Huawei Watch not getting Android Wear 1.4 today, but it is coming soon

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 2, 2016

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If you have been keeping up with the Huawei Watch news, chances are your eyes haven’t moved away from that screen very much. Plenty of online publications have been talking about Android Wear 1.4 coming to this device today. Huawei themselves gave the announcement via a support thread earlier.

“The Huawei Watch update will be version 6.0, release MEC23L. This will be an OTA due for release beginning today.”

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This was exciting, until Huawei hit the same thread to inform us that such was not the case after all. The Chinese manufacturer is now telling us the update is not coming today, but that it is “expected in the near future”.  After an apology and some other details, they left us at the same uncertain spot we were at the beginning of the day.

While the latest Android Wear update is expected in the near future, it will not begin its rollout today as previously posted. We apologize for the confusion. We’re just as excited as you are for the new features that are coming to the Huawei Watch.

If you need a refresher, you can take a look at what to expect on Google’s blog post at the following link. Again, we apologize for the confusion and will keep you posted as we learn more!…/android-wear-designed-for-your-wrist.html

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New features include improved gestures, more voice control support for messages and calling improvements. Definitely something to look forward to for those of you who have purchased this smart watch. This device can definitely hold its own, something you can read all about in our Huawei Watch review. It is nice to see that the company is also holding up on the software side of things.

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With all that in mind, we have to leave you with more mystery in your mind. When will the update come? We can’t say for sure, but Huawei does say it is soon(ish?). Maybe they were going to release it and something happened, which would mean it is only a matter of getting things worked out.

  • FactCheckAnyone?

    This article is completely untrue. Many people have received the OTA, including myself many hours ago today. Do a bit of fact checking and you’ll see plenty of reports, pictures, and videos of people using this on their watch via Twitter, Reddit, and elsewhere.

  • Aiii

    Since I just updated my Watch, this likely means I am, indeed, from the future.

    • Marty

      Me too. :D

  • Sorin Moroianu

    OTA can be found on XDA

  • Ivan Tichonov

    I like it

  • Ryan stewart

    Hmmm that doesn’t make much sense my watch downloaded the update through the night for me ready to use this morning in the UK.

  • Marty

    Mine updated last night. My Huawei Watch is now sporting Android 6. And there’s a menu option in the watch menu for sounds. I checked the sound with an alarm and sound does now work on the Huawei Watch.

  • rubio 25

    Here in Spain the update doesnt arrive yet :(

  • Shiba Kirito

    Have not received it in Canada

    • Guffman

      I finally received it in Ontario today.

      • Shiba Kirito

        I just got it too in Alberta! Thanks for heads up!

  • George Nassif

    Getting it now, March 2, 2016 at 10pm, Eastern time in Bethlehem, PA. I manually checked for updates and was prompted to charge watch to get new update. :-)

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    So kinda of a “noob” to the whole adb thing. To do the update through this method, do I have to connect my watch to my computer somehow? How do you do this through your phone?

  • Marty

    Android 6 has made significant improvements to how the watch functions. I’ve been enjoying how it handles tilt to display and such. The “OK Google” annoyance pop up seems to be gone, too.