market share last month, and intentions to buy android are dropping fast. They wen from 48 to 46% in one month.

    As always, those predictions make no sense.

    I believe that windows phone will gain market share, iOS will too (they just doubled since last month), and android will keep losing market because people are tired of low quality look and feel of the OS (most people i know say they will never buy an android again).

    I believe most people can’t aford iphone, and those will switch from android to windows phone.

    also, android is getting too much fragmented: Amazon devices have zero google in it. Samsung is taking the same way with the new ads platform, and they show interest in developing new operating systems.

    this is what i believe: android is still huge and has lots of hype, but is losing this hype fast, and there are much better options out there.

    • Derpytroll

      fanboy… fanboy… fanboy… this is why analysts do this kind of stuff and not you.

      People are not going to get “tired of the low quality look and feel”. As long as there are geeks and techies out there, and people with a sense of customization, Android will always be alive and kicking. Plus with Android 4.0 out now, with a less “low quality look and feel” than 2.3 or any of the other lower OS versions, things are only going to get better. Fragmentation comes with customization. It hasn’t hurt it yet and it wont hurt it in the future.

      Windows phone completely changed their UI, and its a LOT easier to use and better overall in its newest form (WP7) than it was in its previous (WP6). People will like the UI improvement, and more will flock to WP7.

      And if history has anything to say about Apple and their new hardware/software, iOS6, 7 and 8 will all be the same damn app blocks on an outdated UI, with new candy store goodies to lull in the most brain dead and hardcore apple sheep.

      The prediction makes perfect sense. Please open your eyes.

      • Evos469

        Apple caters to those that can afford to buy apple products and don’t mind being sheep. Android is catered to anyone that wants it and that’s why android has the market shares. Fragmentation on android can be easily remedied by Google taking control of updating and requiring oem’s to ship their phones with vanilla Android and the customer add the oems overlay UI. Windows problem is their licensing fee for their os is too expensive which makes getting their product out to the masses painful.

    • Jehernandez4688

      Well, you may want to read this and get some clear understanding of what you say before you say it.( http://blogs.computerworld.com/19607/apple_closing_in_android ) Android is still way, way ahead of IOS. The data of the survey you are talking about was for just one specific month. I respect your opinion, you are very welcome to express it. It is just as I am posting here that I express my opinion as well. But we both have to remember that there are millions of other people out there, and they have a say too. I would never buy an Iphone, it is a great device, just not one I would see myself buying. However, there a millions out there that will only get it. The same way there are Millions and Millions more customers that will only buy and Android device. That would be the reason why it is so much ahead of any other Mobile OS. So the predictions stated above, are in fact, an accurate expectation of where the mobile industry will be in the next few years.

    • Anonymous

      Lol. This has got to be the funniest post I’ve ever read for. While :D

    • Anonymous

      And I would like to remind you that the default search engine for the amazon kidle fire is still google. It still uses Youtube and you can easily install any google apps.

    • Anonymous

      And No, Android did not dropped any marketshare Globally. Heck it continues to grow even at this very moment…

    • Anonymous

      And Does fragmentation affect you that much. Does fragmentation makes your phone stop working? Will it destroy all of your phone’s features? Can it prevent you from installing thousands of apps from the market? The average consumer doesn’t even know that fragmentation exists. They don’t care really as long as they have a working and a functional phone they are Ok with it…

  • Noneother19

    I think that the Android market is good. IPhone might better games but the only thing that I like about Android is that you have freedom to do what you want to with out jailbreaking or anything.

  • Anonymous

    Since android pretty much caters from the very low end to the very high end phones. It’s position as the top1 mobile OS in terms of marketshare would be very hard to beat. Added the fact that it is an open source software. The true question is who will be number 2. I still think it will be iOS but it will be a close race between iOS and windows phone.

  • told you 2012 would be embedded andy year

  • wonshikee

    Globally I believe these numbers.

    In the US (which for some people, is the world), I believe windows won’t take a strong foothold – because Nokia isn’t well known, and they are the flag bearers for windows phones.

  • MobiTily Forum

    i second on that,with windows coming with new features with every release and nokia trying to match up the windows sdk with hardware ,its quite possible that windows can actually take over iphone ,mainly due to contribution from eastern countries where nokia is quite popular.