ICS firmware for Droid Razr, Razr Maxx, and Droid 4 comes with “root checker”

by: Bams SadewoAugust 28, 2012
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When Motorola finally rolled out those Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx, and Droid 4, owners of the phone didn’t expect that Moto and Verizon would ever be so generous to include a bonus: a root checker that tracks whether or not the phone has been given the rooting treatment.

To see the root tracker in action, all you have to do is boot your device into recovery. Next to the image of the green robot, you should see a cryptic text code that gives away the phone’s status.

Here’s what can be concluded so far of the codes:

  • qe 0/0: No modification has been made on the phone a.k.a never been rooted
  • qe 0/1: Your phone was at one point rooted, but currently isn’t
  • qe 1/1: This shows that your phone is at present rooted

Aside from the three known codes, several users have also reported seeing “qe 2/1” on their phones. The jury’s still out on what this one is supposed to represent.  While we can rely on devs to provide some solace, there’s currently no known method to reset the counter.

Do you think this is just a casual update that owners of the phones shouldn’t be worrying too much about? Or is it Moto’s way to stop taking in tampered-with phones for repair? Drop a comment or two below.

  • Rob Flynn

    My razr is not rooted yet when I went into recovery it showed the qe1/1… interesting

  • arpoc

    Why is Motorola so worried about a dumb warranty? They should allow unlocking of all their phones’ boot-loaders. This just means that the developers outside of Motorola are better at writing OS code and apps than the in-house developers at Motorola, to their utter shame. There is no way for Motorola to lose money by unlocking their boot-loaders, they are just being Apple-esque about their software. BOOO

  • Chris

    This is Bullshit! I am not an owner of a Moto device but having open source should mean just that!! I pray that this doesn’t become a trend for all phone manufacturers.

  • leo

    Nope thats wrong guys my razr is 2 monts old it never Been routed on gb i had q 1/1 yeasterday i updatet to ics leak with rsd lite now i got q2/1 but m still not rooted

  • I can attest to Motorola’s platinum return policy, and I also understand why they are doing this. One, Google owns them now and information about anything is the lifeblood of Google, which is good for all of us. Second, I bricked a phone so badly that Verizon didn’t have a clue. Motorola replaced it with an upgrade, overnight, no charge.