Huawei Mate 8 launches globally at CES

by: Nirave GondhiaJanuary 5, 2016


Huawei has today launched its Mate 8 flagship smartphone in global markets during its press conference at CES 2016. The Mate 8, which was announced last month in China, will be launching in global markets in the coming weeks but won’t be launching in the USA, at least not at launch.

The Mate 8 follows on from last year’s Mate 7 and is the first smartphone to be powered by the all-new Kirin 950 processor, which Huawei claim offers 100% more CPU power, 125% better GPU performance and 70% more power efficiency than its predecessor, the Kirin 925.


The Mate 8 runs on EMUI 4.0, which is based on the Android Marshmallow update and features a 6-inch Full HD 1080p IPS display with either 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage or 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The latter version supports Dual SIM LTE while the 3GB RAM variant only supports a single SIM card.

On the back, the Mate 8 comes with a new Sony IMX298 BSI CMOS sensor, which offers 16MP resolution, f/2.0 aperture, Optical Image Stabilisation, dual-tone flash, Phase Detection/Continuous Autofocus, Digital Zoom and Full HD video recording. The front features an 8MP f/2.4 camera which also supports Full HD video and the rear camera also supports 720p 120fps Slo-Mo recording.

The entire package is powered by a 4000 mAh battery which Huawei claim can last 2.65 days for the average user and 1.65 days for heavy users. The handset also supports Rapid Charging and according to Huawei, you can get an entire day’s worth of battery after just 30 minutes of charging the phone.

The Mate 8 is set to launch in the coming weeks in countries across Europe, South America and Asia but won’t be coming to the US or the UK at launch. The handset will launch at a cost of €599 before any applicable subsidies for the 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM variant while the 4GB RAM version (which has 64GB storage) will cost you €699 before taxes and subsidies.


What do you think of the Mate 8 and do you want one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to check out our Mate 8 hands on!

  • Nico Lorentz

    I think the “Sales tex included” mean that the taxes are included in the price so 599€ or 699€ is the final price

  • Dusan

    Probably the fastest thing on the market currently? Beastly spec, and that battery… too bad it’s 6″ which is overkill for me (owner of Lumia 1520) and it looks quite boring, not to mention on screen buttons, hate that. I’m no Samsung fan but they have proven you can have real buttons and still make slim bezels without offering a bit of your screen to useless buttons.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Use to feel the same until I tried on screen buttons on a six incher. They do autohide by the way.

  • AbbyZFresh

    This phone would be perfect if it wasn’t for that crappy EIUI software UI. Fix the design Huawei.

  • Thomas Ware Jr.

    When is it coming to the states I can’t wait I hope soon

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Not until its released in Kuwait and Mexico first. The all metal build will be great for stopping bullets. And that giant battery? Very nice when your power plant has been blown up. And for limited time only all first wave customers get 2000 rounds of ammo and an ak47 to protect your new phone and butox from rape and pillage. Dont forget to record the fun on your new phone cause your ass might forget but the cartel . What are you smoking huwei? Totally retarded first wave choices hopefully those customers survive the trip to the store.

  • jasonlowr

    Looks exactly like the mate 7 also the leTV phone. Almost the same specs as the mate 7 last year but with a smaller battery, not to mention they all look ugly.

  • Robert Johnson

    For the price I would have expected QHD as standard

    • Jimmy Donta

      And a camera that shoots full 1080 [email protected] fps what is this 2012?

    • Steve

      They did it to make the battery last longer. I prefer 1080. What’s the point having qhd if your phone is flat

      • Robert Johnson

        Huawei did a great job on the Nexus 6p and with battery life on that device. They could have done the same thing here.

        • Steve

          I have both. I bought a Chinese mate 8 from eBay. The mate 8 lasts longer

          • Robert Johnson

            How much longer?

          • Steve

            About 2 hours. Look at the tests on YouTube. The screen is fabulous on the mate 8. 2k isn’t needed but it’s nice. The mate 8 is smaller than the iPhone 6 plus but has a half inch bigger screen. There screen ratio to body size is tremendous. You can but the international version on the internet now too.

          • Robert Johnson

            Looks nice but I think I’m going to wait until after the World Mobile Congress this month to see what new items become available especially from Huawei.

          • Steve

            I don’t blame you. My ideal device would be a mixture of the nexus and the mate 8. The nexus is long but I love the sound so i deal with it. The mate is a better shape and better battery. The nexus is a better camera. Nexus better screen.
            Put all the best bits together and you have a killer phone.

          • Steve

            What I do know, after using the nexus, is huawei Is a brand im very interested in. That’s why I bought the mate. I just sold an s6. Battery life is horrendous