The HTC Thunderbolt was the world’s first handset to launch with 4G LTE support, but Verizon was not able to release it in a timely manner in early 2011, with various delays annoying potential buyers along the way.

And it looks like not even HTC can deliver when promising updates for its former flagship handset. Or is Verizon to blame again? The handset was expected to receive its Ice Cream Sandwich update by the end of August, but it looks like HTC was not able to deliver it.

Here’s a conversation from HTC’s Facebook page on the matter:

User: Well guys, today is the last day of August… Any chance of seeing ICS for the Thunderbolt today?

HTC: Hey, Paul. We’re aware we missed the deadline and know you’re looking forward to the update. We’re actively working with Verizon on ICS software for the Thunderbolt, and we’ll notify customers as soon as we have an update.

An actual release date for the Android 4.0.x update for the Thunderbolt is not available at this time, so if you’re still going to have to wait for it. Or you could always switch to a Jelly Bean-running Android handset and get it over with.

  • zlbk2002

    Shame on HTC shame on Verizon with their poor phone and even poorer support. Even though I am grandfathered in on unlimited data, when my contract is up I am going to the unlimited service for a flat monthly rate with the cheap guys who had always took care of me.

  • polo550

    Easy for you to say move on to a phone with Jelly Bean. You don’t just up and go to the Verizon store and say this phone isn’t working for me I’ll take one with Jelly Bean. Most of us are stuck in 2 year contracts. Although my upgrade is at the end of October, I would love to upgrade today and rid myself of this crap phone.

    • DaRkL3AD3R

      Truth man freaking truth.

      If I could switch this horrible phone out I’d do it in a heartbeat. But I’m stuck, because I don’t want to give up unlimited data. It’s a shitty spot all around and I just wish this phone had some official software to send to the developers and let them make awesome builds off of.

      I am on Liquid ICS right now and it rocks, I can only imagine how much better it’d get with official radios and RIL etc.

  • Pedro Quinones

    Never Getting a HTC phone again.

  • fedup

    thanks HTC and Verizon….imagine what would happen if I called and said …sorry I can’t pay my bill right now…!!!! No more HTC phones for me…and I think it may be a good one to get rid of Verizon …they really do not take care of there customers like they should…

  • sean

    No worries. HTC will come to the rescue with the upgrade. Just ask the HTC Desire HD users. Oh wait … HTC screwed them over!!! Time to worry.

  • John

    Why does everyone keep giving HTC such a hard time about not updating to ICS. I personally don’t have a problem with HTC. I work in electronics retail. And all I get from people are questions about their phones and if I know how to fix their problems they are having (most of those people have Motorola or cheap Samsung phones). I purchased the Thunderbolt when it was released and I will say that when it came out the battery life SUCKED, but after the first update, and a few settings changes, I now get a charge for about 12 hrs. Am I pissed that an update hasn’t come out? Of course. Do I blame HTC? NO! I blame the company that wants all the extra shit added. That would Verizon if you didn’t know. And less we forget, Verizon was the reason for the delay of the Thunderbolt even being released. So get over yourselves.

  • hapa115

    This phone works fine on Gingerbread! We’re lucky if we get ICS. If you want a phone with ICS or jellybean, go buy one. I can’t take my old laptop with xp to best buy and say please update to windows 7 for free.