Huawei upcoming device will dwarf the Note 2, promises exec

by: Varun RajDecember 5, 2012


After the success of the Galaxy Note II it’s safe to say that there’s definitely a market for large screen hybrid smartphones that double as tablets and are better known as ‘phablets’. Joining Samsung and other large screen smartphone makers is Huawei, whose Senior Vice President Yu Chengdong has confirmed to the press that his company is currently working on a big screen device.

To describe the screen of this new smartphone Huawei’s exec used the word “giant”, which alone describes the magnitude of this upcoming device. Although Mr. Chengdong didn’t reveal any further information about the new phablet there are reports of a new Huawei device called Ascend Mate.

Ascend Mate is said to feature a 6.1-inch 1080p Full HD display and could be the device Chengdong is talking about. If Ascend Mate really ends up having a 6.1-inch display then it will dwarf the Galaxy Note 2 (another device that many people call huge).

Along with the 6.1-inch 1080p Full HD display, the Ascend Mate is also rumored to feature a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 4,000 mAh battery, and a recent Android Jelly Bean.

While the specs mentioned above are based on rumors and Mr. Chengong made sure not to reveal his company’s upcoming phablet’s specs, he did trash Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 by calling it “grossly overpriced”. He even advised buyers not to buy the Galaxy Note 2 and wait for Huawei to release its phablet. The Huawei boss claimed that the Ascend Mate (or whatever it will be called) will be cheaper and will perform better than Galaxy Note 2.

Mr. Chengong said that Huawei plans to release the new device sometime in early 2013. Probably, the company will push to have the device in the market in time for the Chinese holiday shopping season, or by February 2013.

  • Uh-Oh !

  • That… is ridiculous. But then the original Note was kind of ridiculous to begin with.

    I did consider getting a Note 2 from T-Mobile, but the $370 contract price combined with the ridiculousness kept me away.

    Now that T-Mobile has stock I’m tempted to get the $200 Nexus 4, but I might spend the extra $100 for an unlocked one just on principle.

    • SickofpompusIdiots

      Who gives a Rats ass what phone you’re getting…If you don’t like big don’t buy one……it goes for all aspects in life meatball…if you don’t like a 60inch tv or above don’t buy one, if you don’t like SUV’s don’t buy one, but because you don’t like a big phone they shouldn’t make one??? Gawd damn, these asinine comments from people like you is what’s the problem in this world today…and you also think everyone wants to hear your opinion…no one cares what TV phone, fridge , car etc you buy……

      • I’m sorry, I thought this was the comment section of a gadget blog, which is all about helping people decide what to buy. If you don’t like my opinions, that’s too bad, but if you don’t want to read them, don’t scroll down into the comments or get off the internet.

  • Then thank God I got my Note 2 for 300.00 flat!!!! yeeeea buddy! :)

  • Note2Rocks

    I say Huawei has long way to catch up with Samsung’s quality perspective. But where is Apple in all of this?

  • MasterMuffin

    Sounds nice if they make the same cool software things that note had like better multitasking and s-pen

  • gfacekilla01

    I don’t think so…..Took delivery of my Note II last week. These Huawei folk need to step up their game…….IMHO the Note II is the pinnacle of the smart phone game

  • joey

    Internationally it will sell well because in asia everyone there likes huge phone. As for here in the U.S is all about the iphone.

    • On a Clear Day

      Actually Joey it is no longer about the iPhone in the U. S., in fact, every day that passes is making the iPhone among those, who want true value as well as performance, less and less of an “item”.

      Why would anyone pay a premium price for technology that – if you actually study it

      rather than accept without questions Apple’s assessment of it – little more than a gussied up version of it already outdated phone?

      Why? Because people find it more appeal to appear right in the eyes of their friends and not take the time to actually realize what it is they are buying as long as everyone around them – who is equally bereft of the desire to expend the effort to utilize their ability to do a critical analysis because they are lazy – says “It’s the best!

      Well, as Stalin said, if you want people to believe a lie, tell the biggest lie you can dream up and they will then think it is impossible it is a lie because “Nobody would lie about something like that.” Apparently, Uncle Joe’s observation still holds true, and Uncle Steve was smart enough to know it and used it in the here and now.

  • Cosina V

    I wouldn’t trust 10% of those kind of BS over-confident comments. It’s very typical in Chinese companies (BTW I am of Chinese origin) to always over exaggerate and brag how great of a product they are going to have. Terry Gou said “The iphone 5 would put the GS3 to shame”. Well, I don’t think that statement made it half-way in the real world!

  • jay

    I got mine for $250 – $100 walmart gift card, so it came out to be $150.. i got it cheaper than when GS 3 came out.. and if you want a better spec phone, htc already came out with droid dna.. it’s weird for me to say this, since i really believe in specs.. but it’s not always about spec.. though dna has better specs, i know the gs note 2 and gs3 will get really good support for the future, and has features which are not found in original android.. these two things alone, really makes me want to buy phones from samsung..

  • SamsaraGuru

    If I wanted a tablet I would buy a tablet. What are they thinking? 5 inches for a screen is already pushing it in terms of being a convenient size to hold in one’s hand.

    Besides, why would anyone trust a Chinese company to be there when you need them; as Cosina V said below, it is a typical Chinese trait to puff up the quality of what they are offering, only to have the product fall flat on its face – like the iPhone 5 did in terms of its less than stellar specs – despite the fact Terry Gou said “The iphone 5 would put the GS3 to shame”.

    I will go with a phone that is made in a country that supports freedom and human rights and fair trade competition and which has proven itself to be concerned about its customers.

  • On a Clear Day

    A phone with a five inch screen is already almost, if not, too big to easily carry on your person – six inches is ridiculous.

    But, given the Chinese proclivity to copy others, rather than innovate, and thinking that cheaper devices made in sweat shop factories translates into real quality in the real world – we should not be surprised that they are thinking that bigger is better and believe that, as Mae West said ages ago:

    “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!”

    Better to choose to deal with a company that has proven it cares about people and that isn’t subject to the capricious dictates of a dictatorial communist government and which creates rather than copies. If I want a phablet I will go with a Samsung or other free market manufacturer – never a Chinese product.

  • Tyrel ting

    I like big phones and be even I think it’s 2 big 5.3 good. 5.5 still good 5.7 good but your pushing it. 6.1 that’s just freaking ridiculous