Use this dialer code to get ICS update on Your HTC Vivid

by: Bams SadewoMarch 16, 2012
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If you are getting weary of waiting for that Android 4.0 ICS update on your HTC Vivid phone from AT&T, you can force the ICS update manually by typing *#*#682#*#* in your phone dialer.  But you’d better get a move on, since AT&T didn’t officially acknowledge the update to the newest version of Android for the phone, and the carrier may prematurely put an end to your Android dessert binge.

Once you type in the code, a notification should appear on your HTC Vivid phone, and you will be prompted to download the 314.09MB update that leads you to the ICS door. Similar to the ICS update on the HTC Sensation and HTC Velocity a couple of days back, the Sense UI will receive a facelift as well to version 3.6.

Those who have applied the ICS update on their HTC Vivid reported an improved performance of their phones. Everything you expect to see from ICS is there, including the Roboto font, made specifically for the new OS, and the Face Unlock functionality. Apparently, you can now remove AT&T’s bloatware from the home screen, though uninstalling still isn’t an option. Check out the hands-on video  that The Verge has uploaded here.

Note that the trick may not work with an unlocked model of the phone, since this particular dialer code is specifically used for AT&T network. With this unofficial official ICS update for the HTC Vivid, the waiting list is shrinking ever slowly – but surely. All that’s left is but a dozen or so HTC phones. Oh.

To HTC Vivid owners out there — do share with us if the code still works on your phone.  Those that have done the deed, are you digging the Roboto look on your phone?

  • Bbharucha

    The code DOES NOT Work on my phone. the message is “The number you are trying to reach is not available – Please check your number and try again….

    • Bbharucha

      I am trying to do this on VIVID. Tried following but no luck

      Also used secret code dial application from android market – No such luck…

  • Wyrelessmike

    Just tried it, myself. It appears the door has been shut.

  • Cbinsa

    It worked fine for mine yesterday. Sense 3.6 looks awful and I wasn,’t aware of face detect. I’ll look into that tomorrow

  • Benjaminhaskinss

    Just did it and amazingly it worked. I tried a hundred times yesterday and it didn’t so ii say keep trying cause its well worth it.

    • Benjaminhaskinss

      Oh yeah it’s *#*#682#*#* and it will automatically start, you don’t actually call the number

  • Doan Trinh

    i am in Vietnam and i am using Vivid. I am trying this code and it is working.I wonder if I can not use my Vivid in Vietnam anymore when the System update process is finished???

  • Duhoangtri

    We are Vietnamese.

  • Jeff Sapper

    Does not work on htc vivid