It is obvious that HTC isn’t going to let the lucrative Q4 market roll by without trying to entice customers with some new devices.  In the case of the One X+, it is a slightly improved version of the leader in the One series. Now we already know most things about the HTC One X+, the details of which have been confirmed by its recent FCC filing. But HTC apparently isn’t quite satisfied yet and is going to make some final tweak to the phone.

While it hasn’t been fully confirmed, HTC Source has received tips that the HTC One X+ is due for a battery makeover, even before it hits the market. There’s no word yet on how big of an upgrade we’d be looking at, but it’s bound to carry a larger battery capacity than the expected 1,800mAh power pack. It is possible that the One X+ will gain a waistline to accommodate the new battery.

For all the things that HTC has gotten right with the original One X, the small-ish battery, compared to its nearest rival at that time, the Samsung Galaxy S3, wasn’t one of them. If accurate, the reportedly larger battery should please supporters and silence naysayers. It’d definitely make the specs of the phone – quad-core 1.6GHz Tegra 3+ CPU, 1GB RAM, Sense 4.5, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – that much more pleasing to the senses.

Since HTC is planning a press event on September 19, we’ll find out soon enough if the rumor holds true. Are you excited to see what HTC has up its sleeve?

Bams Sadewo
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  • True_Neutral

    Am I the only one who looks at the specs and asks… Why HTC? Why? A slightly overclocked Tegra 3 is not enough. This should be using the APQ8064 Snapdragon S4Pro.

  • VolitationBooth45
  • pops87

    I hope that high-capacity batteries like in the razr maxx become the standard.

  • v rosED

    yess plus 2gb RAM

  • SamsaraGuru

    I like the looks of the HTC phones. I just wish they would make one I could buy and not feel I was not too bright for buying.

    Here’s what I mean. With the original One X they included enough processor power to compete with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but apparently couldn’t think ahead that people would bitch about the fact the battery didn’t have the juice to handle the power in addition to making the battery non-removable so you couldn’t even use a backup battery, not to mention have to endure returning the phone if the battery proved defective and/or wears out.

    For goodness sake – doesn’t anyone who designs these things use them?

    Also, I read here on Android Authority, I think, that even though the One X had a gig of RAM they had made it so that the OS shuts down apps that were previously running when you open up new ones – effectively destroying the phone’s ability to multi-task programs. The reason the article suggested was that this was to help extend battery life.

    HTC continues to face financial problems and bleed money as they ought as long as they are willing to allow their designers to create phones more about appearance than functionality.

    If their goal is to go out of existence, all they need do is continue doing what they have been doing, which would be a sad, unnecessary shame.