HTC Thunderbolt gets its long overdue Android 4.0.4 ICS update

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 1, 2013


HTC Thunderbolt owners – the moment you thought would never come is finally here. If you haven’t given up on your phone yet, the reward is yours to reap, as the long awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update for the LTE phone — the first of its kind on Verizon — is now available to download and install.

The OTA update, which brings the firmware to version 7.02.605.06, comes with Sense 3.6 and Android 4.0.4 features like lock screen notifications, face unlock, app folders, recent apps list, and data usage tracking. You can now customize the launch bar on the Thunderbolt as well.


The 395.6MB update also comes with Verizon Remote Diagnostic tool and other tweaks that should help make the phone run more stable. Surprisingly, some bloatware apps have been removed from the device. Be sure to check your phone for the notification update. If you need more details on how to make the jump, visit the carrier’s website right here.

Glad that there’s finally some closure to the ICS saga? Have you installed it on your HTC Thunderbolt? Talk to us in the comments below.

  • ROFL-Copter

  • snowmanjack

    Can only hope my HTC Incredible 2 is close behind.

  • Installed it today, and surprisingly everything worked after the install, I only had to put a few app shortcuts back on the screens, bluetooth worked perfectly, phone seems faster too, after enduring the long updating process.

    Anyone able to get google now to work with ICS on this phone?

  • joe

    installed it today… no option given not to.

    Now gallery doesnt work (crashes), gmail doesnt work (crashes), texting doesnt work (hangs).

    Not that anyone wants to use their phone for those things……

    I suppose they are driving people to call tech support so they can recommend you update your phone.