HTC DROID Eris gets Android 2.1 firmware update

by: Michael OrylMay 11, 2010


It seems that Verizon Wireless has started sending out an over the air firmware update for DROID Eris users that will take the phone to the next level: Android 2.1!

Like past firmware updates, the roll-out will start small (1,000 users) and gradually build up over the course of the next week or so when all devices should have received the update.

Look after the jump for a full list of the updates features.


  • Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the Gallery and
    Google Maps.
  • New support for voice-to-text entry.
  • New Leap thumbnail view lets you pinch to jump between the
    seven panels on your home screen.
  • Additional calendar views and easier access to contacts make
    navigating even quicker.
  • Google Maps with Navigation provides free, traffic-enhanced,
    turn-by-turn navigation.
  • With the Enhanced Android Market, you’ll enjoy a better
    browsing experience as well as even more applications, including
    Verizon Wireless content featuring self-service applications.
  • Ability to log onto and access multiple Google accounts at once.
  • Support for 19 Microsoft Exchange Server policies makes your
    phone more secure and business friendly.
  • Desk Clock intelligently dims your screen and displays the current
    time while charging.
  • Location-based cinematic full screen weather keeps you on top of
    changing conditions.


  • Free Yahoo! Mail is now supported¡Xsimply sign in with your
    Yahoo! email address and password.
  • Longer battery life due to power savings.
  • Improved YouTube video playback.
  • Better Bluetooth support, including contact transfer.
  • Automatic settings for POP3 email accounts.
  • Added support for stand-alone Wi-Fi when device is in
    airplane mode.
  • Improved handset audio when disconnecting a wired headset.
  • Faster power-up time.
  • Improved swipe-unlock functionality.
  • Added support for Microsoft Office 2007 documents.

[via MobileBurn]

  • rana

    HTC not HTD

  • sean

    ive been waiting for this update since i got my eris. so it should be out to everyone in a week or so ?

  • John Campbell

    My wife’s HTC Eris was updated today. The weather widget no longer works properly. It won’t update and it has added a city that she can’t remove. Also, because the clock and weather widget are connected, she can’t remove the weather widget without losing all her personalized settings. This is a pretty big bug, especially since she used the weather feature daily.

  • Joel Maust

    My update came through on Sunday 5/16 as well. Most everything is working fine except that the weather widget appears to have croaked. I get temp and conditions on my home screen, but if you touch the sun/moon to get more details, it won’t open. Says something like “process failed to launch.” It’s hard to read because it just briefly flashes and then shows a black screen.

  • David

    Weather Widget on mine also no longer works.

  • shawn

    I may be wrong, but it seems as if GPS now has to be enabled in order to use any location-based apps? E.G., Google maps used to be able to estimate locations without using GPS. Now it can’t be used without checking off the option to allow location to be detected (vs. 911 only). Fine, but when you check that off, it automatically turns on GPS. Anyone else notice this?

  • Jayde

    My update came through sunday May 16th as well and my weather widget is no longer working. It shows the time and displays the weather on the home screen and then once I click on it to get more info it briefly flashes an error and then show a black screen.

  • Jon

    The weather widget on my Eris has also failed, as well as the calendar widget. You can view the calendar, but when you try and select individual days, it fails. Yet you can still view events in the agenda/list view. Where is the fix, Verizon?

  • Yolonda King

    My update came through on Sunday 5/16/10, my weather feature is working fine, but my bluetooth no longer pairs. The rep at the Verizon store told me that it won’t work until a patch is created to go around the new 2.1 app. This is a very big bug in this phone. I feel this bug is a true safety issue for me because I need my phone for work and most of which is in my vehicle.

  • neoBigD

    Yes it caused an issue with SOME people’s weather or bluetooth. But a little google searching will point you in direction of fixes. Overall, the scope of the enhancements FAR EXCEED the limitations of the old OS

  • danielle

    My weather won’t work after update either. Any ideas when this will be fixed?

  • Roger

    Yep…the weather widget is screwed up. We need a fix quickly. The after market apps and widgets are not as good as the HTC version.

  • imax

    i just updated my eris but now my music and pictures is gone i keep getting a sorry notification saying the pricess android.process media has stopped) everytime i try to open diffrent apps how can i fix this problem

  • Rick

    If you uncheck “weather” in the calendar the individual day option should work. At least that’s what I found. Calendar was fine, but the individual day was trying to access the broken weather widget info.

