HTC Sensation XE vs Samsung Galaxy S2

by: JoseDecember 14, 2011

This year would surely be one of the biggest years for Android. There were so many Android devices that hit the market, and not just low-end and mid-range ones but also ones that did shine and become so popular.

Today we going to compare two of the big guns in the Android smartphone arena, and we will check out which one is better. When we say big guns, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation XE. The fame of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of unprecedented success by far. Now, can the HTC Sensation XE climb the heights of the Galaxy S2’s success? Does the Sensation XE have what it takes to compete with the Galaxy S2? It’s time for us to find out.


HTC Sensation XE

126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3 mm

Samsung Galaxy S2

125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49 mm

No doubt the Galaxy S2 is really thin, which makes it sexy. The Galaxy S2 has several variants with slightly different form factors, but the thin profile of the Galaxy S2 has been retained on all these variants. The Sensation XE might be thicker, but with those nicely designed curves at the back, all you can feel is comfort when you’re holding this device.

The predominantly metal body of the Sensation XE would emphasize sturdiness when compared to the Galaxy S2, which is made of plastic. The HTC smartphone is slightly heavier, though, because of this.

Processing Speed

The HTC Sensation XE is packed with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon processor with 768 MB RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S2, on the other hand, uses a 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and 1 GB of RAM. There are variants of the Galaxy S2 that are using 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processors.

As you can see, these smartphones really mean business. There’s just no compromise when it comes to the processing power of these gadgets. This is just one of the major reasons why these two would excel over other Android devices out there. Any apps you install on these devices will surely run smoothly. Blazing speed is what you get from these smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy S2

Super AMOLED Plus

4.3 inches

480×800 pixels

HTC Sensation XE


4.3 inches

540×960 pixels

Both the Galaxy S2 and the Sensation XE has 4.3-inch displays. The Galaxy S2 may have other screen configurations depending on the variant. The major difference here is the type of display used on each of these smartphones. The Super AMOLED Plus on the Galaxy S2 is just better compared to S-LCD. The colors on the Galaxy S2 screen are brilliant, which the Sensation can’t really surpass.


Both the Galaxy S2 and the Sensation XE have rear and front digital cameras. The two smartphones are using 8 MP cameras at the back. The Sensation XE has dual-LED flash while the Galaxy S2 has a single-LED flash. The rear cameras of both devices are capable of autofocus and can capture 1080p HD videos. The Galaxy S2 has a 2 MP front-facing camera while the Sensation XE has 0.3 MP.


The HTC Sensation XE has 4 GB of internal storage. The thing with this one, though, is that only 1 GB can be used by the user. The Galaxy S2, on the other hand, has several internal storage configurations depending on the variant. It ranges from 16 GB to 64 GB.

Both smartphones support microSD card expansion. The Galaxy S2 can carry up to 64 GB of microSD card expansion, while the Sensation XE can get up to 32 GB.


These two smartphones are running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The major differences that they have would be on the custom UI. The Samsung Galaxy S2 uses the Touchwiz 4.0 UI, which is one of the popular Android UIs today. The HTC Sensation XE, on the other hand, is using HTC Sense 3.0. HTC’s Sense UI is one of the pioneers in UI customization for Android, but Touchwiz is also becoming popular nowadays.

This aspect of the comparison would best be judge by user preference. These two UIs have been around for some time now and the nicely designed layout on both UIs has been loved by many.


These smartphones are equipped with Wi-Fi radios. Both devices are built with Bluetooth 3.0, as well. The Galaxy S2 data connection will depend on the variant and the carrier. The Sensation XE supports HSDPA 14.4 Mbps.


The HTC Sensation XE is the newcomer and it was just recently released. This smartphone has not even officially made it to the U.S. yet. This smartphone from HTC is yet to prove its worth. The Sensation XE is one of the first smartphones that gets the Beats branding, too. This device comes with the premium Beats headphones out of the box, which would be a big plus for music lovers.

Competing with the already famous Samsung Galaxy S2 will be hard but given the stuff packed into the HTC Sensation XE, chances to excel will be high.

Is either of these two phones your upcoming phone for the holidays?

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  • GS2 is still the killer!

    • xyz

      i’ve got that one.. using SGS2 for nearly 6 months and i hate that shit. there are many problems about which is everybody holding tongue. what about 1) wifi sharing – battery draining issue? (solved after upgrading firmware, but now there is something weird with camera) 2) not very mature UI – touchwiz 3) crashing apps 4) USB connecting problems 5) absolutely shitty backup software (kies) .. when it comes to these issues, HTC or iPhone seems to be way better choice to me now, even whan all other parameters seemed to be much better, these bugs are degrading SGS2 to piece of crap..

      • xyz

        oh.. and i forgot, that when i organise app icons into folders (touchwiz functionality), its very cool… but only until i restart phone (off & on) .. then all icons are outside of folders, chaotically ordered in many pages – this is really extremely confusing. it is like having formula 1 (SGS2) instead of your ford mustang (others), but unable to drive it, because of mad software, randomly switching functions of break and fuel pedals.. f**k you Samsung!

  • Anonymous

    Did you guys forget to test bluetooth phone book syncing with cars?

    If the bluetooth doesn’t work that’s a deal breaker for most business users. Lots of sites aren’t thorough enough to actually test the bluetooth phone book syncing features.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 Will KO The HTC Sensation XE. And I also think the GS2 is th better than iphone 4s. :)

  • FFF

    both phones are iphone rip-off

    • Steve

      Bull Sh*t, iphone way too expensive, still no sd slot, no battery swap if needed, less free apps, rubish connectivity to anything but apple ! (bluetooth etc), so get a life get off the donkey pulled APPLE CART join the BAND WAGON !!!!!!!!

