Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has been the undeniable star of the Android galaxy in 2012, but the competition for the world’s next super-phone will definitely take things to the edge. LG’s Optimus G was one of the most likely candidates for the throne just a few weeks back, but in the meantime the 4.7-incher’s stunning spec sheet has been severely undercut by a bunch of new devices.

We’ve seen HTC’s J Butterfly and Oppo’s Find 5 prancing around with the first 1080p displays, we know that Sony is prepping an impressive 5-incher, but also a gargantuan 6-incher, and now Huawei is joining this crazy race with… a 6.1-incher.

That’s right, boys and gals, the Ascend D Quad makers are taking things to the next level with the Ascend Mate. Now we don’t know if people are ready to welcome in their lives a “phablet” that’s clearly knee-deep in tablet territory than anything or how silly will we look holding a 6.1-inch “phone” next to our ears, but we know that this thing is happening whether we like it or not.

But Huawei isn’t keeping things modest in the specs department either, so even if you don’t fancy the idea of such a humongous phone, you can’t not get excited about a 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and a hefty 4,000 mAh battery.

Not to mention that the display will sport a 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution and that this entire hardware madness will be wrapped in a body measuring 9 mm in thickness. Dayum!

This “beastly creature” is not yet official, so we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, although its existence has been confirmed through Huawei’s official website. There’s also no image with the device, so chances are the Ascend Mate’s release is still several months down the road.

Another thing that should tone the excitement (or frustration) down a bit is the news that the 1.8 GHz processor said to power the Mate will most likely be “homebrewed” by Huawei. We know that the Chinese company has had some trouble with the K3V2 chip’s manufacturing process, so chances are that it’ll be even difficult for the new K3V3 to be fully functional by, say, next Spring.

Still, we can definitely allow ourselves to dream and keep our fingers crossed for an MWC public introduction early next year. Who’s excited? And who’s appalled by the idea of a 6.1-inch smartphone?



  • RanRu

    My friend was watching a Korean drama where every character used a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.0 as a phone. She showed me a scene where a girl was calling Korean 911 while using both hands to mash this giant slate against the side of her face. I guess we’re not as far off from this as I thought.

  • Jason Ash


  • Android

    Ridiculous. Far to big. As a Galaxy note 2 user the 5.5 inch display is plenty big enough and the size is already bordering on to large. The screen real estate is fantastic but it’s almost not portable. Add .5 or .6 inch to that. Lost me. Would love the 1.8GHz processor and a 4, 000 mAH battery though!

    • MasterMuffin

      But the good side is that it’s a really fast minitablet :)

    • ikokkinos

      I think it depends on the chassis, if they can get the screen size into the chassis size of a Note II then you’ve got to be thinking about it. There’s room to squeeze more screen into the same footprint.

      • Justin

        Agreed. Would not be surprised if Note III is same size as Note II but with a 5.6 or 5.7inch 1080p screen.

  • Frank John

    GAD!!!! I just love it! Desire!
    I want one!

  • aCe

    Looks like someone will be de throning S3 har har har!! >:D

  • Zebelious

    I think the sheer power and screen size of this phablet would work better in real world. I own the original Samsung Note and I never carry it in my pocket and the only time I use a sim card is when there is no availability of WiFi connection. Most people don’t understand the real purpose of phablets.

    I found the smallest common tablet size, 7″, too big to fit in a small bag without being worried of breaking the screen. Also holding a 7″ screen for a long period of time is more inconvenient than smaller devices. Phablet size devices offer far better reading and writing experience than the common smartphone sizes. You have to be a power user to appreciate the convenience. Watching movies is more pleasurable than the common smartphone sizes. One point that I hardly read about is watching “tutorial videos” on phablet size devices. Basically watching many tutorial videos on a 4.3-4.7″ screen is hopeless, especially when details are small.

    In reality phablet devices would offer the most of near practicality of a notebook PCs plus the advantage of portability, longer battery life, and the cellular radio that most notebooks lack.

    Consider a phablet if you have already own an existing phone with over 8 hours talk time and carry a bag with you all/most of the time. Common smartphones are great when you are on the move whereas phablets are better suited for indoors usage including inside of a car (i.e. using GPS navigation on larger screen).

    I know some people are happy with carrying a device like Samsung Note in their pockets all the time but most of us would find it inconvenience and are put off by the concept of phablets. Hopefully this post has provided a different view of what to expect from phablets.

  • Nyssa

    I would like to have one but would it even make it over here to the US? This would be my limit though anything else bigger is just an actual tablet to me.

  • shichong
  • They produce large display phones because some people need them. If you buy a phone only to show it to the girls or whatever you randomly use it just buy an 4 inch phone and shut the hell up.