samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one standings aa

The bitter smartphone wars have gone up a notch, after HTC turned to its Twitter account to celebrate its victory at the Mobile Awards. HTC had just won the award for “Hottest Phone of 2013” and celebrated with a tongue-in-cheek tweet, calling out Samsung Mobile UK.

Now Samsung wasn’t about to back down from a challenge, replying that it already had its arms full with three other awards that it won on the night and that HTC could keep that one.

Then just when you thought Samsung had come out on top, HTC struck back with an aptly put response, saying that all of the students Samsung paid to write fake review of competitors had finally paid off and then ended its tweet with “Pay rise, maybe?”. Touche, HTC, touche.

htc samsung burn

But HTC and Samsung weren’t the only Android manufacturers having fun on Twitter, after LG put aside its national pride, and decided to play the neutral, posting a tweet telling both companies to calm down, because it’s only a phone. Sound advice from LG.

lg peacekeeper

Both HTC and Samsung have been going through a rough patch in recent times, with many HTC Executives leaving the company, and Samsung’s stock taking a plunge this week after analysts lowered their estimates on sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Let’s just hope that all OEMs can channel all of that creative energy into their future smartphones, instead of their fellow Android manufacturers.

Who came out on top, Samsung, LG or HTC? Let us know in the comments.

  • Randy Sylmar

    HTC shouldn’t be picking fights.. they really don’t have a leg to stand on. HTC finally made one phone to compete in the market but let’s not pretend that HTC went all in with the HTC One. The “Hottest phone of 2013” still isn’t beating the numbers of the S4. Not to mention that HTC is just reaching numbers close to what Samsung pulled in a week. I’m all for friendly fights but let’s be honest HTC would’ve been close to closing shop if the HTC One would’ve tanked.

    At the same time, Samsung better relax. People are getting tired of their non-premium bloatware packed (even before carrier bloatware) phones. If they don’t start making a premium option people are going to go elsewhere. If cost(s) are the same for each phone, specs are nearly identical, and core features are spot on they will start losing customers like they did with the HTC One.

    • Deveal2014

      Girl please

      • David RT

        The OP sound like a butthurt fanboy IMO trying to play unbiased

      • David RT

        The OP sound like a butthurt fanboy IMO trying to play unbiased

    • nicedudex26

      this is not fight they were having fun teasing each other. you should learn to chill

  • Matthew Brown

    This is hilarious…trust it to be the UK twitter accounts as well #UKrocks

  • nicedudex26

    LG was very funny LOL

  • As

    sales will talk

  • First time I saw this, I didn’t notice that HTC mentioned Samsung in their first message. That changes things a lot! I though Samsung were looking for a fight and being a bit petty but now it’s just looks like HTC UK were being dicks! Kind of ruins their comeback when they started the whole thing.

    • bluevoodo

      Yeah they’re the dicks hiring students to slander htc

      • I’m not saying that Samsung are bigger dicks but picking fights online is just pretty lame. The first time I read the tweets I thought Samsung were just bitter and HTC were just celebrating but now it looks less like that. (What is the story about Samsung and these reviews? I missed that one.)

  • OMGgary

    These two really need to get a room.

  • OMGgary

    Two giants? LOL. More like Napoleon Dynamite getting a new leotard and thinking he can wrestle The Big Show.

    • bluevoodo

      You know wrestling is fake, right?

      • OMGgary

        Duh, coz Napoleon Dynamite is a real person.

      • Jeric Garcia

        yeah right

  • 윌 스튜어트

    I’d like to see a Twitter war involving Apple executive and Samsung exec!

  • milksop held

    Since when does lg take the high road?

  • Mauro Oliveira

    only one winner : The Consumer

  • dandroid13

    HTCrap being crap lololol

    • le_lutin

      “HTCrap”? Good luck with puberty kid.

    • cycad007

      The HTC One is a better phone than whatever crap you got! LOL.

  • I’m all for HTC but Samsung’s remark had more of a sting to it.

  • michael centeno

    don’t take a genius to figure out. htc one is better than the gs4. at least this time htc has a superior phone. competition is good. hope htc survives to give us great phones and to push Samsung to do better quality phones. plastic really Samsung? no thanks!

    • Steven Anderson

      ah sooo much hate all the time about this plastic plastic plastic. look if ur a die hard samsung fan then it is reeeeaaaaaaaallly disappointing that their flagship isnt of the same premium feel as other phones (having said that, i still find it much more comfortable in the hand, and rly like the removable back). but if ur not, then what does it matter, cuz u can just buy a different phone

  • Dusan

    What were the 3 awards Samsung won?
    Let me guess.
    1) The best plastic of 2013.
    2) Most malware on a phone in 2013…. no wait, ever.
    3) And last but not least, the most disappointing phone of 2013.

    • cgufo

      lol Samsung won these 3 awards.
      1) Phone of the Year
      2) Best Manufacturer
      3) Best Manufacturer Field Marketing Team

      • Jared Persinger

        Well the definitely deserved #3,their marketing is unmatched

  • john

    Rather than a fight, it looks like a makeover session to me.
    Any kind of popularity is good. Just like Apple and Samsung’s legal campaigns actually boosted the sale of their phones.
    Take a pinch of salt when these tech giants seem to do obviously childish thungs…it’s all in their agenda!

  • dandroid13

    Damn these fanboys…

  • Christof

    I think they should cue the fog on this battle…