HTC Sabor and Android 3.0 Gingerbread rumors

by: James TromansJuly 2, 2010
Android Gallery via BriefMobile

Android Gallery via BriefMobile

Yesterday the rumor-mill went into overdrive and ground up so much finely processed rumour from which to feed the masses I think everyone lost their way a little bit. Thankfully it is a new day and with that comes some perspective. It all started when’s Eldar Murtazin spilled all the Android 3.0 Gingerbread beans yesterday on a Russian podcast titled Digestiv.

The most notable claims are that Android 3.0 will come in the middle of October for a November launch with some devices. According to multiple sources, Android 3.0 will feature a totally revamped UI, but the minimum requirements include a 1GHZ CPU, 512MB of RAM with a display greater than 3.5-inches. It will also offer a new 1280 x 760 resolution. But then things really started getting out of control…

Oxford-zeiss are reporting that a tipster giong by the name of Supersonic, of Android Central forums fame, has hit them with information of a new HTC device codenamed Sabor: “The upcoming HTC smartphone destined for Sprint packs a 2GHz processor, over 1000 resolution display, Android OS 2.5 / 3.0 Gingerbread, 2 cameras with one being a 10-megapixel, 1080p video recording and built-in kickstand.”

This quote was swiftly followed up by a post from Brief Mobile which outlines, in their opinion, why the HTC Sabor is fake. The critique is based on a number of points, including the following,.

  • There are no 2Ghz processors available; 1.5Ghz are just maturing now.
  • A phone resolution of “over 1000 resolution display” is ridiculous; you could never see the text on the screen.
  • “Android OS 2.5 (gingerbread)” has only ever been referred to as 3.0 by all other sources.
  • The codename itself is questionable.

Wrapping up the matter is a couple of tweets from Dan Morrill, Android’s Open Source and Compatibility Tech Lead.

Go figure…

  • Mr Mark

    What if the Sabor is not a cell phone, but a tablet? Just think about it… As we look at Sprint PCS making a move over AT&T… a tablet on Sprint 4G network would just make a lot more sense. I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think anyone makes a small enough 2GHz processor chip for a cell phone now, and the resolution for a phone over 1000 don’t see that working. But just to have the first Sabor Tablet running Android 2.5/3.0 over Sprint 4G network would be something to see. The Sabor Tablet with the 10-megapixel camera would have something that the Apple iPad is desperately missing a camera. With the Android market expanding and really giving the consumers a choice outside of Apple. (Apple claims that the iPad is not a tablet so what is it?) Whatever it is, it is the only thing of it’s kind and to finally have something to compete with it would make a better Christmas gift under the tree than an iPad anyday. Just some thing to think about.

  • Interesting points, but I don’t see any reason to think that anything about the Sabor is real. A HTC made tablet for Sprint is certainly a nice idea. Have you anything to suggest that the Sabor is in fact a tablet?