ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S2 is pushed out today [Updated]

March 13, 2012

    The Koreans at Samsung have kept their word and today pushed out the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update to Galaxy S2 owners in South Korea, with more countries expected to follow. As reported by The Verge, if you live in Poland, Sweden, Hungary, or the UK, there’s a good chance you’ll get to enjoy that sweet taste of Ice Cream pretty soon.

    [UPDATE] Our readers informed us that the Galaxy S2 ICS update is available in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Turkey and Cyprus too, besides the already mentioned countries. Thanks, guys!

    [UPDATE 2] Samsung UK told Pocket-Lint that the Galaxy S2 ICS update will be available in UK from March 19, but the actual rollout depends on carriers. Bummer!

    [UPDATE 3] If you can’t wait for ICS on your Galaxy S2, XDA Developers and MoDaCo have the European MOD available for download. Source: TheVerge.

    According to the Samsung’s website, you can upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2 to ICS through Kies or by waiting for the Over-The-Air upgrade. Those who are still running Kies version 1.5 are advised to update the PC sync software to the latest version, to ensure a smooth upgrade. Taking the Kies route allows you to save precious bandwidth, since the firmware file that must be downloaded is significantly smaller when compared to the OTA method.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is just the first on the company’s long list of devices waiting to be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich. The Koreans have mentioned that the upgrade to ICS will be prioritized for Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II LTE, and Galaxy R. As for the tablet lineup, ICS will come to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 7.7, and Tab 7.0 Plus first.

    Samsung initially announced that they won’t be upgrading the Samsung Galaxy S and the original Galaxy Tab 7.0 due to hardware limitations. However, they quickly backtracked and said will reconsider their options, after the announcement was met with a tsunami of anger and disappointment from, umm, just about a couple of million owners of the two devices.

    There’s no date set yet for the upgrade, except for a rather vague Q2 2012. Alternatively, you can just get the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 – the first smartphone and tablet offering from Samsung to feature ICS.

    Do let us know if you’ve received your ICS update, as well as your location. This way we can pass on the good news to fellow Galaxy S2 owners.


    • Eddie

      I wonder when it will come to South Africa :-(

    • Ashraf

      Nothing for India as yet. Once they announce for India, I should start my head breaking session with Kies :(

    • Mohamed_Kamal

      Brother! No use of waiting. Better download the ROM and flash your phone from the below link. http://hotfile.com/dl/149514867/aea2f22/I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_XEO.zip.html

      • Jmonterov

        No updates here in Costa Rica!

        • MHDbeyond

          =( Im still waiting for Costa Rica Update!

      • Zizar33

        Salam brother Mohamed im just asking if the link u provided is arabic english ICS firmware

    • http://www.onlytechnews.com/ Kiyan Ridley

      Anyone got this update yet?? I read that they tweeted Korean users that the update is not happening.. Nothing here yet… :(

    • Don

      Nothing in Holland yet

      • Jakob Thusgaard

        Still nothing in the Netherlands…

        • vedat

          and still not :S

          • Ozan

            still still…

    • Hako

      It came to Danmark this morning….:)

      • Tom Nielsen

        I’m in Denmark and I still have no upgrade. Wth!?

    • mafioso

      Running in Finland

    • siwan

      Up and running in Sweden :)

      • Froots

        Is touch whiz still there?

        • siwan

          Yea still there :/ just runs smoother

    • Johnfranz29

      Not here in Spain :’(

    • Kabvuto76

      Can’t wait for the upgrade here in Zambia…

      • zibazako

        Uzilindila chabe boyi. nipatali pakuti bakatumize ku zed lol

    • Test

      Nothing in Ireland yet

    • Rhys

      Nothing in the England at the moment

    • Shafiu

      nothing in Maldives yet.

    • Rossouw7


      • James

        it will come, but its going to take awhile :(

    • Crazycris84

      Nothing in Italy yet

    • Nishit

      when will it come in india?

      • Abcd

        2013 january

    • Asda

      to those already updated to ics, could you test this for me. on the home screen draw a rectangle on the edges of the screen- what happens?

      • Jeno Rigo

        Why? What supposed to happen? Nothing in my case.

    • Guest

      Nothing in Poland Yet !

