HTC scores victory against Apple’s ridiculous patent warmongering in UK

by: Bams SadewoJuly 4, 2012

After taking some serious courtroom beatings in the last couple of days, there’s a breath of air for the Android camp coming all the way from the legal patent showdown between HTC and Apple in the UK. HTC has won its case against Apple’s attempt to ban sales of the devices in the country, after Judge Christopher Floyd ruled that the Taiwanese company didn’t infringe four of the contested patents belonging to Cupertino.

The four patents that Apple believes HTC is using illegally are the slide-to-unlock feature, tools to scroll through pictures and to change alphabets, and software that supports multi-touch gesture. Out of the four, Judge Floyd said that only the picture-viewing patent is valid, but he didn’t find HTC infringing on that particular Apple’s patent. The other three have been dismissed as invalid patents.

Apple didn’t make any specific comments about the less than favorable ruling, but Cupertino’s spokesperson released the following statement: “Competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.”

Meanwhile, HTC spokeswoman Andrea Sommer said that the company was very pleased with judge’s ruling. Though victory is at hand, she expressed the company‘s disappointment over Apple’s stance to “favor competition in the courtroom over competition in the marketplace.”

The battle may have ended in the UK, but HTC still has its hands full with Apple’s patent lawsuits in other parts of the world. Apple is using the same four patents to try and bring HTC down in Germany, with hearing for the particular legal battle to commence later in the year.  And of course, the battle is being fought in the U.S. as well, with Apple targeting to stop sales of all HTC devices in the land of the free.

Before we forget, let’s have three cheers for Judge Christopher Floyd! Any thoughts about HTC – and Android — finally getting some much needed break from Apple’s litigious tendency?

  • All these lawsuits only prove one thing Apple is running scared and just showing there true colours, any normal company would let the marketplace decided the fate of a device not just out right try and stop the sale of all over devices just to try and be No.1.
    Last time I checked android phones (all of them not just HTC) are currently holding the bigger market share for world wide sales!!

    • EddieT

      actually, i believe their marketing tactic is to beat it into peoples heads that Apple is right and everyone else is copying them.. since, i see how iFans are reacting hating on everyone without really thinking about what’s really going on..

  • lex

    Apple is the worst..they are the ad from 1984 they created..the corporate beast that is trying to control the world

  • I partly blame the Patent Office too for giving Apple very generic patents. Is as if they would give Apple a patent for breathing air and then Apple has the audacity to sue the world for breathing.

    • EddieT

      don’t give them any ideas! :0

  • wesomatic

    Hip hip hurrry!!! Sick and tired of apple. I had the G1 and I am on my fourth android phone. Love the selection and the choices. The Ifail was and is overated. Love HTC and the new Samsung…

  • Cakeisalie

    At least the judges here in the UK have seen sense, perhaps we should send a few to the US to perform some training classes

  • Stephen Timple

    cheers for android!
    these patents are ridiculous!
    i hope tge same for tge galaxy nexus!

  • Droidfan

    Slowly, but surely, these ridiculous Apple patents will be struck down. Hopefully the court decisions will result in patent offices even awarding the damn things.

  • True hero

  • Apple…. before we carry on this discussion, care to explain the similarities between your original OS interface and early Xerox interfaces? Pfft… nobody should be able to patent a “gesture”!

  • the slide to unlock is just ridiculous, htc use the ring

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  • SamsaraGuru

    Apple is not so much a technology company as it is a slick sales machine fronting one would think for a huge law firm that uses it to keep its thousands of lawyers busy mining nuisance suits designed to protect the company from having to truly compete and innovate. I. E. Trying to claim ownership of the shape of the rectangle with curved corners and a screen in the middle as they did in their ill fated effort to stop Samsung’s pad for instance.

    Like any corporation that has managed to find a way to make money aplenty and out of all reasonable proportions to effort expended – drug cartels included – they become absolutely vicious when they feel the gossamer thin veneer their claim to exclusivity and distinction rests upon is threatened.

    Thus their rabid efforts to try to kill the Galaxy S III’s entry into the U.S.They KNOW they don’t have a REAL advantage unless people continue to not question too seriously the wisdom of buying their products at the exorbitant prices they charge. They know that if people start to use their powers of analysis and way real over imagined value, that it will not be long before they wise up and realize that just like last year’s MUST HAVE dress from Paris, that a rich but brainless eye candy trophy wife MUST have, that soon Apple too will be “out of fashion” – just like the dress and the trophy wife always inevitably become.