HTC Rezound vs iPhone 4S: Real Rivals

by: Conan HughesNovember 15, 2011

The iPhone continues to be a popular device to this day–both the earlier iPhone 4 and its slightly upgraded version, the iPhone 4S.  Most loyal iPhone fans would stick to their belief that the iPhone remains unmatched, that the iPhone 4S remains unrivaled.  They probably have not yet heard of the resounding features of Verizon’s latest offering, the HTC Rezound.

How does the HTC Rezound stack up against Apple’s iPhone 4S?  Let’s take a brief look and find out.  First, a comparison table:

HTC Rezound

Apple iPhone 4S

OSAndroid 2.3.4 Gingerbread, with HTC Sense 3.5 (can upgrade to ICS)iOS 5.0
Processordual-core, 1.5 GHzdual-core, 1 GHz
CarrierVerizonAT&T, Verizon, Sprint
Internal Storage16 GB16/32/64 GB
Display4.3 inches (1280×720) Super LCD HD3.5 inches (640×960) Retina
Camera8 MP, with dual LED flash8 MP, with LED flash
Video1080p Full HD1080p Full HD
Front Camera2 MP0.9 MP
Memory1 GB512 MB
External StoragemicroSD (Up to 32 GB)n/a
Weight164 grams140 grams
Height129 mm115.2 mm
Width65.5 mm58.6 mm
Depth13.65 mm9.3 mm
Battery1,620 mAh1,432 mAh
Release/AvailabilityNovember, 2011October, 2011

HTC Rezound’s Trump Cards

While not besting every Android smartphone in every spec and feature, the Rezound comes equipped with enough features to beat the iPhone 4S black and blue in several key aspects.

Even when Android devices went past the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display, Apple never bothered to follow suit (which I attribute to comfortable usage with just one thumb). Instead, Apple boasts of the highest pixel density and resolution at such a small display on the iPhone 4S. Not anymore. The HTC Rezound will beat the iPhone with a 12-point difference at 342 ppi versus the iPhone 4S’s 330 ppi. In short, the Rezound has a bigger screen (4.3 inches) and higher pixel density.

Let’s suppose that the pixel densities of both devices result in similar sharpness, as far as the average eye is concerned. The question, then, is would you prefer the smaller screen or the bigger screen?

For music lovers out there, the Rezound has hardware optimized with Beats by Dr. Dre, with accompanying Beats software and in-ear headphones to boot. The headphones themselves can be very expensive when bought on their own, but luckily, they come bundled with the smartphone.

The Rezound beats the iPhone 4S in processor power, too. It packs a dual-core processor (just like the iPhone 4S) but at a faster clock speed of 1.5 GHz. The Rezound also has twice the RAM of the iPhone 4S.

Other things to note include a better front camera and faster data transmission thanks to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The Rezound has a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, whereas the iPhone 4S only has a 0.9-megapixel secondary camera. Their primary cameras, though, are of the same pixelage.

The variance in their secondary cameras can mean a great difference in users’ experience of video chats. Since the HTC Rezound can leverage Verizon’s 4G LTE network speeds, the 2-megapixel video chat capability of the HTC Rezound simply provides clearer and smoother video chat images.

The HTC Rezound might also have longer battery hours, unless Apple fixes the battery life problems that the company claims to be caused by iOS.

iPhone Superiority

But, there are aspects where the iPhone 4S is better, too. For one, it is lighter to carry. It is thinner, too. And, while 16 GB is personally more than enough to store all my multimedia files and apps, you can’t go wrong with 64 GB storage.

The iPhone 4S also comes with a voice assistant (Siri) that is debatably more sophisticated than Voice Actions, which Android devices have. With witty remarks and a more flexible approach when receiving commands, Siri offers a user-friendly way of interacting with your iPhone 4S.

In order to compete, Voice Actions is reportedly being overhauled, with the revamped version coming along with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but HTC Rezound owners will have to wait a little bit before they can receive an update to Ice Cream Sandwich.

