HTC declares war against the dev community, takes down ROM websites across the web

by: Bams SadewoJanuary 25, 2013


With the release of the Droid DNA and the Butterfly, and with the upcoming arrival of the M7, HTC is looking to reverse its fortunes in the market. Releasing better smartphones is a good first step, but we don’t think HTC’s latest move will help the company win new fans – or keep the old ones for that matter.

The Taiwanese has been on a hunt to take down websites that distribute firmwares of its devices. The latest and possibly biggest casualty is — a popular online repository for HTC ROMs — whose owner has been asked by the company’s legal representative to delete all uploaded RUU files and custom ROMs. What’s more, the domain has also been seized by HTC.

The reasons given were that apart from the use of HTC logo on the website, HTC said that the copyrighted ROMs that were posted may cause potential harm to a user’s device.

Now, HTC may have the legal backing to pursue this, but to go after the dev community who’s actually helping its users? We find the whole thing bewildering. Nevertheless, we’re sure that there’s no stopping the community from providing users help and access to said files.

The story is still developing, as the company apparently has its eyes on more sites. What’s your opinion on the disturbing saga?

  • Jibril

    hope it will stayed on htcruu only … where might us found rom so ?

    • Kieron Quinn

      For now is still up

  • HTC/Apple deal anyone?

    • I believe so. Closed off ecosystem here we come. Uber lame!

    • So this is what they agreed to… They sold out their customers (everybody that I know with an HTC is involved in the dev community) BECAUSE APPLE TOLD THEM TO. This is despicable.

  • Just wow..

  • Bob someguy

    Good to see that there will never be another HTC Nexus phone…good job there.

  • Alu Zeros

    No HTC nexus please

    • Guest


  • OMG!!! i cant believe this; Android is Open source and I don’t think HTC is on the right path of what they are planning to do… they should think about this the second time…

  • Famouz Starz

    HTC sales headed straight down the drain

  • This is sad state of affairs considering the number of custom roms that remove HTC’s ip (sense) and use AOSP allowing older phone users the ability to stick with HTC instead of buying another device for the sake of ICS. There’s really no licensed or proprietary code for HTC to complain about, its sadly just the fact that its being packaged as an RUU and distributed on on a domain they’re (unfairly) laying claim to. James (site owner) is being bullied into releasing the domain unfairly as far as standard UDRP (Universal Dispute Resolution Policy) is concerned he could and should make them pay for the privilege but i can understand being a busy family man and being in active duty with the Navy means he neither has the resources or time to fight this. Considering how poorly HTC is performing (losing 79% market share in the last quarter) and then blaming said poor performance on poor marketing this is a PR nightmare for them!

  • Bye bye HTC…

  • michele michelu

    If you had thought that removable batteries and Htc one s processor swap weren’t enough,you were wrong
    Well with this Htc is doomed to fail,i buy android to make it personalised,really mine,and with Htc I just found myself worse than samsung(no warranty with phone unlocking),well,just an advice listen to your customers because ey are the ones to satisfy

  • J

    I’m so sick of HTC. I used to be one of their biggest fans but now I can’t wait for them to just drop dead into the grave that they’ve been digging for themselves. These idiots swear that they can be just like crApple, they just don’t have a clue. And keep blaming marketing as the sole cause of all your problems HTC. Look how well the Nexus 4 is selling it’s gotten even less marketing than any of your phones.

    • I agree.
      I am now so disgusted with HTC that I hope they continue their current swandive and just disappear. When it does happen, they can blame nobody but themselves.

    • Simon Belmont

      Yeah. I’m in the same boat. First two Android phones were HTC and so is my wife’s and we love them.

      But their recent actions show they’ve changed. It’s a shame. HTC makes great hardware. I guess I’ll be voting with my wallet and going with Samsung or someone else when my upgrade is due.

      • Vegan Markarian

        Amen. I used to only buy htc. Now i steer clear. All the more reason now. Good lord i would HATE it it i bought a new one with my last upgrade. Thankfully i got the note 2 which i adore. Even made my friend ditch his 6 month old htc evo lte for one. SHAME on you HTC, if the buyer wants to “mess up their device” that’s their prerogative not yours.

  • Ah damn, Elop was right. HTC can rot in the Taiwanese ground where they beling, those substandard phone makers need to go bye bye

  • Nishant

    while LG is trying to redeem itself

    HTC is going down, being adamant with sealed batteries(with smaller capacities), high price, and service support that is horrible

  • I bought an htc phone because the dev community was strong…Way to go HTC, shoot yourself in the foot.

  • I will never buy or recommend another HTC device AGAIN.

  • Justin Winker

    The reason that HTC can do this is because the SKIN is proprietary – the underlying source isn’t but the skin is, so they can say it’s copywrite infringement because the ROMs contain their skin. Although I understand the mechanics behind how they can do what they are doing, I don’t understand why they would do it – if I were a manufacturer, I would want an excellent dev community behind my device (whether I supported them or not), as it would help those that want the help.

