Rumor: HTC drifting away from Windows Phone 8, will focus efforts on Android

by: Andrew GrushAugust 13, 2013

HTC Windows Phone 8X

Once one of the bigger players in the mobile industry, HTC has fallen hard in the last few years. Although recent releases like the HTC One have helped regain some interest in the company, they are still arguably doing nothing more than treading water. 

If HTC is to regain what has been lost, the company needs to focus its efforts on product lines that actually have the potential to bear immediate fruit. They also need to cut losses where they can. Yes, we’re talking about Windows Phone 8.

According to DigiTimes, as HTC’s Windows Phone marketshare continues to decline, the company could drift away from supporting the platform. While DigiTimes is known for a mixed track record when it comes to speculation and rumors, we have to say this makes a lot of sense.

Even though Windows Phone 8 has managed to grow a little in recent months, it still only stands with just 3.7% of the entire global smartphone marketshare. Of that 3.7%, Nokia holds a staggering 80% of the pie, while HTC’s share is slipping below 5%. We also have to consider that in order to release WP8 devices, HTC has to agree to a licensing fee, something that isn’t required for Android (potential patent fees aside).

With HTC kicking its marketing efforts into high-gear, now could be the perfect time to ditch Windows Phone 8 and continue pushing forward into a bold new direction.

What do you think, do you agree that now might be a good time for HTC to abandon the Microsoft ship?

  • sie

    That’ll be just great. If Nokia would do the same then we can safely say that Open Source software is winning the battle after a long long time. Android FTW…

    • lol


      • AppleWasFirst

        WP8 sukkks

  • Nathaniel James

    I think Nokia should make both Windows phones and Android phones because the Windows phones are a much better device than BB in terms of business use.

    • Ahmad Siddiqi

      Nokia should stay in the windows eco system. Windows phone market share is going up and will continue to do so as all the recent stats indicate. They need to build upon their existing camera’s and keep taking that Megapixel count higher. Im thinking 1GP (Gigapixel).

  • Luka Mlinar

    Took them long enough. Still it’s sad to see the Nokia ship sinking.

    • Ahmad Siddiqi

      Not sure which ship ur riding on but the Nokia ship that I see has been sailing higher.

      • Luka Mlinar


  • Charles Chambers

    Why Stephen Elop (CEO of Nokia) thought it was a good idea to put ALL of his eggs in the Microsoft basket is beyond me.

    • Luka Mlinar

      I asked the same question once and got an answer: Microsoft bailed them out when sh** hit the fan and now Nokia is chained to Microsoft. It’s basically Microsoft who is killing Nokia.
      Not sure if it’s true but makes sense :/

      • Charles Chambers

        Microsoft bailed Apple out too.

    • MasterMuffin

      Nokia could have done much better even with this strategy, but Elop did one stupid thing that hurt Nokia a lot (I remember this was all over the news in Finland!). He said in an interview that they’re going to kill Symbian and start making Windows Phones when they were still selling and making millions of new Symbian phones! Sales dropped REALLY much and the worst part was that there was not going to be any Nokia WPhones for over 6 months! Nokia is doing better with WP that they could have ever done with Symbian though

    • RaptorOO7

      Because he worked for MS and it was cheaper to get him in there than it was to buy Nokia outright. Nokia makes great hardware, I would love to see Android on it and they could do amazing things with their hardware and Android together.

      We will never see that happen though.

    • woody

      it’s only a matter of time, my friend.

      Nokia will eventually use Android, they have no other choice, under pressure by their board of director.

      only a matter of time, either elop got fired first or nokia start using android, I’m not sure which will happen first.. :D

  • MasterMuffin

    Those colorful Windows Phones look good and fresh, make the next Desire phone look like 8X and it should sell well (though it’s not all about looks but still)!

  • RaptorOO7

    I can certainly understand given their financial situation. They can hardly afford to divert funds to R&D for a low profit platform (by sales volume and profit). Perhaps it is best for HTC to focus on Android alone, but they risk losing any potential on a secondary OS and any built up demand.