    • Alfread

      and the iphone is a cash rip off

  • Farsa99

    sg2 je kani!

  • Farsa99


    • Alfread


      • Taharshad97

        what happens if the resolution is not good of samsung galaxy s2 but the galaxy s2 is a fantastic device

  • Mjp69

    I have all three of the big guns the 4s the s2 and the xe.i have to say the 4s is the fastest when on 3G but fails miserably when using wifi(4s on 3 s2 on O2)The sound on the s2 wins hands up against 4s and xe,the xe having the poorest quality of them all due to the tiny speaker on the back.The xe with earphones however,even apple iPhones is a fantastic experience and puts apple to shame.The xe ui is fantastic I love the weather and the 3D images as so swipe from one page to another and this is where the xe is the true leader (it never gets boring).Touchwiz is ok and 4s boring.One thing you should know about the xe (and this might help you make a decision)the call quality is appalling (could be slightly hindered by the network I am using)but it tinny and you struggle to hear the person on the other end of the conversation.The other downside is battery life…. It’s shocking against the other two even with larger anker battery.Htc really need to correct this problem.Ok I’ve given you my honest opinion the rest is up to you.All fantastic phones,I have to part with one, it won’t be the 4s not as flash as the other two but ultimately reliable and always with a valid warranty behind it. Mjp

    • Ashkan_hamedani

      it was one of the rarest unbiased comments i’ve ever seen.

    • An

      it maybe me but i cant understand this comment. An example ” i have to part with one, it wont be the 4s as flash as the other two but ultimately reliable and always with a valid warranty behind it” this makes no sense at all!!

      • Kmrguy

        I don’t get that sentence either

    • Bjorn Riedel

      Thanks for the great unbiased answer! That is how its meant to be!!!!

  • LarryP

    I have the 4s and recently cex-changed my XE with the XL variant of the same hTC Beats series….and, sorry to admit, amd very superficial, but I have hardly taken my eyes off the monster xl screen and that great feel in the hands! After 4 years as an , iPhone junkie, am sooo going hTC! But my wife loves her GS2 (maybe more than me), and she admites it’s all down to the screen resoulution:)

  • Sam

    i had a sg sII, but problems right from the start. bad luck maybe? well it was reason enough to exchange the phone voor the sensation XE.
    lately i hear a lot of people who have problemen with their samsung, all different types.

    • xyz

      its not bad luck, samsung is shit.. but unexperienced user is unable to notice it. i have many problems with my sgs2 when i am triing to use it at full functionality.. as i described in my previous posts

  • Maniam

    I really hate Samsung. From my personal experience Samsung got nothing special in their product. Most of their product sucksss soooo muchhhhhh…HTC is a good brand. They have many major improvements in most of new products released. Not like Samsung which just copy everything. F**k u samsung..

  • lil rain

    I used both phones.. S2 is kinda big plus i dont like samsung at all.
    So, HTC Sensation XE FTW :D

    The Proud HTC Sensation XE user <3

  • Anas Manzur

    im using that htc….its awsmm

  • Habulu

    ahh people! this fight makes no sense because galaxy s2 is the best smartphone to this day with his components no one excedeed him although I prefer Htc Sensation XE for his appearance

  • Pretyshoody

    SSamsung Galaxy S2 all the way… I enjoy using it. The memory size is awesome

  • Alex Gwapo

    You don’t mention here that HTC video resolution is much higher than Samsung. Samsung is WVGA (800×480) and Sensation XE same as the first Sensation is QHD (960×540). Which means Super Amoled is useless when it comes to video quality ‘coz it doesn’t support too much good quality videos. Unlike HTC is the most highest video quality on all smartphones. That is a big deal ‘coz camera is part of a best smartphone.

  • Jd38_1

    Great comments peeps, Having read this, together with so many others I opted for HTC Sensation XE. Simply the best phone have ever owned and used. Easy and capable of doing it all, calls, apps, configuraton, music through headset, texts etc etc. Can’t take my adoring eyes off that well shaped phone with excellent screen, comfortable to hold also. Downside battery doesnt last the day with regular use of apps etc, not really a problem as I carry a spare.

  • kaiming

    Hi, will like to know. The smaller internal memory of HTC Sensation XE – will it be a big factors when we are users who download a lot of apps? As you know, certain apps can only be stored in the internal memory and my current HTC Desire also shows that in order to use it as a widget, you will need to put those apps under internal memory. Always having insufficient internal memory is a problem i keep facing with my Desire and that’s the reason for me looking at this review. Please advise if I should get HTC Sensation XE for all its function or simply choose Galaxy S2 for its big storage.

    • NADIA2002190

      Hi i a have the same problem as you. I like to hear more from THE EXPERTS.

      • SoupDoggydog

        Hi, I too have a Desire, but I Rooted it and have put a 2GB partition on my sd card so all my apps go directly to the 2GB partition, apart from my battery widget. I’m no expert by any means so if I can do it, anybody can, just go to the xda developers website and read how to do it. ;-)

  • Pieterleroux

    I have been extremely satisfied with my HTC Sensation XE, which I have been using for the past six months. Has improved even further with the new Andoid 4 Ice Cream Sandwich which I downloaded recently. Excellent phone. But I recharge it often via my laptop when travelling, beause battery life is a problem.

    • anne

      Hello!how to download ice cream sandwch to htc xe?

  • cth

    the flash of galaxy is 3 times more bright and it goes is much faster

  • Yayah_05

    so S2 or HTC sensation XE .. ?

  • Gh Aryan76

    world in the s2

    • shaq

      Personally, I would go for the Galaxy S2… it’s a fantastic phone. I have one and i’m totally satisfied with all its features. It’s the best choice!

  • Nezzy

    the samsung S2 sucks!!!!!! am in for the HTC…#HTC