The Hyundai T7 first arrived on the market just two months ago with a simple plan: release a powerful quad-core tablet with an amazingly low price tag. Now the company is looking to take things up a notch with a new upgraded version of the tablet, the Hyundai T7S.

So what is so special about the updated version of the T7? Honestly, many of the specs are staying the same, but there are a few notable changes. The 7-inch quad-core tablet now features 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, double its original specs. It also has received an upgrade to a 5MP main camera and a 3300mAh battery which should be good for about 5 hours according to Hyundai.

For those wondering the rest of the specs, like the Hyundai T7, you get a Samsung Exynos 4412 processor, Mali 400 graphics, .3MP front-cam, a 1280 x 800 display, GPS, Bluetooth, HDMI, and TF card support. The real impressive part isn’t the hardware, although its not half bad either, it’s the price tag of just $186. For just $20 more than the T7, you also get double the RAM and storage, among other upgraded features.

Is there any downside to owning this tablet, considering the price tag? The price tag makes it easy to forgive the T7S of most shortcomings, but it hard to get over the fact that this is still running Android 4.0. At least they could have given us Jelly Bean 4.1. This might not matter to everyone, though.

What do you think, interested in the Hyundai T7S or would you rather stick to better-known devices like the Nexus 7?

Andrew Grush
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  • So a Galaxy Note8 look a like?

    • Alfonso17

      The T7 came out before the galaxy note 8.0 was even launched.

      • Look at it and tell me it doesnt look like a Galaxy Note 8

        • Alfonso17

          It does but look at when the T7 came out and tell me that it came out after the Galaxy Note 8… Because it didnt.

  • magnifico17

    Incredible and awesome! Such a high user-end tablet for just $186 is attractive but at least it should have been runing jelly bean.over all it is a great product with an amazing price.

    • R7ex

      If spoilt, send back China?

    • Jerry5134

      I agree but the price has a bit expensive, only sells $164.99 and free shipping.

      • magnifico17

        you mean free shipping and lower price like that? That’s pretty cool.

        • genco

          not the same product. this one is t7

      • DancesWithRobots

        No–Look closely.. That tablet is the T7. An older model with less storage, less memory and a lesser front camera. Also, it’s white

  • meimei227

  • Bad design.
    S3 bigger?
    Square could be better.

  • A name brand with a microSD slot. I would have bought that instead of my Nexus 7.