First Hyundai T7 hands on images

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 7, 2013

hyundai t7 2

We had our first overview of Hyundai’s T7 tablet (yes that’s right, a tablet not a car) a couple of weeks ago, and now the first hands on pictures of the tablet have surfaced. Whilst professionally edited promotional snaps are all very well and good, it’s always nice to see how a piece of tech looks in the flesh.

The pictures speak for themselves really; Hyundai has gone with a pretty safe design. It’s not particularly awesome looking, but certainly not ugly. The Hyundai T7 rather reminds me of an enlarged and slightly cheaper looking Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I’d give it a 6/10.

hyundai t7 1 hyundai t7 3 hyundai t7 4Hyundai T7 5

However, it’s not just looks that count. The 7-inch tablet features a zippy Samsung Exynos 4412, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, a nice 1280×800 pixels display, and comes with Android 4.0.4 installed. Unfortunately the cameras are really sub par, but overall it’s still a pretty good deal considering the sale price of $165, including world wide shipping.

Although you can have the tablet shipped over via Pandawill, I’m hoping that the Hyundai T7 officially makes its way out to other regions, so that we don’t have to wait weeks to get our hands on this deal.

What do you think, does the T7 resemble Samsung’s products a little to closely, or are there only a finite number of ways you can make a tablet look?

  • haveyouseentheoptimusgpro

    LG, Samsung, now Hyundai. Like their plastic surgery they all look the same.

  • A.Noid

    Waiting for a decent 7″ tablet with a good display, at least 16gigs, and a MicroSD card slot. 8gigs is too small for games now a days. You only get 5 gigs usable, and Need 4 Speed Most Wanted (awesome BTW) for example is 2 gigs.

    • fereshte

      a bit off topic,
      actually it’s not NFS:MW anymore, but more like Burnout: Most Wanted. It’s less NFS and more Burnout.

      NFS:MW 2012 has neither SpeedBreaker nor PursuitBreaker feature.
      SpeedBreaker is one that differentiate original Most Wanted (2005) with other racing game out there.

    • Finewine

      The best 7″ tablet is the Galaxy 7.7, hands down.

      It’s over a year old, and STILL beats newer offerings like the Nexus 7 or the iPad mini.

      The 7.7 has a better display, better camera, better battery life, more memory, more storage, sd slot, and just as smooth processing. And the 7.7’s build quality is phenomenal, unlike the cheapo Nexus 7 that had so many issues.

      Don’t understand why Samsung didn’t advertise more of this work of art. But yeah, if you can find it, you should definitely get it.


        is there a jelly bean update for the 7.7 because that display is beautiful honey comb is a no go

        • Finewine

          It’s been confirmed recently there will be a jelly bean update this year, but the timeline is not yet released.

          Fortunately, the 7.7 has been on ICS since mid last year, so it’s still beautiful to use even without further updates.

          • Lemon Tea

            Hello! I speak Chinese and I can tell you that according the leading Chinese IT sites, there will be a 4.2 update in April. By the way may I request you to give a few tests?

            1) GPS (speed, accuracy)

            2) Actual battery consumption for music/web (the manufacturer claims that battery will be good for 5-hrs of movies)

            3) Does it come with Google Play (without rooting)?

            4) Any sound issues (I will use it for listening to music a lot)?


    A galaxy note rip off

  • Looks like a phone rather than a tablet to me. The Note 2 to be specific. I do love their cars though.

  • chris

    flash, camera & speaker grill????? lol

  • basilisk

    looks good. clean interface.
    yeah design looks similar to samsung device, hopefully they won’t sue lol.

  • MachoNacho

    Looks surprisingly good actually. It does look a lot like the S3 but that’s probably because they got some licensing agreement from Samsung.

  • IncCo

    such a samsung ripoff

  • FrillArtist

    Hyundai????? As in the car manufacturer????

    • Mak

      Samsung does product cars as well :)


    what a samsung rip off

  • Ben

    Everyones coppying samsungs look and design

  • G M

    Unlike Apple, I doubt Samsung cares if people try to copy them. Unless it says Samsung on it, people know its not. Apple be the cry babies.

  • The design looks very original

  • Enrique Zapateria

    Probably the main problem of this tablet is its battery life. Really small capacity!

  • cmay227

    They even used samsungs fonts.

  • harrold taylor

    Looks like the note 8.0