  • Chris

    Weather widget is screwed also will not work in the desk clock. Screen is less sensitive even after calibrating the text input… this update slowed down the phone considerably! I will admit there are some cool new things but the amount of problems I am having hardly makes it an upgrade… I am not happy with it. The bugs need to be fixed NOW. I did not buy this phone to have it be ruined by a very poorly tested upgrade. The whole phone changed!!!

  • Joel Maust

    I was able to fix the weather bug by going to: Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Weather Provider and selecting “clear data”. See here.

  • Chris

    My weather widget was screwed up too, I ended up going to “settings, privacty, and then selecting Factory data reset” Once it reseted my weather widget is working just fine… The downside to this is you loose all your data, and have to re sync with google to get your contacts and email back…

  • Heidi

    Clearing the cache works to keep the weater app from forcing closed, but does not change the fact that several cities that it was reading before are no longer showing up. I’m very dissappointed in this. You’d think that one of the front page apps would be working even better after this long awaited upgrade. No problems with anything else, so far….

  • Marc

    It would be nice to have the “My Location” button back on the search cities bar. It was easy to drag the google pin to any place you wanted and save it as a location. There are 4-5 places where I’m interested in the weather that can’t be loaded. Also can’t get more weather info online like you used to. I like most everything about the update, but the weather app was something they should have left alone……..

  • bob

    I still can’t do voice dialing through my Bluetooth. Wasn’t 2.1 supposed to fix this?

    • I don’t think it is supposed to. My HTC DROID Incredible doesn’t appear to support it. I’ve pretty much just given up on that feature on Android at this point.

  • bob

    That’s a shame – it seems that the Eris is great at being everything but a telephone…..

  • Jeremy

    My HTC Eris has a bluetooth issue. It will not pair with my car now. It did just fine before the update. Now it just gives me a code to enter into the stereo every 5 minutes. Pairs fine with a motorola BT headset.

  • my update came through on the 16th. I lost 3-4 widgets that I use almost everyday. The web broswer crashes all the time. This was a bad update. Does anyone know how to get the favorites widget for calling people?

  • Lora

    I got my Call Favorites back just by turning my phone off and on. The internet has frozen on me and I’ve had to take the battery out. Never had to do that before. Also on the internet, I have to pinch to zoom pages that I never had to before. Web pages are TINY and unreadable now. I’ve tried changing ‘mobile view,’ ‘set text size’ and ‘default zoom.’ Nothing has worked. I want the internet back to the way it was before the update. Any ideas? Thanks! Another (petty) complaint on the update-the new calculator is lame. The original was kinda cool. Why did the update ruin things that weren’t broken and make the Internet so tiny? Thanks for your help!

  • Lora


  • eds

    Did the update on 5/16. now once a day lose all sound, have to turn phone off and on and it comes back, anyone else experience this. Weather is screwed up as well, cleared cache but now can’t search locations to find my city. help please.

  • Josh

    No clock or weather app… weather app goes blank when accessed and sometimes reboots the phone.

  • bryan

    This update has ruined my phone I get no signal anymore,can’t make or recieve calls

  • bryan

    Can we get a trade in discount now that I have a very cool paperweight?

  • Dale Kelly

    The weather application stopped working after today’s HTC Eris Android upgrade.

  • Marc

    I’ve experienced all the above “issues” plus a few others. My “favorite” – in the middle of a call, the phone cuts off the other person and redials them. Usually while still speaking I start to hear the phone ringing and then the other person tells me that they had to answer the 2nd call to get back on. My phone then shows a scientific calculator error on the screen. And could someone please tell me how to turn off these incredibly bothersome full screen ads that come on every time I make a call. I can’t see if the call is going through or not. I bought this to use as a phone !!!

  • Carol

    I also have experienced most of the above issues except the full screen ads, thank goodness. My favorite is the “quietly brilliant” HTC logo slogan, as on the day after the upgrade, my phone completely quit ringing. Very frustrating ! After I powered off, it was a bit better, but still is acting weird.

  • Lora

    I’m hearing a lot of complaints. I’m wishing I had checked this out before I did the “upgrade.” But I’m not hearing a lot of solutions. This is my first smart phone and I’d like it to be the way it used to be–>pre-upgrade. I’m not overly tech. savy. How do I go back to the original operating system? Thanks!

  • s friedman

    Was this upgrade tested before being distributed? Internet sites are now TINY. Internet force closes constantly. Touch screen is much less sensitive. Contacts were all gone, but came back within 12 hours. Had to re-pair phone to my car’s Bluetooth. I now receive confirmation texts everytime I send a text. I hope these issues will be fixed soon.

