HTC to possibly unveil a tablet at its big event tomorrow, will it run the Ubuntu OS?

by: Brad WardFebruary 18, 2013


HTC sent out a tweet Monday morning containing yet another teaser image for its big announcement on Tuesday. The latest image shows a little over 12 devices hidden under black cloths. 9to5google points out that one of the devices seems to be a 10-inch tablet as it is much larger than all of the other devices shown.

Rumors of a tablet unveiling on Tuesday have been extremely scarce, but based off of the unedited image it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if HTC were to announce a tablet. In fact, it’s possible that we could see an Ubuntu powered HTC tablet as Ubuntu has posted up a timer on its website that ends when HTC’s event begins.

Coincidence? It’s possible, but like Samsung, HTC may not want to put all of its eggs in one basket, thus branching out to other operating systems. It’s highly speculative, so it’s best to take this with a large grain of salt. In the meantime, the HTC One has a massive potential to wow consumers.

What we know about the HTC One

HTC has been teasing us with all sorts of images for some time now. One of its more recent teasers has been an SLR camera lens, which is no doubt referring to the 13 megapixel rear shooter. The lens also shows the numbers 2, 19 and 13 on the body of the lens, which points towards events that HTC will be holding in New York and London on Tuesday.

Another image showed an eye, which also could have something to deal with camera technology, as HTC immediately tweeted “On average, a person blinks 16 times per minute,” after putting up the photo of the eye. At the same time, HTC could be referring of its full HD display for the One.

Other images indicate that the device is going to support dual speakers, which may or may not be Beats audio considering some of the company’s past devices have used Beats audio.

If all goes well, the One will easily be one of the best devices HTC has ever released. No doubt they are looking to make the experience for the end user near perfect with the 13 megapixel camera, possibility of dual speakers and the full HD display. The only question is, will HTC be able to pull this off?

Sure, HTC can pack in a great audio and camera experience, but something that is going to play a big part in its experience is Sense. We all know that Sense isn’t as popular as Samsung’s TouchWiz interface or even stock Android for that matter. We’ll just have to see how well the device is received at the big event on Tuesday.

Be sure to stay tuned with Android Authority as we’ll be at HTC’s event to cover the big launch of the HTC One!

  • Looking at the size of the larger hidden object compared with the other (phones?), it looks more like a 7 inch or perhaps 8.9 inch tablet…

    • Brad Ward

      I’d say at the very least an 8.9-inch, but it’s honestly hard to tell with the angle of the photo.

  • Tom Snow

    I count 14 little cloths…

  • MadMeddler

    Could this be a WinRT tablet? Why would anyone be producing an Ubuntu tablet at this point?

    • To differentiate? =)

    • Ignacio Martín

      WinRT is pretty useless.

  • To me it looks more like two similarly sized smaller devices, juxtaposed under one cloth, rather than one larger device.

    • logcatmeow

      yep I see that too.
      no tablet there, guys.. move along

      • New flavors of Hersheys Rum filled chocolates! Maybe?!? :D

  • OllieG

    I don’t know.The top row looks like it’s covering potrait oriented devices. That bottom row is covering odd shapes… look on the far right’ what is that long thing going to be?

    • Oh come on, it’s obviously a belt with foldable touchscreen technology! Wearable computing is all the rage! =D

    • Ivan Myring

      It’s a load of phones in a line

      • Roberto Tomás

        yea .. unless they are releasing a new keyboard I think you’re right :)

    • Jululu

      Iphone 7

  • Chis

    uhh am I the only one seeing a 7//8 inch tablet under the cloth that has the red box around it and a 10 inch beside of it? That’s def the way it looks to me. I bet there’s two tablets released tomorrow.