December 17, 2009

htc-senseEarlier this week HTC issued a cease and desist order to Beautiful Widgets creators LevelUp Studio due to the self proclaimed similarities of LevelUp’s widgets to HTC’s Sense UI.  At first, it looked like HTC was just looking to protect the likeness of the well received custom UI overlay, but after some digging it has been unearthed that HTC seems to be preparing its own version of the Sense UI in widget form for anyone with an Android device.

3 test apps on the Android market were discovered by the folks at Phandroid that are directly linked to HTC and after researching a little deeper, it has been discovered that one of the app’s official package name is “”, concluding that they are actually disguising the widgets.  The entries have since been removed and there is no official date or price set.  Many Android owners including myself are drooling at the possibility of putting any form of HTC Sense UI on their device.  I don’t see an incentive for HTC to offer these for free, as this move may actually steer consumers away from their hardware.  If you could get any Android device and put Sense UI on it, would you still go for the HTC hardware?

Hit the the jump for the official listing of the 3 mysterious HTC test entries.

HTC's mystery entries

HTC's mystery entries

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