The HTC UltraPixel photos are here!

by: Nate SwannerFebruary 19, 2013


One of the coolest features on the new HTC One is the camera. No, it’s not about megapixels and gigantic photos this time… this time it’s about UltraPixels. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it, HTC just invented it.


Curious how it works? Check out our rundown of the fun new technology. We also posted a video earlier for all you smartphotogs (yeah, just made that up. No big deal…) who are itching to get your hands on the new darling of the mobile photo world. Those are educational and fun, but you’re interested in results!


Again, Android Authority has you covered! Check out the pics above, taken with a HTC One and provided by the company in its UltraPixel whitepaper. Tell me you’re not impressed! They look great, so maybe this new UltraPixel thing has some legs. I was skeptical at first, but the proof is undeniable… UltraPixels are awesome!

  • n4345636457

    It’s more like Sony’s Exmor RS

  • Randy Sylmar

    LOL Such a gimmick it’s not even funny. Check the bottom two pictures. HTC One vs Leading Competition pictures. The HTC One picture has a bright (possibly professional) lighting shining on them, and the Leading competition has no flash nor lightning on them what’s so ever. Sorry but even a non-photographer knows thats bull.

    • KevinRamirez

      in one of the hands on i saw today a guy took a picture in low light and was awesome.. just let the review do the

    • Both are lit with the same source but the one on the left is brighter. This does not say the camera is better but the exposure is correct on it and not on the other one. Need to see an unbiased test to see the difference.

  • xoj_21

    its really just exmor, and the picture get compressed from 8mpx to 4mpx.

  • TonyPerez123

    It does look good……hmmm

  • Игорь Николаев

    where is the full size photos? show us it, and we ourselves can compare. stop PR!

  • I want to see real photos. Not this fake advertising pictures that are not even full size!

    The same mistake from Nokia, in the launch of Lumia 920.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    I don’t really sure about how it will go. But wow such a negativity on the mater. I mean yes, I agree these pictures are probably being edited or even worse taken by DSLR Camera. But. don’t your inner tech-geek curious? I mean I do, although in the worse scenario, this is turn out to be a marketing gimmick but if the ultra-pixel new concept turn out to be as good as they said, I think HTC might have the fighting chance.

  • IncCo

    “proof is undeniable” ? HOW can this not be sarcasm?

  • Lara

    A point and shoot camera will ALWAYS take better quality photos than a camera on a phone. Yes the phone camera tech is getting better but it’s not about MP it’s about sensor size and well, the image you’re capturing.

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      well, the gap between smartphones and point and shoots are closing except for zoom. DSLRs will always have good cameras. But. if you don’t have time to take your bg camera out……i think smartphones would suffice.

      • Magnesus

        The gap is closing for entry level point&shoots because they are so abysmal they can’t even compete with phones.

  • bopo

    5mp is better than this ultrspixel

  • austinp

    so it just adds more light? How simple tweak could change everything. Still this reminds me of the Pureview and how it was pretty much just an overglorified camera. And while Lumia’s don’t use Pureview yet the original didn’t set the world alight with smashing sales baby