    • Apridham

      Any timetable for north america?

    • http://www.facebook.com/ilielucianno Ilie Lucian

      Cyprus updated to 4.0.3

      • Stephenh95

        How? I’m in Cyprus but Kies won’t show that there is an update

    • http://www.facebook.com/ilielucianno Ilie Lucian

      2 hours ago 13.03.2012 12:00 gmt+2

    • Harald

      Norway update in place seeking well.


      france ? We are waiting

    • Gunju1

      Waitng for my galaxy tab 10.1 india please samsung roll out fast can’t keep waiting

    • Sammy

      Hello! I’m from Puerto Rico and I have a Galaxy Note i717 from AT&T, my smartphone said:

      “Current software is up to date
      You may check again in:
      4hrs 34mins”

      This means the ICS is coming?

      • Joel Muniz

        Hey Sammy please let me know if you get the update. I have a galaxy phone but mine is from CLARO :(

      • Frankiediaz2

        Hey i live in Puerto Rico to, and my att galaxy s2 i777 og say check in 18hrs.

        • Joel1rainbow

          Hey Frankiediaz2 did you get the update?

    • Joel Muniz

      Nothing yet in Puerto Rico.

    • http://twitter.com/venkatesh045 venkatesh babu

      hope samsung has india on its radar…

    • James_villiers

      does the web browser still support Flash video/media. There were rumours last the GS2 version of ICS will not support … can anyone confirm??

    • Anonymous

      OK cool, so if they’re upgrading like the released the S2 in the first place, I should see ICS in about….september.

    • Dfsfs_d

      when is it coming to canada the update

    • Ahsan

      Is this update for GT-I9100G devices as well? No update in Pakistan yet

      • Emn

        I m expecting update for GT-I9100G device too in Malaysia.

    • Jurgen Berden

      Nothing in Belgium

    • Vjoey

      Nothing in Hungary yet :-(

    • Dirkfaam

      Nothing in Holland yet…

    • Octavst

      Nothing in Romania …

    • bruckwine

      Nothing in the Caribbean yet…

    • Lamon007

      The update is out in turkey
      i have updated my phone
      the ics upgrade ia lovely. Easier to use and sleek. Thanks samsung :)

      • Khani245

        I am in turkey. I see no updates in kies.
        I bought my fone from India.

      • John Adam S.

        There is no official ics update around here. You probably installed a rom for other countries.

      • herr dana

        This is not true!!! ICS is not available yet in Turkey neither from Kies nor OTA. Still waiting…

      • Guest

        There is no update for turkey yet !!!
        Please stop giving wrong informations.

    • Alamzkhan

      Nothing yet in California!!!

    • Jeno Rigo

      I used before a custom rom of ICS ([ROM][GT-P7500] CM9 KANG (ICS Preview) (03/05/2012))
      The new stock rom looks the same to me. I have already rooted my phone with the new ICS rom.

    • Samuthphka

      Will the galaxy epic 4G touch be gettin an update?

    • korneol

      hallo Samsung, Im galaxy tab 10.01 user form indonesia. i hope the upgrade will avaiable soon in my country. i had tried upgrade with cyanogenmod 9,but the result wasnt good. the camera didnt work.

    • Freddie Deetlefs

      I don’t get why there is this wait period for other countries ? I mean I’m in South-Africa but I have the international version GTI9100 unlocked.Why do I have to wait for it to be available in SA ? Why could everyone not just get it the same day ?

      • Guest

        I totally agree, we have no carrier accommodation issues.

    • guest jim

      has noboby been able to confirm adobe flash support in web browser as yet??

    • Simonas

      Why Kies shows that there is no update? I’m in Norway and bought the phone in Norway :/

    • Sac

      No update still in india.

    • Mm

      mine 2 denmark :(

    • Egert


    • Binu0100

      Waiting for the update when will it come to singapore????

    • http://www.facebook.com/sidniy.sekiseiken Sidniy Sack

      any upgrade here for s2 malaysia?

    • Vinay

      Nothin’ in India yet.