The HTC Rezound is an amazing piece of technology. It has what it takes for iPhone 4 users to switch over to Android rather than stay with Apple through the iPhone 4S. Yet, even if users of the iPhone 4 decide to loyally stick with the iPhone 4S, it is still a great thing to acknowledge that the iPhone 4S does have real rivals which can easily beat it. The HTC Rezound leads the pack of iPhone 4S rivals.

What do you think? In what other ways does the HTC Rezound beat the iPhone 4S (or vice-versa)?

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  • Rezound 4 front buttons – Iphone 1 front button. and to note that rezound has a bigger battery and a bigger screen so yes it would be a bit more heavy than iphone. Putting mass amounts of storage of internal is completely over kill because this is the only reason apple offers different versions of the iphone and charges masses amounts of money for the difference. You can’t go wrong with Rezound 16gb Internal storage + 64gb External storage, for more storage at a way cheaper price. Iphone itself has nothing against other android phones, even slower ones. There is only one thing to beat, and we know that’s siri, and it’s something they didn’t even invent, they bought it, improved upon it. Even on android 2.3.4 it’s still superior to iso5 in every way. Getting an iphone because it has siri would be like getting a GMC because it has onstar, but if siri would improve your life that much more, by all means.

    • Wiliame1

      DAMN!!! JOSHUA U hit everything on the nails. I’m a current iPhone 4 user, but I will be making that switch over to HTC REZOUND or the “Rumored” HTC EDGE which by the way, will b a complete iPhone killer. Lol

      • anthony e

        Quad core 3.0 ghz edge?

    • Samuel Tetteh

      thanks very Joshua. you have really made my day. is good you have nail all the fact. i keep telling my friend that all apple is selling is the name iphone and that is what people want to buy. the fact is htc makes better smart phones than apple in every way. thanks. Samuel Tetteh. big time HTC fun.

    • AMamut

      You can’t compare them so generically. You say massive amounts of internal storage if overkill? Is that still true knowing that you can’t install apps on androids external storage? And how about all that crapware carriers load up on their android phones? Now the internal storage is a little more important.

      Apple acquiring the SIRI technology and putting it into the iPhone makes me very happy. Not that its an amazing technology, but that it shows ingenuity and simplification of everyday tasks. It shows that Apple is thinking to improve their existing functionality as well as come up with new functionality. But I don’t agree with them making it exclusive ti the iPhone 4s.

      Another reason I stick with iPhones is because of the OS updates. Once an android phone is released they are almost immediately unsupported for OS updates. You either have to flash a custom ROM or stick with outdated software. With the rezound they promise an ICS update which is nice, but what about past that?

      Androids are evolving quick but they aren’t quite on par with the iPhone just yet…

      • anthony

        You can install apps to sd card. My thunderbolt will match a 4s and they update the software according to the hardware. Thats your buddies with the 3gs have a 6 hour battery life on ios5. I was an Ifan until my thunderbolt. Now rooted and clicked at 1.4 ghz plus 4g network I’ve clicked downloads at 20 megs and up at 16. Now if your one of the kids who knows nothing about how to customize your phone than by all means stick with ios as they become more and more similar to android with their catch up updates.

      • Xander Crews

        Um, you are quite misinformed my friend. You can indeed install Android apps on the sd card. Space has NEVER been an issue for me on a Droid.

        Siri is a non-factor. I know lots of folks that have Siri and they never use it. It’s like video chatting…nobody does it. Plus, it never works near as well as the commercials imply it does. It often screws up what you are saying, you have to repeat yourself numerous times, start over, etc…and by that time, you could have just googled your question. All Siri does is make you look like a fool talking to your phone over and over. It would be nice if it worked well, but it doesn’t. Besides, Android has similar Siri-like apps in the Google Play App Store. I tried a few out, one worked fairly well, but I never found myself using it in the real world…so it got uninstalled.
        You vastly exaggerate that Android phones are almost immediately unsupported for OS updates. The original Droid was supported for years. And Apple discontinues support on products like everyone else. Older iOS’s don’t get certain new features and updates as well.Androids are evolving quickly, and the higher end Android phones are head and shoulders above the iPhone. Get with the program. It’s been that way for a couple years now.

        Let’s understand one thing. The main reason most folks get an iPhone, is for status. They want to be an iPhone user and be seen using the iPhone. I has nothing to do with how good the actual phone is, because if you bought the best smart phone on the market, you’d be getting an Android device every time.

