HTC wins patent case against Nokia

by: Shawn IngramJanuary 10, 2014

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A German court dismissed a patent-infringement lawsuit Nokia brought against HTC, making it the latest in a series of dismissals for HTC.

This particular patent dealt with a specific method for accepting a phone call while the phone is performing an update. The judge ruled that HTC does not violate the patent. HTC, of course, was happy with the news, and believes it may eventually lead to the patent being declared invalid.

There is a chance Nokia will appeal if it believes it has a strong enough case that HTC does violate the patent. Given that Nokia filed the complaint once already, an appeal doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

The German courts have dismissed a number of patent-infringement cases Nokia tried touring against HTC. For now it seems HTC doesn’t have much to fear from Nokia’s portfolio of phone patents.

Once Microsoft buys the handset division of Nokia, HTC might have less to worry about, as its hard to imagine Microsoft pursuing appeals in patent-infringement cases against one its few mobile hardware partners. Surely Microsoft wouldn’t continue these lawsuits, right?

  • Brendon Brown

    Microsoft is shameless… They might just do it, look at this Scroogle crap

    • mustbepbs

      Microsoft is so anti-Google it’s hilarious. Just goes to show that they have financial ties with Apple or else they’d be launching campaigns against them, too. Microsoft doesn’t even allow Google products on their campuses. Apple products are fine, though.

      • Brendon Brown

        True, but hey, even though this is an Android Community, I have to admit … They have extremely good laptops ! Bit overpriced aswell though

        • JonDuke19

          Two things.

          One, Microsoft does not allow Apple products either.
          Two, Microsoft does not control who Nokia brings to court. They bought the phones, not the patents…

          I love my Android phone, but I’m not going to believe desinformation.

          • APai

            it will obviously not be carved in stone. what disinformation ? ironically, you’d have to see it to believe all the shitstuff theyve been upto since decades now. microsoft is one of devil’s minions i strongly believe :P

          • mustbepbs

            Yes, they do allow Apple products. My friend works at their NC data center.

          • Nick V

            Microsoft still develops for Apple’s OSX, as well as their iOS products, as well as for the Android platform, so yes, they do have competitor products on their campuses.

          • Lisandro O Oocks

            Elop is a MS sell out. He’ll do anything MS asks him to.

      • jeff

        I wonder if an employee searching the web can GOOGLE IT or are they made to use bing?

  • Guest123

    Microsoft is only licensing Nokia’s patents, they are NOT acquiring them. Therefore, I don’t see MS having much of a say as to what patent infringement cases Nokia brings to court.

    • APai

      aah, you do not believe in nudges and winks, clearly ;) huh huh ?

      • Guest123

        I don’t understand what you are getting at. No nudges or winks in the article that I see.

        • APai

          hmmm. what I meant was that microsoft can effectively use nokia as a patent troll. their own private bitch to unleash at microsoft’s favorite targets.
          there’s plenty of precedence to that, sco was the last super high profile one. nokia being the latest.

    • jeff

      How long can one co. claim to have the best phone when 6 months later there is a newer faster phone released? Its like a cat and mouse game…never ending war…with no winner!!!

  • APai

    I cannot believe I am SO anti-nokia now. I had their phone just 18 months back and loved them. things change so fast! nokia went from heros to trolls in zero seconds exactly. as soon as elop took over.

  • No offense but I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to go after HTC (or any other company they do or don’t do business with) for patent infringement once they own Nokia. Face it they patent wars especially in the tech industry are far from over and in the end its going to hurt everyone including consumers.

  • M42

    Yes, Microshaft is just that stupid.

  • surfer

    Strange I feel relieved that HTC won against Nokia. Usually I’m so against HTC.

  • dandroid13

    That’s some bad news. :(

  • Data

    “This particular patent dealt with a specific method for accepting a phone call while the phone is performing an update.” – Why the Fuck is there a patent for something as standard as that?

    • APai


  • AndroidBoss

    Anyone sense a pattern here between HTC and Nokia’s patent war?

  • Arturo Raygoza

    praise to the courts of Germany for throwing out this bs

  • satsmine2k4

    Ms doesn’t continue lawsuits?
    Where r from ? Mars?
    Ms is the even bigger a patent troll than apple… It earns more than what Google earns in android showing some stupid patents bought for the same of suing android manufacturers…

  • nicholas vanni

    Microsoft might be going cloud based