What’s up with HTC and Windows Phone? Where’s the Android love?

by: ŠtefanSeptember 20, 2012

HTC announced two Windows Phones at an event in New York City yesterday. We didn’t cover those devices on this site for obvious reasons, but everyone at Android Central tuned into the live blogs to hear what HTC had to say about their relationship with Microsoft. Apparently these new handsets, dubbed the 8X and the 8S, are going to be “flagship” Windows Phone 8 devices that will be co-marketed with Microsoft. What exactly does that mean for HTC’s relationship with Google?

Taking a step back for a second, let’s look at HTC as a whole. The company peaked in 2010 thanks to their stellar portfolio of Android devices. When Samsung announced the Galaxy S II in February 2011, that’s when things started going to, pardon our French, complete and utter shit. HTC’s flagship device that year, the Sensation, failed to impress anyone. The company had to cut their sales forecast in November of last year, citing increased competition. When HTC announced the One X in February 2012, people sure liked it, but then again everyone wanted to see the Galaxy S III first before buying a new smartphone. That response dragged sales down even further. Let’s also not forget the sales ban thanks to Apple.

Back to Windows Phone, is HTC looking to cozy up with Microsoft because they need money? In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft gives Nokia $250 million every quarter to stay alive. Could HTC be looking for a similar type of deal? We don’t have access to that information, we’re just speculating out loud.

HTC’s problems, when you really stop and think about it, stem from the fact that they don’t actually make anything. They buy components from various companies, pay another company to put them together, and then sell those fully assembled products to consumers. They’ll never get the type of margins that Samsung gets because Samsung actually makes their own screens, their own processors, their own memory chips, and so and so forth.

We certainly hope HTC doesn’t bet the farm on Windows Phone, like Nokia did, but at the same time we wouldn’t be surprised to see that actually happen.

  • I just want some jellybean for my One XL and pronto. Is that too much to ask? Galaxy S III is looking pretty good right now.

  • I think the design is really nice. Actually the 8X hits the sweet spot at 4.3″ and 130grams in a sleek unibody package. Show me an Android phone with that type of build quality. Make it a Nexus phone and pleaase 32GB RAM and it will sell.

    • you mean 32GB of ROM, no phone has more than 2GB or RAM nowadays!

      • Roberto Sanchez

        Just imagine the kind of multitasking you could do with 32GB RAM. Not even my desktop has that much RAM.

  • klcc

    not to mention HTC pissed off their potential customers (like me) who are using the Desire HD

    • strupper2003

      why are u pissed off klcc? i also use htc desire hd and my two yr contract expires in Oct 2012.

  • Daveydog

    Windows phones look like toy phones, do adults really buy those?

  • True_Neutral
  • Anirudh Singh

    Why cant HTC make better margins? Apple makes fu**all and still has best margins in the industry, assembling phones parts together !
    I think HTC has super hardware, its just that their phones run out of battery way too quickly.

    • Kassim

      They have bigger problems than that.

      I mean, I commend HTC for their design decisions – something they can still better Samsung at. But they can also make some crazy ones too (imo).

      Case in point the micro-SD slot: Desire S (Yes), One S (No), WP 8S (Yes).

      I didn’t get the One S because of that backwards move and seeing as the S3 is too rich for my blood – as I’m trying not to get another contract phone for as long as I am human – given the choice of going backwards or sitting still…I’m parking it for now seeing as not many phones I can safely afford take my fancy just at the minute.

      That said, my Desire’s screen is starting to give up the ‘ghost’ now, with supposedly ‘blank’ screens full of phantom keyboards and angry birds…

  • Roberto Sanchez

    Hey, Google gave flagship Android phones to Samsung twice, leaving HTC out in the cold after the Nexus One. If HTC needs to go to Microsoft to get the flagship phone treatment, they gotta do what they gotta do.

  • Rogerthat

    But I love HTC. And btw, samsung has windows phones too. Whats the big deal?