  • HTC is leading towards dead! R.I.P soon HTC, your sales already bad and your current move is just push your business end of road. All the best HTC, a no future company.

  • Tom

    Another reason for banning HTC from my list …

  • Uffe_Malmo

    Very well, this settles something easily for me. I was planning on replacing my Sensation XE for the new M7, now it will be the Sony Z instead. Although I never replace the OS, I cannot condone to this action.

  • Filip Justin

    Sorry, but HTC lost me with the software failure called the HD2 with WinMobile 6.5.. The OS crashed and the phone didn’t even reboot a month ago.. Bought a Note 2.. best thing i ever did..

  • BAMS

    stupid people …….

  • Zero0

    Sense is disgusting and not being able to replace it would be a nightmare.

    So glad I didn’t compromise and get the Droid DNA.

  • raindog469

    H-T-who, now? They still make phones?

  • Jon

    I went android because of the rom options…. when the manufacturer fails to release timely updates the dev community is there to keep me happy. If I had to wait for updates like things currently are I would never buy another android after my current.

  • Atrius

    Looks like I won’t be getting that One X+.
    I’m heading over to Best Buy tonight after work for my upgrade to replace my Inspire 4G. I *WAS* going to stick with HTC, despite my hatred of their battery policies. Thank you HTC, I’ll be sure to enjoy my new Galaxy Note 2

  • If we wanted to be stuck with the stock ROM, we’d buy an IPhone.

  • Sean Quinlan

    Totally out of touch with their customers. This company deserves to go out of business. They posted a measly $34 million profit last quarter, while Samsung reported over $8 billion in profit, there’s a reason for that.

  • BulaBone

    Just picked up my Note 2 two days ago :)

  • v rosED

    good job my dear HTC.. i have no more reason to save my money for butterfly.. say hii to my new Xperia Z..

  • Larkhillv

    Wow, this is in direct contrast to what Sony is doing… HTC is going to lose a LOT of their power user base to companies such as Sony and Samsung… way to go.

  • kroms

    Is HTC Nuts ? L M A O Do they want to IMPLODE ? If they do this it will be the END of HTC. Is there no one at HTC that does not think this is a stupid idea ?

  • V

    Hey HTC! How a ROM website is making money at your cost? How does it affect your sale other than positively? Maybe you should have released HTC One X+ before HTC One X to get a better market share against SGS3 instead of going after ROM websites? Maybe you should think again about your no-SD-card, non-removable-battery (another apple-like) move? If you’re not getting the profit you expect maybe you should blame whoever made that silly decision about joining with beat audio? Is it just me or Android is all about openness and choice? Well, maybe you don’t like it open, but you can’t take the choice from me, my next phone definitely won’t be an HTC when there’s an army of manufacture’s out there giving customers all the openness they want from Android.

  • Tristan Maiolo

    I have loved HTC since the beginning but with all of their new versions coming out without sd slots and non removable batteries its looking less and less likely I will be buying another HTC. Im coming up to renewing my device sometime this year and I am waiting for MWC to see what is going to be available. Unless HTC brings out a top of the range phone with sd slot removable battery and a minimum of 2500mah battery capacity I’m going to move on. I love my wifes Note 2 and I may consider getting one of those. I am also interested in seeing what the next nexus device will be too. I may hang out for that.

  • Thomas

    The reason why HTC take it down is because of the website upload the unannounced phone’s ROM.

  • I finally buy an htc and after no updates this is what they do… grrr

  • zedn

    What other sites? Is there any support at all for the “across the web” in the title?

  • Guy De Vos

    Guess my next phone won’t be a HTC after all.

  • Zeals

    The thing is, while killing off custom ROMs will annoy developers and advance users, most people won’t even know about this or root their phones etc. So while this will be hugely unpopular with people like us, most people won’t care which is a shame, because there is nothing I would want more than a M7 or Butterfly running AOSP ROM, can’t stand Sense.

    • th3d

      You are wrong. Cellphone enthusiasts and advanced users have influence on less advanced users, many will follow our advice to not buy HTC.

  • THS

    Dear HTC,

    Fuck you.

    Android Community.

  • Gee

    I was lurking around and thinking whether I should get One X+, and this helps me a lot. Way to go HTC.

  • “Was going to upgrade to HTC Droid DNA but now that i saw this i am going to upgrade to galaxy s3” HTC Sucks ASS NOW!!!!!!!

  • th3d

    Hope they die soon. The most useless phone i ever had, oops, correction, the ONLY useless phone i ever had, was a HTC. What a horror, or it was more like terror maybe, these phones just dont work with HTCs own ROMs, and now they terrorize those who actually make their garbage work? Deathwish HTC?

  • That’s it. I’m no more a fan of HTC.
    until it rollbacks the move.

    RIP Open Source!

  • David

    Major mistake HTC. Been using your Phone’s for years. Next device will be a Sony or Samsung!