Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is out – give to charity, get Android games in return

by: Jonathan FeistAugust 5, 2014
Humble Mobile Bundle 6 Humble Bundle

Everyone’s favorite ‘pay what you want’ service is headed back to mobile again, Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is now live and taking your orders. You decide what to pay, and who gets the money, to take home six DRM-free Android games and their matching soundtracks.

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is a serious OCD play on numbers, whether intended or not. Leading with the popular puzzle game Threes, this bundle is split into groups of three itself. You know there will be more games coming later, but for now here is the lineup.

Pay any price to get your hands on

Then, if you decide to pay more than the average price, you gain access to

Threes has been out for a while, but you may be more familiar with 2048, it’s OK, we won’t tell. Duet Premium, on the other hand, is making its debut on Android. Duet is a simple little game in which you control two orbs on a rotating ring. Your job is to avoid contact between the orbs and incoming objects, which is easier said than done.

Combo Crew Humble Mobile Bundle 6

Combo Crew is a nifty little fighter, just a little hack and slash rumble in the streets with a focus on, as the name implies, attacking your enemies by swiping away combos. Personally, I am looking forward to Mines of Mars, not so much for the game as described, but I am a huge fan of what developer Crescent Moon Games did with Aralon and especially Ravensword: Shadowlands.

Although it is never a guarantee, this time around the folks at Humble Bundle have listed that a surprise set of a few bonus games is coming in the latter half of this sale. Although Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf promises a somewhat premium gaming experience, we are eager to see what additions are to be had. Who knows, maybe it will be another group of three.

Head on over to Humble Bundle to check out the selection of games in Humble Mobile Bundle 6.

What do you think, I mean, the price is worth it, but have you been looking forward to adding any of these games to your library?

  • amuro ray

    What i really hate about humble bundle mobile no future update for apk :(

    • crutchcorn

      True… :/ But it’s still an awesome deal! Maybe amazon could slide into the rescue and make everyone use their shietza… It’d be bad for us but SMART for them

      • I don’t think teaming with Amazon would help the cause. Sure, it could provide a pipeline for the games to get updates, but so would providing vouchers (so to speak) to the game in the Google Play Store. Either way, there is overhead there, I think both stores take 35% or so. I can live with a game that is as it is for the trade-off of getting more money to charity.

        That said, teaming with Amazon is only good for games. All of the soundtracks, comics, books and more I think would suffer through an Amazon model.

        Finally, if they team with anyone for game distribution, it would likely be Steam, if ever they become a mobile app store.


        • crutchcorn

          No exactly. And that’s what I’m saying. If either Amazon or Google wanted to step in and be good guy Google/Amazon without taking too much or any of the profit – they’d be able to drive more people in. EG: I never ever use Google Books or Magazines… But if I had some in there already that could change…

          I would disagree. Let’s look at Amazon’s book service! Kindle. They have magazines, comics, books, and more. They even have a music service as well! All it takes is for Amazon to realize what they can do here.

          They already have. Oh… For mobile… That would be cool to see.

          To further explain my point understand that most people on Android phones do not have Amazon App store installed. By being the supplier with Humble Hundle they’d in essance be making people install their software to get what they want. This encourages people to use their survice more than before because they’re already using it and it’s convienient. This is EXACTLY why Google demands OEMS to install ALL Google apps if they want one. It’s getting people to use what’s already there… And it works! My family (non tech savy) doesn’t know how to replace nor want to their launcher or keyboard or anything of the kind…. This’d be one small way of trying to beat Google at their own game in a way

          • I can work with that. You make sense and your approach works. That said, my own personal preference would be to leave it as it is. I like the Humble Bundle method and I find that most of the games in there would not get much for updates anyway.

            I think the big thing for me is that a tie-in to a major app store kills off the indie experience of Humble Bundle. It’s like going to a farmers market to buy fresh vegetables. Sure, there are guarantees and consistency at the major retailers, but that is not what the farmers market is all about, it’s about community, helping the little guy, getting good deals on fresh new hand made items, and elephant ears, of course.

          • crutchcorn

            Oh and I agree, all I was stating is that it would be smart to do so for a company. Not that it’s my personal preference.

            Oh absolutely! I love it.

    • That is not entirely accurate. I have received a handful of game updates, just has to be done through the Humble Bundle app itself. Although, it is still up to the individual developers to produce and distribute the updates, which, as you suggest, doesn’t happen very often…

      • crutchcorn

        See, I’ve never bought an Android Humble Bundle so that makes sense. Thanks for letting me know. :)

  • Steve Brain

    I’ll only be interested in this when the Humble Bundle teams up with Google to provide the ability to download/update via the Play Store.
    So, never. Basically.

  • Ali Nauman

    I wish we get some valve games too like the Nvidia Shield Tab got.