HTC Sapphire / T-Mobile G2?

HTC Sapphire / T-Mobile G2?

The guys over at Gizmodo have scored what appear to be the first live pics of the yet-to-be-announced HTC Sapphire, the device that is likely to be sold as the T-Mobile G2.

The Sapphire is slimmer than the Dream/G1 due largely to the lack of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  Otherwise, the devices look somewhat similar, except that the Sapphire’s “chin” is a bit curvier than the one found on the T-Mobile G1.

We’ve only got two pics at this point, and they are a little blurry, but you can still get a reasonable idea as to what the G2 will look like.  Oh yeah, Gizmodo’s source said that the UI on the Sapphire seems to be the same as the one found on the T-Mobile G1.  For now, at least.

Gallery below.

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