  • lorie

    I am soo upset with my phone now thanks to this new update. It drops calls, the internet is very very tiny and it’s annoying to have to pinch the make bigger with EVERY screen! Sometimes I do not get a keyboard to type things on emails or internet, so my phone is useless. I am soo mad I want to throw my phone half the time. I went from loving my phone to being soo mad at it. I hope they fix this soon!!

  • Jen,

    My sound goes out at least once a day turning it off and on is getting crazy any fix yet and is it just me or is it harder to type

  • Lora

    Good news! I found out how to fix the tiny internet problem. While you’re connected, hit Menu, More, Settings and then UNcheck Open pages in overview. The internet will look like it used to!! Now how do we fix all of the other problems? I’m happy to read any ideas. Thanks!

  • Matt

    I am having just about all the above problems as well. Losing calls, sounds shutting off, etc. It seems once a day I have to reboot the phone to get it working correctly. I’m not seeing the supposed enhanced battery life. Sometimes my battery will drain very quickly. I love the new features, but the headache from everything else is not worth it…

  • Josh

    I’m gradually working through all the bugs in this update, as it seems that most of them are settings issues. The biggest one is that once or twice a day the telephone stops working. I can dial a number if I’m patient enough, but then there’s no sound through the earpiece. I have to pull the battery and wait 15 seconds or so to be able to restart it successfully. Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve got my weather, calendar, gmail, and internet working, which were all buggy, but can’t find anything to help the phone.

  • Melissa

    I am having to restart my phone once a day due to losing sounds. I also am having problems with it tracking my location, it thinks I am in Paris half the time and I am in Seattle WA! I am contacting Verizon today to see if they can help with all these issues I am having, I loved my phone before the update, now I just want to get an iPhone. I tried to have verizon help the other day but since I didn’t have another phone to use they couldn’t help me. I will keep you all updated on what they tell me.

  • Melissa

    So I spoke to verizon regarding my phone losing sound since update. She said they had no note of this happening to anyone else, WOW! Anyway, the only option she had was to do a hard re-boot meaning wiping my phones data completely. I have done that luckily my contacts game back since I had them syncd to my gmail. However everything else is gone, crappy having to start from scratch but if it helps then okay. Verizon will call me back in two days to check on progress, if it still happens then they said they will replace my phone.

  • Sean Farrell

    I updated my Eris and the only issue I had was that I could not pair my LG Bluetooth… This sucks, I talked to Verizon and HTC. No luck… Otherwise I like the update! Just wish my bluetooth worked.

  • richards

    i hate this update, now when ever i send a text i get a message saying that it sent. i dont need to know that i just sent the dam message, is there a way to get rid of this stupid alert.

  • Lora

    That’s a simple fix. Go to Settings in Messages and check or uncheck the delivery and retrieval options you want.

  • JK

    Josh – I’m having the exact problem you mentioned. It’s not all the time, but once a day or so the keyboard will lag behind when I try to dial a phone #. Once it catches up and makes the call, no sound. I have to reboot the phone and this fixes the problem.

    I also have some of the other problems mentioned by others – display dims and won’t brighten, display won’t come on once I take phone away from my ear, etc.

    Anyone have any news on a fix? I don’t want to reset and risk losing apps, contacts, etc.


  • paul

    Just received update this morning. I cannot access internet on the phone. I do have a connection because I can tether successfully. Any solutions?

  • Beth Lake

    I am also very upset after this update. My phone touch screen is also not as sensitive. The internet sites are too small. The contacts were gone and I receive a confirmation text.
    now this morning when I place or receive phone calls no one can hear me. This is not good.

  • paul

    I went to the verizon store, explained that I did have a connection, that I could download from the market, check my email but could not load a web page. They spent five minutes looking through and doing the same things that I did. They informed me that some phones are working great with the upgrade, and some aren’t. They did not understand. They are replacing my phone tomorrow. I hope that it does not have the upgrade yet.

  • Mike

    I have had the same issue with the phone, that the audio stops working. I read, in another set of boards, that the audio driver is getting stuck in an endless loop. I also read, that the factory reset of the phone, is not helping this issue. If anyone hears of a fix for this, please place it on this message board.

  • chris ob

    After the 2.1 update, my phone will periodically lose all sound. I called verizon and after trying everything from a hard reset to updating roaming, they send me a replacement. I got it and after updating it to 2.1, started having the same issues. They are sending me another one now because it’s still under manufacturer warrantee.

