HTC shows up uninvited at Galaxy S4 launch, calls it #theNextBigFlop

by: Bams SadewoMarch 15, 2013

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When HTC said that it’s done playing the role of a muted, though admittedly brilliant competitor, it looks like the company really meant it.

As told by AllThingsD, prior to the start of the bizarre show that was the Galaxy S4 official unveiling, HTC deployed a street team to meet techies, journalists, and regular customers who were queuing outside Radio City Music Hall in New York, the venue for the big event.

Not only did they bring some hot snacks and drinks, but they also brought along some demo units of the HTC One for folks to try, as well as handing out $100 coupons to those who want to trade in their old phone with the HTC One.

Some may call the move brazen or perhaps desperate, but for HTC president Jason MacKenzie, it was simply “a good opportunity to let people compare real-time.”

Once the show got going, HTC seemingly went below the belt and posted the above on its official Twitter page, calling the Galaxy S4 #theNextBigFlop.

Given the Galaxy S lineup’s stellar sales track record, with a combined sales of over 100 million units, the tweet may just come back and bite the Taiwanese in the back side. But we’ll see anyway how things pan out.

  • htc,one ‘blinkfeed’ away from chapter 11.

  • G2525


  • lean6

    The HTC One…size fits all. Get that unibody, no SD card having crap outta my field of view.

  • MasterMuffin

    “#The next big flop #HTC One” that part is true :DDD

    • I see what you did there :D

    • #HTC&AppleFail

      htc made a deal with the devil(apple), so they deserve to perish

  • Filip Justin

    Wow.. HTC.. you are the true innovator, paying Apple to get their patents and calling a brick of aluminium innovation.. Go flop your One..

    • Col

      According to your logic, infringing apple’s patents and copying features of other tech companies and putting them in a cheap plastic casing is truly innovative?

      • mark

        Do you mean Apple, who copy off other people (such as the whole idea of smartphones) as much as anyone?

        I agree that Samsung using rounded rectangles isn’t innovative, but they weren’t the one who thought it worth patenting. The innovation is all the real features that they (and HTC, come to that), put in their phones, rather than “innovating” with simple geometric shapes.

    • Jared Persinger

      They didn’t call using a metal back an innovation, it was the fact that they used an all metal back with no plastic.That is the innovation

  • fajfkaf

    HAHAHA oh htc… Seems like you’re getting a little desperate. Sure, the HTC One does look a little nicer, but it’s like an empty shell. The S4 packs a lot more. Kind of disappointed they didn’t change the design, but it still looks nice. If I were to get a new phone, I would get the S4. Unless something better comes out.

  • Samsung did similar to the iPhone, so what’s wrong with HTC doing it to Samsung, seeming as half the features were announced by HTC a month ago.

    • fgirego

      You just said it. The S4 has more features. Unless you’re like an Apple fan who just wants to brag about how “nice their phone is”, the S4 is better.

      • G.d sidekick

        Samdung Gaylaxy Shit 4 is garbage.

      • Nope, I’m just very disappointed that Samsung just made a GS3S. Where’s the innovation? I literally just saw everyone else’s software re-branded as Samsung’s own. Even Apps from the Play store.

  • I’m perfectly fine with this. The s4 really felt like an Apple type of upgrade.

    • mark

      I think the criticism with the Apple upgrades is not simply that it isn’t much, but that it’s also simply playing catchup to the Android phones released in the previous months, and often still lags behind those earlier phones. And whilst half of the S4 features may already be in HTC/Sony, half of them may be new, whilst Apple’s new features are things like 3G, video recording or maps, that everyone else did years ago.

      I do think it’s unfair that Samsung get lots of attention whilst HTC and Sony don’t (Sony already have a full HD phone with features like hover touch), but I don’t think I’d criticise the rate of progress since the S3. I mean, it’s just one year, and resolution more than doubles from 720p to 1080p; RAM is doubled; number of cores is doubled; new features like hover touch and works with gloves (admittedly not firsts by Samsung); lots of new software features like voice translation. What exactly were people expecting?

      I’d argue that smartphones/phones have been evolutionary upgrades for at least 10 years, and it only seems revolutionary if it’s spun that way to the media (e.g., the original iphone had multitouch, an evolutionary improvement over touch – I’d argue that hover touch and works with gloves are each both bigger steps than that; if it had a better browser, that’s still an evolution rather than revolution, since even feature phones had full Internet access for years; the original ipad was just a larger version of devices like smartphones and media players that were selling in 2009 – but both these devices were spun as revolutions by the media, believed by people who weren’t aware of what came previously). The real revolution comes when you look over a period of years, and add up the incremental changes – today’s S4 is revolutionary compared to the stuff we had 5 or so years ago.

      So yes, I agree it’s unfair that Samsung are overhyped when others are ignored (but at least it’s no longer just Apple Apple Apple – at least one Android manufacturer gets noticed by the mainstream media). But no, I don’t think the S4 was a let down, unless you were expecting the moon on a stick :)

  • The last time I saw propaganda this deluded, it was being called “the mother of all battles”.
    And before some HTC addict jumps on me, no I am not a Samsung fanboy. This isn’t 2011, there are more makers out there than HTC and Samsung,. I don’t own a Samsung and probably won’t be buying one, in fact i own an oldish HTC, but HTC’s latest behaviour is pathetic.

  • HTC go go go! I support you! Samsung is making a bad move, I can’t support you anymore, at least not this S4.

  • David Allen

    I would have stayed with HTC if it wasn’t for their fat pig of a launcher. Im so sick of sense that I was extatic to get rid of my Thunderbolt and trade up for something less bulky. Now I do agree though that the S4 at least the US version will be the next big flop. I cant believe they are screwing us out of 4 entire cores. Maybe they should give us only a gig of ram and 16 megs of storage too.

    • The newest version of sense looks a lot less intrusive than touchwiz. A lot of what Samsung it’s doing its remaking Google features with their own software

  • HTC should shut up, with a thick phone with non removable 2300 battery, no microsd card, and 4MP camera, this is what i call LOL… S4 is more innovative than every other phone!

  • AndroidFreak

    Hey HTC, First start giving latest Android updates before Samsung. May be I will think about your phone..

  • dandroid13

    A desperate move by a falling company.

  • Guest

    The irony!

  • HTC calling the S4, the next big flop!
    The irony!

  • Dimitri Sevastis

    I dont think HTC is in the position to call the S4 a big flop and to trash Samsung since the S4 might be the phone that causes the end of HTC. The HTC One may have looks but the S4 puts it to shame in terms of features and options. (SD card slot,removable battery, smart covers,colored backs, wireless charging, all the S software and the list goes on and on)

  • HTC – Hard To Control (Jealousy)

  • Lighten Oup

    Lets see,
    cheap plastic vs. cheap aluminum made from recycled Beer Cans,
    a bit of hard choice… =P