HTC to Add 8 More Android Devices in 3Q

by: Elmer MontejoAugust 2, 2011
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In a bid to reach past its target of 13.5 million unit sales while hitting record sales revenue in the third quarter of this year, HTC is poised to add 8 more Android devices to its already long list of Android handsets.

HTC has surpassed its sales target for the second quarter by selling 12.11 million units, way beyond its estimated target of 11.5 million units.

With HTC’s strong performance in the Android devices market, investors are confident of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s potential to reach greater heights. HTC’s combined revenue hit the NT$124.4 billion mark in the second quarter, with net profits amounting to NT$17.52 billion.

The company has vowed to continue pushing out middle- to high-end smartphones in China as part of its strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

The Taiwanese company has been providing the world with a variety of Android devices, each one catering to various crowds and market segments. Its strong affinity to the Android platform has been hailed by many as commendable and has even been said to be a chief reason for its huge strides in the smartphones market.

Do you own an HTC Android device? What made you choose HTC over other manufacturers?

  • guest

    Geez HTC…how about making one really nice phone….or at least 1 high end and 1 middling phone. Make these 2 phones the best on the market and keep them updated.

    • Rob1003

      I totally agree. HTC still hasn’t unlocked all of it’s previous 2011 handsets. Maybe these ones will be unlocked but getting updates and having a supported handset might be quite a concern for a model that doesn’t sell too well and people get left high and dry. The modding community also will only have a certain number of handsets they can support so if you buy a middle-of-the-range poor selling handset you may have very little in the way of HTC updates and no future options of custom roms like Cyanogen or MIUI etc.

  • Giorgiodiangelo

    Only HTC made me and my family say goodbye to our iPhones why because its superior

    • mago

      I completely agree with you on this one. and thats why Apple bitches about HTC… by far HTC has more options and thats why I would never get an Iphone…

  • 8 more this year! Hoping to find some good releases.