Huawei’s Emotion UI simplifies Android for the consumer [Video preview and interview]

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 4, 2012


We earlier wondered why Huawei’s Emotion UI ditched the app drawer in favor of a different home screen setup. Over at the IFA 2012 in Berlin, our very own Darcy LaCouvee had the opportunity to interview Huawei’s phone unit vice president Lars-Christian Weissewange, where the executive explained the concepts behind Huawei’s design decisions.

Weissewange explains that the Emotion UI does away with the complexities of vanilla Android, but kept the flexibility associated with the mobile OS. For instance, the home screen was combined with the app launcher. Everything is icon-based, and all apps are on the first layer.

He highlights that this “completely changes the way the OS operates.”

Additionally, Weissewange said community is important to Huawei, and the company accepts contributions from developers and third-parties, and publsihes these in regular updates. But as for the lengthy phone release schedules and update processes, he says when they launch devices, they want it to be as “perfect as possible.”

Check out the short interview in the video below.

  • Emotion Engine, eh? It’ll be an emotion engine alright. Love it or hate it. Seriously speaking, though, I really think this will be a very polarizing implementation. I think it will completely frustrate and/or alienate people like myself who don’t like icons all over the place.

    Of course, I understand that such people could be a spectacular minority. I mean, look at the iPhone’s befuddling success.

  • Isaiah Lawrence

    My screen has no icons. Just the launch bar with seven icons at the bottom, and my beatuiful background.