    • Vedant


    • Fu

      Nothing i. The netherlands yet

    • Freddie Deetlefs

      Are we being held up just because they have troubles fitting their own custom overlays ie: Touchwizz on top of ICS ? Why not give is the option to decide whether we want the overlay or not…make ICS available without the overlay and let us download and install thay while you take your time getting the overlay working and THEN those who wish to do so could just go download the ICS with the manufacturer overlay on top.I don’t understand this whole waiting period thing.It sucks ass !

      • Freddie Deetlefs

        The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is stock ICS and thats just fine….why are we being forced to have the overlays on top of ICS ? I mean do not get me wrong…I love TouchWizz…it’s amazing.But I would rather have ICS without it then having to wait another month or 2 for it to be available to SA.And I still don’t understand why (seeing as it is already available) it’s not being released all over the world at the same time…just does not make any sense.

    • Grundi_86

      got the update in Finland!

    • solo

      nothing yet in the netherlands :(

    • Marcos Grunge

      Running in Brazil… I’ve already ICS on my S2

      • LTEstyles

        How did you update it from Brazil?

    • http://www.facebook.com/bharathreddyt Bharath Reddy T
    • Michael

      I’ve got the ICS installed on my SGS2 and it works perfectly!!! :)

    • Abbi

      Updating S2 to ICS as I type this! My fellow Canadians connect to the newest version of kies and get going!

      • Roop

        Which carrier are you with? Is the Flash player still supported with the update?

    • Sss

      available in Cyprus? so where is it? i get nothing from Kies… :(

    • Manuj

      Nothing in Saudi Arabia…… :(

    • jimmyj

      The Philippine version just went live today

    • khalifa

      Will it ever come to ghana?we are still on 2.3.4 here

    • Poudel_Sabin

      yes, finally its in Nepal rolling out frm yesterday. however i have problem downloading from kies as its keeps on erroring after 6-7%

      • Piyush

        Are u sure that it has reached Nepal because when I connect to kies, it never shows that there is a update. My handest was brought from China and this is original. Why is there no upate here?

        • Poudel_Sabin

          well no idea abt urs as u told u got it frm china, but update its here in , already updated to new version through kies

          • ICS_deprived

            How come my Kies shows nothing???

    • Stephenh95

      has anyone in Cyprus got it yet? Above the post says it has but nothing is showing up in Kies

    • Yourhead

      Can’t wait for the Malaysian upgrade !

    • Mariosioannou10

      they said that update in cyprus began in 14 of march,,today is 19 of march and update is still away !!

    • Dave Cool61

      whn its coming to malaysia ????

    • Orion88freedom

      Hey, check this out. Apparently Three network in UK has released ICS through KIES. http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/44979/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-three-ice-cream-sandwich

    • Mohammed33

      any words on gcc countries especially kuwait ?

    • Joel1rainbow

      It’s been a week since my last comment and we still don’t have ICS in Puerto Rico

    • Rudolph Laubscher

      download the international version from XDA worked for me in South Africa

      • ClaytonBrink

        How did you do that? please share…
        Did you Rout your device and load a custom ROM?

    • Slabbiels

      When can we expect it in South Africa

    • Ejazsharif

      Nothing Yet. im in BAHRAIN

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1851562620 Tan Jun Kai


    • Iesek_tan

      got official update in indonesia. woohoo!

    • Mohamedselim1980

      i have galaxy s 2 international version gt-i9100 and it is 23 march and no update over ota or kies in Egypt till now

    • Lefteris

      hi i have a samsung galaxy s ii (GT-I9100) and i live in Cyprus. I connect my phone with my pc and i use the samsung kies software and it doesn’t show me the upgrade.. How can i fix it?

    • J_na3y

      When will it reach kuwait?

    • Stephenh95

      Still nothing in Cyprus!! I have the international version (GT-I9100) I have tried Keis and Over-the-Air

    • Karthigayan2269

      When is Ice cream sandwich update coming to singapore for Galaxy S2 ??? T_T

    • Mickeyredeyes

      No one gives a shot about india

      • Seenuuu

        samsung would’t consider about India it seems. They don’t want customers as Indians.

    • Erke

      it’s totaly not available for Turkey for the current time being.

