HTC doesn’t seem to be doing too well lately, even after the big launch of the One series, and the much praised HTC One X smartphone. Yesterday they said that their sales fell by 45% in the month of July compared to the same month last year, from T$45.11 billion to T$25 billion ($834 million). The sales were also down compared the previous month by T$5 billion.

Things seem to be going downhill for HTC, and with the next iPhone being just a month away from launch, it doesn’t look like they will recover too soon. However, they are rumored to make a 5″ phone with a 1080p screen for this fall, but I’m not sure if that will be enough to help them.

I think what will do a lot more to get them back on track would be a very well made Nexus phone for this fall, but we aren’t sure if there will be just one company making it, and if that company is HTC, or several of them, in which case HTC’s chances would increase.

HTC Evo 4g

Either way, HTC should surprise the world by making some stock Android phones. People would be very happy about that and would start recommending HTC’s phones again, even over those from Samsung, that have Touchwiz. I think there’s little chance of this happening, which is puzzling considering HTC was oh so happy to build very similar looking WP7 phones. These were not just in software, but also in hardware, and they will probably continue to do that with WP8.

In the same time they seem unwilling to do the same with Android. It very well may be their loss, because I don’t see how else they can recover quickly, unless they have some hardware innovation up their sleeves and are ready to show it off this year.

  • Tom C

    I love my Sprint EVO from HTC, but I will never buy another HTC phone ever again. We are constantly behind the OS releases by several months. Now, I find that we are never going to get the new OS. Never.

    Make a stock Android option, or go away.

  • Anonymoose

    I owned a Nexus One, of course manufactured by HTC. The software support was entirely upon Google but I will never buy another HTC product ever again and I certainly hope Google never partners with them to build another Nexus device, as the hardware support was non-existant. That’s why HTC has lost 45% sales in a year, because everyone who buys one ends up getting burned by terrible software support and incompetent or ignorant warranty support, and will never buy a second.

  • Hemingway

    I’ve owned HTC made devices since the Compaq IPAQ. However their decision to stop building qwerty phones hurt them badly. I haven’t found a decent replacement for my HTC Touch Pro. so how about it HTC. As soon as you made the decision to stop making keyboards, your sales plummeted. Samsung is kicking your ass!!!!