Huawei to have their own ARM Cortex A15 chip out on the market this year

by: ŠtefanJanuary 9, 2013

Richard Yu, Huawei’s Chairman of Device, has revealed to Engadget that the company will have a chip out on the market during the second half of this year that utilizes ARM’s Cortex A15 core. Said chip will be called the HiSilicon K3V3, and while we’d like to tell you how many cores it’s going to have, sadly we don’t have that information.

What’s so good about the ARM Cortex A15? It’s going to power some of the most powerful devices to launch this year. You know how the Galaxy S3 uses four ARM Cortex A9 cores? The Galaxy S4, with Cortex A15 cores, will probably be almost twice as fast. That’s of course hard to prove without making any of our own benchmarks, but let’s just say we have a feeling.

Why is Huawei building their own chips instead of just using something from NVIDIA or Qualcomm? Simple, they want to sell cheaper phones. If Huawei were to buy something from Qualcomm, then they’d would have to sacrifice their already razor thin margins.

Should you buy a Huawei device instead of something from Samsung or HTC? If you’re short on cash, we don’t see why not, but truth be told we think the better tactic is to just save up a bit extra for a phone that you know is going to scream quality. The next Galaxy isn’t that far away, and rumor has it that the next Note is going to be even larger than Huawei’s 6.1 inch Ascend Mate, so again, unless you really need to save money, we don’t see why you’d go with a Huawei device.

  • Anna

    I disagree, you can’t really be ignoring up and coming brands whilst established brands sooner or later will go into decline, HTC and Nokia are an example. So yes, it may seem irrelevant to you now, but at the pace the Chinese move, 1 year over there is 5-10 years here, you know they will come out with something mindblowing sooner than later and they’ll adapt pretty quickly and swallow up the market soon.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      I fully agree that Huawei might become the next Samsung, but right now they’re not even close. They’re getting better *really* fast though!

  • kobe

    RIM’s new top secret phone already outdated before it even came out. sad..

  • Huawei will NEVER become what Samsung is. It’s just in your dreams bud.

    • NickH

      With the potential of the chinese and the vast pool of talent in the emerging giant and how fast they move, you underestimate them and assume they just make KIRFS/fakes. Trust me, been to the country, the young over there are hungry with a huge spite for innovation and ambiton working for the major OEMS there. When the Chinese or Koreans plan something, rest assured they get it done pretty god damn quickly. Think about it, it’s taken the iPhone 5-6 years with little to no change using more or less the same technology with a slight bump in screen size, now when the Chinese OEMS have come out of their budget device range and decide it’s time to move forward, they’ll expand at an alarmingly quick rate and it wouldn’t surprise me to see within less than 5 years, either Huawei/Lenovo/ZTE or Oppo eclipse some of the major brands now at the rate they grow. When people say HTC/Sony/Motorola,I just see a dead horse argument with no sea of vast potential like you have the newcomers.