HTML 5 Is Apple’s Biggest Threat

September 13, 2011
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    When the public working draft of HTML5 came out in 2008, it showed a whole new range of possibilities in web-based application development. The current implementation of this Internet core technology is still in the area of games and electronic readers, though. But of course, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that development will soon move into more general use applications.

    Why are web applications a threat? It’s because they are a flexible alternative to native applications and they aren’t tied down to specific operating systems. Web apps run on browsers. That means the smartphone or tablet utilized becomes mostly irrelevant and the web app doesn’t have to be downloaded from an online app store.

    Web apps in general are still behind native apps in terms of performance but then again the HTML5 specification is still undergoing development. When more high quality web apps become available, driven by the robust features of HTML5, people may no longer see a noticeable loss in usability.

    When the differences between Android and iOS devices flatten out, then the exclusive quality or “walled garden” attraction that pulls users to Apple products and services could lose its steam. Apple’s biggest threat isn’t a company like Google or a manufacturer like Samsung. It’s a new technology standard being set up by a global organization called W3C.

    Think of it in terms of how the World Wide Web eventually surpassed AOL.  Consumers will invariably choose the more accessible standardized technology over the proprietary one. Developers will naturally follow where the consumers go. It will not be surprising to see the same behavior and trend occur when more HTML5 web apps enter the mobile market.

    Via International Business Times

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    • Level380

      First it was flash….. So apple blocked it. Love to see how apple will try to control this.


        EXACTLY.. Those who know, know flash was blocked, not due to security or performance (expec not now with dual core+ cpu’s, etc) – but because it would give developers a single platform to wirte apps that would work on Android, iOS, windows, etc.. taking Apples 30% cut right along with it.. Now that HTML5 is coming of age, it will be interesting to see how Apple cripples it in their browser, etc. Pretty sure I read someplace that Apple is limiting the browser apps speed vs native apps already.. So they are already on the defensive against HTML5 web apps.

    • Obviously

      Are’nt nternet connections are metered in most the world???

    • AppleFUD

      It’s funny because when the iPhone was released Jobs told developers they couldn’t write apps for it, instead they should build web apps and that’s why they made such a “great” browser for the iPhone. Well, devs went nuts and now apple has lots of apps, first time they can crow about having more software lol

      So, what do they want now? Kill the web because apps are the way to go.

      However, I do have to say from personal experience, a complete noob to an iPad can’t really grasp the web. They only get, if I click this icon it gives me X. . . Sad but true.