August 28, 2012
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Hurricane Issac

Hurricane Issac is on its way to the Gulf Coast, making it important for those in affected areas to be aware of its potential path and trajectory in order to best prepare for the storm ahead of them.

When it comes to tracking storms, there are traditional ways like watching the news, but if you are looking for something more, Google has you covered. Google has launched a new website dedicated to tracking the path of Issac as part of its Crisis Response project, which maps out storm information and provides evacuation orders and other news to affected areas.

Through the search tab at the top of the site you can even find advisories and other warnings that pertain to various neighborhoods and areas. The map also provides links to live webcam feeds from impacted areas and other useful information in preparation.

This is just one of the many ways that Google gives back, and it’s good to see them helping out through disaster-related apps and programs. Are you potentially affected by Hurricane Issac?

Find the idea of the Crisis Response project and the new tracking site useful? Let us know.

Andrew Grush
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