HTC CEO Peter Chou (4) Credit: HTC

HTC CEO Peter Chou and chairwoman Cher Wang talked to the Financial Times about the company’s plans for the future, which may include tablets and wearable devices.

Rumors about HTC returning to the tablet business have surfaced regularly in the past years. The company hasn’t released a tablet since the Flyer, in 2011. “When the [HTC] tablet comes out it will be something nice and disruptive”, said  Wang, without giving more details.

HTC’s two top executives showed interest in moving beyond smartphones and tablets, according to the FT profile:[quote qtext=”Wearable technology is ‘a critical segment for us’, ‘It matches what we do today as a mobile experience overall. That is one area we are excited about.'” qperson=”Peter Chou” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Chou revealed for the first time that HTC collaborated with Microsoft for a smartwatch in the past, but the project was eventually scrapped. As for when will HTC attempt a new move in this space, Chou commented that wearable tech is not mature enough, calling current devices “version one” or “gimmicks” that lack style.

The FT interview also reveals that Chou has delegated some of his responsibilities to Chairwoman Wang, in what the pair presented as a temporary move. Peter Chou is now focusing on product development and “innovation”, while Cher Wang has taken over sales, marketing and supplier relationships. HTC’s longtime CEO admitted he lacked focus before, when he was “too busy”. Some market watchers and pundits called for him to step down following HTC’s recent predicaments, but Chou still seems to have Wang’s full support.

HTC is going through the hardest period of its existence. The company had to announce the first quarterly loss since it went public, and the situation likely won’t change for the better in the coming months. With yet another executive jumping ship last week, HTC’s top brass is unsurprisingly eager to give investors something positive to talk about.

Bogdan Petrovan
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  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    what might it be….hmmm…maybe a 10” HTC One :D they will call it HTC One Giga :D

  • Balraj

    Htc got great ppl working
    All they have to do is
    Greater marketing….not just release,advertise for a while n forget

    • Amine Elouakil

      Sadly Marketing ->Exposure -> Money

  • awbroodyhell


    • AussieGreek

      A tad racist don’t you think?

    • Roberto Tomás

      too freakin big please use smaller images when it is just stupid joke, man

  • Sapszy

    Peter Chou is the Steve Jobs of HTC and I for one am proud to be a One owner and a fan of HTC.

  • cvgordo

    Wow they just don’t get it. They’re going to put out a tablet that people would rather buy than a nexus? Good luck with that. Don’t even get me started on wearable devices. At this rate they won’t be around much longer which would be a shame but it’s their own damn fault.

    • Amine Elouakil

      Last I checked iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Asus Transformers, and some Xperia Tablets ar still selling pretty well,why not HTC? It’s not like phones stoped selling after introduction of the dirt cheap N4

      • cvgordo

        why not htc?
        BECAUSE THEY’RE HTC. they have absolutely zero idea of what people want or how to make and more importantly how to price a device that will sell well ie. htc flyer, TWO facebook phones, serious defects in phones like the thunderbolt, etc etc their list of poor failures is extensive.

        • Amine Elouakil

          What do people want please explane because I fail to see what their products are messing, and DON’T project yourself on everyone else Your opinion =/= others.

          The Flyer was a good product, a bit expensive at launch, but the price quickly droped to a much reasonnable 250€, if anything was there to critisize about the product would be the SoC which is Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255T which was a mid range SoC at the time of the launch of the flyer.

          Facebook phones are just a gimmicks and HTC knows pretty well that, but they are getting paying to building them so what’s bad about that? they don’t force you to buy any of their product with facebook integration don’t they

          The Thunderbolt, faulty device? no! it had battery life issues and some code issues but the device wasn’t faulty, and the big part to that is due to Verizon, the Thunderbolt cousins the Desire HD and Inspire HD which are basicaly the same device had none of those issues.

          And what you are mentioning can be said about any other brand, and even worse, not to mention in case of HTC everything was inflated thanks to payed bloggers and pseudo-journalist and the Perroquet fanboys repeating it everywhere.

  • Roberto Tomás

    in wearable tech the most important development right now is going on in police/military applications, with forearm mounts for mobile phones. I want one without the plastic over the front, it looks awesome, all the convenience of wearable tech with none of the tiny screen sizes of smart watches. Only thing is, you are limited to smaller phones for this.

    next gen stuff like wearable tablets — I don’t see how the author got that out of what they were reporting on, but the idea is still cool. I imagine it must mean that they intend to buy flexible screens, no?

  • dpskfromWA

    How about a ~8.5″ 1920×1200 (16×10 ratio) slim bezel display with front facing speakers in a design similar to the HTC One. Also, micro SD expansion should be a given now-a-days on any tablet.

  • lollicup04

    does anybody remember the htc flyer?