The “world’s fastest smartphone” coming to UK, we just don’t know when

by: AdrianApril 11, 2012
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Oy, are there any British blokes around here who were intrigued about the Huawei Ascend D Quad, but were worried the smartphone might not come to the UK anytime soon? If there are, they should be glad to hear that the super-phone, dubbed by Huawei “the world’s fastest smartphone”, has just been officially confirmed for a British release.

Unfortunately, while Huawei officials contacted by Pocket-Lint said that the gadget will “absolutely” see the light of day in the United Kingdom, they avoided to specify an exact release date (or an estimated one, for that matter).

Huawei’s people only stated that we will be hearing from them “later in the year”, meaning that we still have no idea when to expect the quad-core “beast”. Early rumors pointed towards a July release, so, for the time being, we should (reluctantly) accept that as the most possible launch date.

There is no news on the pricing front either, so again we have to either wait and see, or trust early rumors and speculations. However, nobody was gutsy enough to offer some clear figures or price tags, so we only know (or think we know) that Huawei is planning to make the smartphone available for a 20% to 50%  lower price than its direct competitors.

What will be the gadget’s toughest opposing forces? Well, for starters, there will be the HTC One X, set to start shipping in the US in a couple of weeks, with similar tech specs to the ones featured by the D Quad (different processors under the hood, but overall comparable performance). The Samsung Galaxy S3 might be another serious competitor for the Ascend D Quad, but we don’t know anything sure about Sammy’s flagship for the time being, so it’s still hard to tell.

For those of you who’ve missed the D Quad’s unveiling back at the MWC, you should know that the smartphone is set to sport a 4.5-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen, with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, and feature a quad-core Huawei K3V3 processor, as well as 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of on-board storage, and an 8 MP rear-facing camera.

For a full spec sheet, as well as a couple of benchmarks showing the phone’s power and speed, you should check out these articles here and here. And don’t forget to check back to our website for details on the handheld’s release date and pricing, set to be revealed in the near future!

  • Trinder_s

    I dont know why is this “close lips” here…
    The good Huawei price for this gadget is a bit (some pounds) higher ther SGS II. That might be the winner price….

  • Trinder_s

    As I said it’s easy to find out…
    – people wont pay the apple (or htc one x) price for huawei.
    – huawei wont ask less money then samsung does for sgs II. ..
    (and good pricing about 30% less for ascend d1 (dual core)

    well the problem solved.

  • Samuel Crawford

    The thing with Huawei is – they have a terrible name. It automatically sounds cheap and naff, like the cheap Matsui TV’s, and that will put many people off buying it, as if you are willing to pay £400 for a phone over the course of a contract, you are probably willing to pay £700.

    It needs a much more exciting name on the phone. I think part of the reason the Rasberry Pi computer became so popular, especially with people who knew next to nothing about tech – was because of it’s name. Huawei should have something like Pineapple Express or Banana Split on their phone instead – okay maybe not the best ideas off the top of my head, but they still beat the name ‘Huawei’ by a country mile.

  • Spotfist

    Im taking bets, Huawei will take ~6 months to get the phone to UK market, by then the Galaxy S3 will be out and selling like hot cakes. Huawei’s phone will look like a steaming turd and like 100 units will shift. Hauwei will put the poor sales down to some crap and then the UK will never see another Huawei phone. One less choice the UK consumer has due to bad business. Anyone interested?

  • micro sim or regular sim?