    • Kpong881


    • Ncle96

      yes h my bestfriend just got the ics update on her nexus today in 4th period i live in sanger tx. united states…..

      o wish my fucking galaxy attain would update!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Harmeet

      Any news about ics for samsung galaxys 2 in Malaysia…

    • Mail

      I bought my phone imported from Korea, and I checked the zone is KOR, but there is no update.
      I actually live in Hong Kong.
      Is there any clue ?

    • Woodhouse John1

      Finally arived in England via Kies

    • Cj

      ….Samsung. Seriously. Just do away with the service providers and just upload the damned software on Kies already (Stop targeting clean ICS only for specific markets). Don’t let your reputation fall because of this. Those mobile service providers who just want to add junk to the updates can go teabag themselves.

    • kesa

      What about Sri Lanka???

      • http://twitter.com/iAqeel Aqeel Aarif

        Still Waiting..

    • Shaiz 1992

      No update in india y d hell samsung what we did to u …. !! R we nt ur costomers …!!

    • Mann03

      what about Brunei?! I really need that ICS cause it seems pretty legit!

    • christos

      Just updated my S2, in Greece, Athens

    • Xcz

      Serbia, on contract with Telenor… Nothing here yet

    • Florian Sieler

      What about austria ?

    • Random

      To all those who are crying for updates… Official Announcement
      Updates has been dispatched “By AIR” “By Ship” to each baby customers
      so keep an eye on new just in case they get with a accident and u miss the update….

    • Dbgetblack

      3rd may. still no update in India.damn samsung really forgot its biggest market. @_@

    • University of Johannesburg

      South Africa is waiting!!!!

    • Joshpaquin

      Got a gs2 and just upgraded to ics the other day. I live in Canada.

    • Shabj52

      UAE is waiting!!!!

    • http://www.goldtree.co.za/ Durban

      When oh when is it going to arrive in South Africa?????

    • wblake123

      Got it in South Africa just now! I bought my S2 in Canada, had it unlocked there, and am using an MTN Sim card here. Just updated my Kies version today and found a firmware upgrade waiting. I’m now running ICS!

      • KVUdNEh4gW

        I’m also on MTN in Ghana….where do i find the update? help please.

    • Guest

      It all depends on Vodacom, and how stingy they are. I they dont then this is the last contract the get from me.

    • Abrar Shah

      i m new to sumsung and b4 that i was a iphone user.
      i bought s2 and it was on something 2.3.4 version, i planned to upgrade it to ICS 4.0.3 and saw some tutorials and downloaded
      and i flashed it with the ODIN, the flashing got failed and after that when i turned by phone a small triangle came along with a cellph on left andd pc on right. after that i flashed it with CF
      now when i turn my phone it comes up with a loading screen of SAMSUNG GALAXY S II GT-I9100G and a icon of triangle is at the bottom. and the cellph is not moving further of start up. help me plz. provide me a correct firmware along with correct tutorial. i have just bought my s2 yesterday :( plz help me plz plz.
      i m from Pakistan
      i dont know the kernels etc details because i didnt see ABOUT option b4 flashing the ph… help me plz

      • Yassine Med Labib

        Please Mr. Abrar shah i have the same problem now what did you do ? !

    • http://www.facebook.com/wikidbebo Abdulla Wld Mohammed

      what about middle east :(

    • anamarielaantonio

      When will ICS be available to samsung galaxy y pro in the Philippines? Thanks.

    • Faryx

      tajikistan is waiting

    • Saadirfan76

      update in pakistan?

    • KVUdNEh4gW

      Please, I’m using GT-I9100G with the following firmware: PDA: I9100GXXLC1, PHONE: I9100GXXKLA, CSC: I9100GOJVLA2 and GINGERBREAD.XXLC1. I am in Ghana, West Africa and want to upgrade my phone to the latest version of ICS. Where do i find the firmware to download or upgrade, since my kies (2.0 version) can’t detect the firmware? Thank you.

    • طه عاشور

      When the update will come to Libya ?

    • MAM

      IN my galaxy s2 g skype is not working properly… Don’t know what do now.. While calling through skype its volume is too low and not able to hear…

    • MAM

      Also not able to update ICS.. Can any body help…

    • koushik

      when will 4.1 arrive india
      i am hungry………….feed me samsung

    • sharanjlolx90

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