Video review: HTC Thunderbolt strikes once more with the Infected ROM Eternity

by: ClaytonJune 15, 2012
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InfectedROM Eternity HTC Thunderbolt

With all the recent attention towards models like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X, the HTC Thunderbolt isn’t exactly basking in the spotlight anymore.

That being said, there are millions of Thunderbolts still in use today, and they make for a dang good daily driver. Developers know this, and that is why the InfectedROM team are still providing nightly ROM builds to faithful Thunderbolt users. After scanning the extensive list of features, I gave the InfectedROM Eternity a test drive on my HTC Thunderbolt. I was quite impressed.

InfectedROM Eternity Features

  • Ziggy’s Kernel – Overclock up to 2GHZ
  • Superuser 3.0
  • Titanium Backup and WirelessTether app’s preloaded
  • Full Beats Audio software
  • HTC Sense 3.5
  • SD card speed tweak
  • Bloatware removed
  • Transparent notification pulldown/app drawe
  • 5-in-1 reboot menu
  • DSP Manager – audio equalizer
  • Many more

With specs like that, why not give the InfectedROM Eternity a try on your own Thunderbolt today? Check it all out here.


Before you do that, though, watch our video review of the InfectedROM Eternity for HTC Thunderbolt right here:

  • Derp

    I just want vinilla ice cream sandwhich.

  • Justin Herron

    4G & 3G drops DATA . other than that this is awesome rom. good job guy(s) !

    • What do you mean drops data? Data doesn’t work on it?

      • Calen Kolb

        Constantly loses 3g and/or 4g connections. Works great on Wifi, but losing data when you need it most is a deal breaker.
        I agree with Justin, this is the best ROM I’ve used so far but not having consistent data is a killer.

  • Justin Herron

    Any new updates on this Rom yet ?

  • Darkehorse

    Are you sure it’s the ROM dropping the data? My TB has been doing that for the last week or so. I think it’s the Verizon network sucking.,

    • I agree, I’m still on iKReaM.605.19 ROM and I seem to have good and bad days. Some days my 4G goes up and down more then a dirty hoe, other days it’s perfectly fine.

  • lxhotboy

    I was having trouble with losing my data connection as well. I would drop from 4G to 3G or sometimes down to 1X. I switched back to the stock thunderbolt rom to see if my problems would be fixed. It may be better, but I think that is just a THUNDERBOLT issue with the data connectivity dropping at times. If you google, people talk about the issue even if they are stock. Some people even complained enough and Verizon switched their phone to the Rezound. Hmmm….. Think I am going to do the same BC the Rezound is a lot faster, less issues, and has a HD 720 screen.