Ice Cream Sandwich Android Market Update is Live – Motorola Xoom Hands-On Video

by: Matthew SabatiniSeptember 30, 2011
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Android Market Update

Yesterday night, Motorola XoomWiFi owners were treated to an over the air update. Once the device was done updating and completely scoured for new updates, most users might have been a little puzzled. It wasn’t until they opened the market that the update became prevalent and exciting. Absolutely packed with new features, user-interface, and more, the market is surely a step-up from the older market. Although some phones may have gotten this update a while back, the cool guys over at Droiddog put together a nice little video detailing what new market looks like on the Motorola Xoom WiFi.


Ice Cream Sandwich has also been boasting a new little implementation of “fragments”. As you can see in the picture above, this new feature allows the tablet and phone markets to be similar through a simple swiping motion. If you swipe one screen to the left on the phone, you will see the categories page. If you swipe one page to the left on a tablet, it will use half the page to display the categories.

As you can see, the new market is incredibly beautiful and the new user interface is impecable. Could this be a message from Google? Did Android’s market just become larger than the App store?

If you’re itching for more Ice Cream Sandwich, check out “Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Caught on Cam for 2 Minutes”.

  • Technojester

    I am going to guess that English is not your primary language. Given that, the majority of the article is well written. The first sentence is completely atrocious though. “Yesterday night, Motorola Xoom owners were treated to an over the air update later in the day.” Yesterday night… later in the day?

    How about “Last night Motorola Xoom owners were treated to an over the air update.” (Also, it would be more accurate to say Motorola Xoom WiFi owners.)

    Thank you for the article and it is one more reason to look forward to ICS.

    P.S. “If your itching” at the end should be “If you’re itching”

    • Daniel Cabrera

      dont be a dick, you try learning a new language and become an expert at it.

    • Anonymous

      @technojester, way to be an asshole, dude.

    • KeethStone

      I thought the same thing when I read the post. The first sentence had me scratching my head. The last sentence is something I see all the time along with idiots that don’t know the difference between lose and loose. Here is the website if you are unsure how it’s used.