HTC Sensation Special Edition to Be Loaded with Beats Technology, Faster Processor, Better Batt

by: Dave FerilSeptember 4, 2011
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HTC’s flagship smartphone, the HTC Sensation, will soon have an upgraded version called the HTC Sensation Special Edition 2 (SE2), which will not only see several hardware upgrades but also the inclusion of Beats by Dr. Dre technology.

A good audio experience is one thing that most smartphones, including HTC’s, aren’t so good at. With the recent partnership agreement between HTC and the audio company Beats by Dr. Dre, consumers wondered when HTC would start coming out with its first Android smartphone with Beats technology.

Most folks thought HTC will be bringing out a brand-new device as its flagship for Beats by Dr. Dre. It turns out that HTC has decided to look back and found the HTC Sensation to be the right candidate for a hardware upgrade, plus Beats technology.

CNET has obtained insider info saying that the company will revise the HTC flagship phone, the HTC Sensation.

Dubbed the HTC Sensation Special Edition 2, the revitalized model will be bumped to a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260 processor (dual-core, 1.5 GHz). Internal memory will be increased to 4 GB, as will the battery capacity (1,730 mAh compared to 1,520 mAh on the original HTC Sensation). With this battery capacity increase, it is speculated that the phone will be slightly thicker.

The HTC Sensation SE2 will come bundled with a Beats in-ear headset for superior acoustic performance. The headset will also feature a remote control to make it easier for you to switch songs without taking out your phone.

Also, the HTC Sensation SE2 will be “fine-tuned” to take advantage of the Beats headset for an uncompromised multimedia experience.

CNET estimates that this device would be priced at US$847 and expects this device to be debuted soon. No official word from HTC yet as to whether this phone is really existing or not.

What do you think of HTC’s plan to put Beats technology on an upgraded version of an earlier HTC smartphone rather than on a brand-new one?

Image credit: CNET

  • 20 °

    For one: Beats by Dre are overrated and over-priced

    For two: The original purchasers of the sensation kinda get screwed here

    Wtf is up with HTC dicking customers lately? Evey time a company gets bigger, they start to get greedy and screw customers in 1 way or another.

  • Bstijl

    they should’ve taken the time to change the look an name of the phone, that way the customers don’t get the feeling the’ve been had…

    and further more is this beats tech. realy so revolutionary or is it just to a wayto avoid calling it a walkman phone

  • Anonymous

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