Humble Bundle launches its first bundle exclusively for Android

by: Brad WardMarch 26, 2013

humble-bundle-androidWhile Humble Bundle has put on a multitude of bundles for Android devices, they haven’t been Android exclusive before. Most of the games in Android bundles could also be played on the PC or Mac. This time around, Humble Bundle has launched a bundle that is exclusive to Android.

Paying as little as $1 will net you four Android games: Anomaly Korea, Bladeslinger, Plants vs. Zombies and Contre Jour. Paying above the average, which fluctuates throughout the day, will net you an addition two games: Metal Slug 3 and The Room.

In addition to the five games, you’ll also get digital soundtracks for all of the games excluding Contre Jour.

Like most Humble Bundle’s, you’ll get to choose where your money goes. It can either go to the developers of these brilliant games, charity or to the guys who put on the Humble Bundle. As usual, charity funds will go to Child’s Play.

If you’re a gamer, you can also check out the weekly Humble Bundle running in tandem. Will you be getting either bundles?

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    HB has been nice to Android recently.



  • mirza

    i need a smartphone,pls help, plsss i need one

  • Booomups

    Charity can also go to eff instead of that helping the children variety. Since i probably wont play most of the games, i make 50 percent of the payment go there.