IDC: Android has four times more global market share than iOS

by: Derek RossSeptember 18, 2012

There’s no denying that Google’s Android is a force to be reckoned with. Android recently hit an impressive 500 million globally activated devices and a whopping 1.3 million new devices being activated daily. If those numbers didn’t make your jaw drop, how about a commanding market share lead, four times more than their competitors?

According to the research firm IDC’s latest Q3 numbers, Android has a 68% market share dominance. Apple’s iOS comes in at second place globally with a mere 17%. After Google and Apple, RIM’s BlackBerry comes in at 4.8%, Symbian at 4.4%, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone is in last place at at 3.5%.

Do these numbers surprise you? Let us know.


  • Not really. People often forget that 3/4 of the world lives in a country where Apple products is too dang expensive.

    Android has many selection with varied prices for different people with different pockets.

    It’s only natural I guess.

    • Tolulope Aina

      True true .. Android took a bit of everyone and made it a whole idea.. Nokia’s Idea of high end to low end fones.. and all the smartness of ios and d rest is where we are right now Long live Android

  • Ivan Budiutama

    Apple will get market share with the release of (over) hyped iPhone 5. However, the competition is not as easy as they were back on the days of Jobs, not only that the new iPhone 5 is actually 4s got a boner, no stylus, no phablet, no nfc. Don’t forget the smartphone competition with ridiculously good new entries: Notes 2, Notes 10.1, razr HD, optimus G, Xiaomi M2, etc. Don’t forget WP 8 debut. As many also said, the best selling phone currently are large screen smartphone and moving from my 3.5″ zte blade to 4.65″ Galaxy Nexus. I guess I know why people choose large screen phone. Yes, there will be an increase in Apple device users share, but for how long? Only time will tell.

  • Both OS will always continue to grow. The ideals each represents will be the thing that lasts. Open Source vs Closed Source. Anyone still uses Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? As the world is getting more synced through communication tools and the web, it’ll be our common ground with the rest of the world (yes, even the US can share something in common with third world markets now) therefore my prediction will be the 20% that are will to pay overages to iOS profit margin will decline in time when more of Android regains a strong foothold (just like the PC has and will never go away despite tablets and Mac sales) and with more OEM’s backing it up.

  • jnffarrell1

    Apple is predicting iPhone sales of 20 million a week or 1.4 million a day max, but can they sustain 1.3 million a day for a year? Can Foxxcon find enough high school ‘interns’ might be a better question.

  • Tim

    Why does it surprise anyone that one phone operating system (Android) has four times more market share when it has an exponential amount of devices that can use it? 17% market share is staggering when you consider that it is only available on two devices: iPhone and iPad. That’s ridiculous. Blackberry (RIM) only has 4.8% market share, which is the next OS that is available for only its own products, and they have a heckuva lot more than two devices.

    Google (after they pretty much stole the software idea from Apple), tried to make a Google Phone and got spanked by Apple. So they wised up and stuck with the software.

    • AStarbucks

      Same old excuse by iFans. Why do you brag about the tiresome “1 phone only” – clutching at straws?

      That in itself is stupid. U live in a Communist world? Wait … even the
      largest communist country in the world has more phone choices than that.

      Even comparing the iPhone sales against the top-of-the-line king of
      Androids, the SGS III, iPhone sucks. The SGS III racked up 9 million in
      pre-orders. Its sold more than 20 million in 3 months.

      That despite consumers having plenty of other Samsung choices, not to mention other Android brand choices. The SGS III sales figures are more amazing considering the inter-cannibalization involved.

      • Brendon John

        I agree, the open-ness of the android platform is what gives variety to the consumer. However if you look at the percentage of android users that have 4.0 and above (which apple was more than glad to point out at one of their presentations), the statistics are a sad site.

        It’s a shame really, google can only do so much to provide an OS that’s more than ready to compete with Apple’s iOS. Unfortunately companies like samsung feel the need to bundle their phones with proprietary software that goes against the grain of an open-platform. S-voice is a great example of a redundant implementation for the sake of… i don’t know why they bothered.

    • Guest

      you haven’t heard of the google nexus phones? :p

    • Brendon John
      those are google phones. Consider yourself “wised up” :p