    And of course, when I called, Verizon said they had “no know issues” with this problem, although I’ve found plenty of other people with the same problems after doing a Google search.


    If you are having an issue other than the weather widget problem, you should be talking to Verizon if you hope to get the phone fixed.

    Verizon does not officially acknowledge any issue other than the weather widget problem, so you have to call support or take the phone to a Verizon store to get the issue noticed.

  • Melissa

    Well the no sound has continued, so verizon is sending me a new phone since mine is till under warantee. Hope it works!

  • Ben Vernon

    Well, you folks have convinced me not to buy an Eris. What an incredible list of problems! I’ve been looking to upgrade to my fist smart phone, the Eris doesn’t seem to be it. Even the guy at the Verizon store admitted the phone is fraught with problems compared to the droid and incredible.

    Maybe I should take another look at switching to AT&T for the iPhone.

  • Barry

    Anybody wanna tell Verizon that the pinch to zoom in Google Maps is a bluff and that battery life was much better on 1.5?

  • Tim

    I got the software update and my phone has been more inclined to freeze on me. I’ve had to force close more programs since the update then the 4 months prior. Most of my program freezing issues have been messaging (text) and then a delayed or frozen screen when I try to call. I’m hoping these get polished out. The rest of the update was awesome.

  • Sean Farrell

    Well, my bluetooth issue has been resolved. It appears the LG bluetooth I had is just not compatible with the new software. So, Verizon gave me a $60 credit and now I have a Motorola headset that works great!

  • kk

    Yes very nice update, it deleted half of my contacts. Very helpful Verizon, and the rest…/

  • kk

    Solution! If you get the update on your phone don’t install it. Verizon is not even looking to admit that there is a problem. We are in very bad shape all of us who did the update.

  • Carolyn J

    I have also had the lost sound problem. It would be fine first thing in the morning when I turned it on, and then two hours later, it wouldn’t ring [at least I didn’t hear it], and I couldn’t hear callers or the phone ring when I made a call. I will try the master reset today and see if that helps!

  • Tammy

    Josh and JK, I have the same issue!
    I go to make a call, and I see the person’s picture, I get the signal that it has been connected, and the timer starts, but then nothing. No ringing, no hello, nothing. It is like that for a while, at least a minute. Then, I can’t make or receive calls until I turn off the phone. Aghh… you would think a update for a phone would at least let you make a phone call! Also, my phone is really slow.
    Any fixes for this?

  • Jeff

    I have the post update sound issue on mine. Took my phone to Verizon, they replaced it, did the update and 10 minutes after I left the store the same thing happened again. They have now ordered a new phone for me, which I won’t upgrade. I have found that now the only way to talk to the person at the other end when I call or get a call is to go to speaker mode. After all of this crap Verizon should be GIVING us all the new Droid Incredible for our hassels!!! Phone number 3, in 4 days is set to arrive tomorrow. If it has the same problems straight outta the box I’m gonna scream.

    Of course, nobody at Verizon 611 Technical Support has heard any of this.

  • Lora

    Is it my imagination, or does the Weather Widget seem to be working in recent days? I’ve got my settings where I seem to want them so all is well-for the time being. The only other thing that is giving me trouble is my email account. I get notifications saying that my mail didn’t send and then it takes me though a series of name and password screens that eventually say I an unsuccessful and locked out. Anyone else have this problem and more importantly, what’s the solution?

  • Cristin

    My last Eris had the software update pop up automatically, but I activated a new Eris and still nothing….I cannot find any way to download the update! help!!

  • ShayShay

    I am having the sound issue since the update as well… very frustrating having to reboot a couple times a day… :(

  • bob

    I wish i could change my phone back to the original firmware. I need to give it to i friend and i would like her to have a clean slate

  • Stephanie

    What happened to all the widgets? The ones I used regularly (clock/weather display, favorites, Email, Messages..) are all gone. I can only put LINKS/SHORTCUTS to the programs on my home pages… not actual widgets! Very, very frustrating. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Robin

    I had verizon replace my phone because after the update, no one could hear me and it would freeze. Right when they gave me my new phone, the update started and you couldnt cancel it so I am back to the phone freezing up again. My internet keeps going to digital so I am unable to open sites unless I shut the phone off and restart it again. Really being a pain in my booty.

  • john custer

    call htc not verizon htc made the update there number is 866-449-8358