  • samizad

    HTC should forget about WP8. In a few years, by which time WP8 share might be 10% at best, the desktop and mobile OS’s will have converged. We’d be looking at mobiles with full desktop capability. If Microsoft concentrates on keeping Windows 8 relevant, then they will have chance against Android or Ubuntu (i.e. Edge).

  • Joule

    Yes… Finally they know what they doing…

  • Eddie J Camacho

    Windows 8 has some potential but not like Android, unless they can merge but that would be another war like Android & Apple. But cut off w8 cause its just gonna continue declining

  • HTC should concentrate all of its efforts in medium and high end devices…HTC One is a great product, they need another 2-3 “One” to survive and gain money :)

  • Gerardus

    How can the Pioneer of Windows Phone based mobile after sooo many years still doesn’t recognize the potential and the advantage of Windows Mobile integration through networking and realtime synchronization in a “windows based productivity platform” with Windows PC as its hub ? How much Wndows based PCs exist in the private and enterprise user environments ?
    To cut cost, HTC shall streamline its products diversification policy just in 3 classes in regard to technical specifications and models or series by using not too much differennt.formfactor but varying material color. Dual SIM Hybrid (GSM-GSM/CDMA EVDO. is a must in every class.and OS.

  • turdbogls

    I dont blame them….they have to go where money is being made….and that is not with windows phone.

    please give me a GPE with the X8 hardware….i loved that phones hardware.

    • sunnybyday

      lol .. who makes money with Android except Samsung? Open your eyes and see that Sammy literally owns the Android market with their huge marketing budget. HTC has no chance here, even if they make excellent hardware like the One

      • turdbogls

        Right, i get that. i was just saying that they are making a lot more money on the android phones than they are on the WP phones….hence, they sould stick with were THEIR money is being made.

        HTC has ONE major thing going against it…..they only make phones (that i know of) where as Samsung, Sony, and LG all sell a multitude of other electronics and other appliances. there is no doubt that they are the front runner….I’m just wondering how far they could have gotten without that other money flowing in.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    I would hate to see HTC abandon WP OS.

  • Cristi13

    lol and samsung increased to 12% of wp of marketshare with not doing so much.

  • mike

    good morning,HTC
    wellcome to the real world!

  • katsunami

    If htc wants to survive, they should focus on making quality hardware and not blame an os. Until they can produce a higher quality product so far as hardware is concerned rather than releasing a flagship product with a 4 “ultrapixel” camera, they will continue to come in last.

  • Allen Nuek

    ¡suprise! AndroidAuthority thinks HTC must use only Android… I can’t believe it.

  • kirk ngo

    It was bound to happen at some point. Nokia does a better job than HTC in my opinion. Windows phone 8 isn’t that great either.

  • jon

    Every one has to remember that android as 100+ oem making devices if nokia was to go in it they would be another wannabe and not stand out well. Windows phone was the only liable option at the time and since they have taken 80% of windows phone market when windows phone grows which it will(not past android of course) Nokia can reap the rewards of 80% market share, of windows phone, instead of what is happening to htc with android.

  • Tran Nguyen

    If Microsoft want to survive in the market I think that all their devices should be installed free MS 365 & Window 8 free too.

  • Ruz

    It doesnt bother MS at all. Even if MS doesnt sell a single device running WP8 or any, it will still have no impact bcoz its already earning immense royalty from Android phone which can go as high as $8 per phone

  • Franc012

    What else is HTC going to do? Nokia has almost the entire market on Windows Phone, yet Windows Phone is such a small part of the smartphone market. If Windows Phone can take a significant market share in the future, I’m sure all of the manufacturers will step up their efforts on Windows Phone.

  • aynranddeathmask

    HTC just launched a new windows phone exclusively on Sprint. They’re not abandoning windows phone. Android shills want HTC to abandon the fastest growing platform. but why would they? they LOSE money on Android. People please realize there’s a huge PR industry out there in the business of producing junk journalism. This piece is laughably bad,,,no statement from HTC or Microsoft. Just “rumors”. Ridiculous.