        I chose Android for my phone needs because it simply does a whole lot more than the iPhone can. It would take all day to list the reasons why Android is a better all around device.

  • Mahsoom Moosa42

    I think the dominance of iPhone due to Siri will be short-lived. Some Android Developers have developed duplicate versions of Siri for Android. I found some of them are extremely good and has a lot of potential. Even to beat Siri.

  • Jose Alberto Saravia Rosas

    I’ve had both phones. The iPhone 4s 32 G and now I owe the HTC Rezound. I’ve had the phone for only a few days, so far, disappointed. The phone is a real pain, crashes, screen freezing. The only thing it’s got going against the iPhone 4s so far in my view is the bigger screen.

    • I own the 4s and love it but I have to call you a liar as my wife has had the Rezound since it came out and it’s an impressive phone with no stability issues (freezing or cashing). The phone is too bulky and the battery life is HORRIBLE compared to my 4s but it is definitely a nice UI and very smooth. Sorry to expose you but I dislike posters with a lack of integrity.

    • Samuel Tetteh

      guess it could be a fault other than that is a lie. cos i ve one and it works really well.

      • nosidamde

        I’ve got one too, no problems thus far. I enjoy hearing all these Apple fan boys how they have both phones. These comments show up in every comparison against a superior phone like the Rezound.

    • Xander Crews

      Figures. You probably aren’t smart enough to be using an Android phone. Go back to the dumbed down iPhone. It’s more your speed.

      Sure, there are bad devices for every phone out there…even your precious iPhone just google “iphone issue”, “iphone freezes” and “iphone crashes”. You’ll find problems like antennagate, iPhones catching on fire, iPhones crashing left and right, horrible address book problems, repeating freezing issues, etc, etc. Apparently, iPhones freezing is common enough that there are numerous websites dedicated to telling you how to fix it.

      “It just works” is the biggest line of crap in marketing history.

  • Brad

    can’t wait til i can put siri on my android and make the iphone loyalists collective jaw drop.

    • Windsponge2

      You will never put seri on android. It works off apple servers. You may get something like it. I have had both and I can not understand why people are stupid over which is better. Name one Phone that sells as much as I phone. People buy what they like. As a whole android sucks and everyone who buys is a loser who has dong envy. Thank you all for my dime.

      • Ivecadit

        HTC takes the lead in the US smart phone market!

        “In the United States, the world’s largest smart phone market, HTC shone in Q3 2011, edging out Apple and Samsung to become the leading vendor.”

      • hellohello123

        sorry bro but don’t be mad. it’s old news that siri isn’t unique
        but to sum it all up, apple is good at taking existing technology and trying to make it better. as far as originality or even ingenuity, i’d have to say it’s more 50/50. specifically referring to the iphone though…nah that phone is average to me. the first or second iphone might have been ahead of the game but i believe they’re very much in the middle now. but sheep don’t like statistics…they just like to follow the crowd

  • MissAdventure

    As an object observer, all other smart phones are trying to play catch up on a great phone which Apple has produced in all it’s phones.

    I own a HTC Sensation XE, mainly because it has everything I need, abeit the extra valve of the beats buds.

    The question everyone debates is always the same, ” which is better than an IP….

    Therein lies the answer.If a product is to be compared then it should have all the qualities and more of which it is competing against, also why does the competition produce such a variety? Because we are all different, don’t look the same and therefore don’t want to be told whats good for us.

    So if wearing grey and being told what to do all our lives is what you want?.

    Android at least gives us choice, Apple, well, lets us choose the shade of grey, as long as it’s similar!

    The term ” Smart Phone” says it all? I guess we will always want to know, who’s got a bigger one? whatever that means.

    ?, well

    • Samuel Tetteh

      well said.

  • The HTC Rezound is definitely a huge competitor in the smart phone market, especially since it’s the first phone to deliver 720p display. Also, this phone is one of the fastest with the dual core processor and Verizon’s 4G LTE network. This phone will definitely go great with my employee Sling adapter from DISH Network. With it, I can stream live and recorded TV to my Android phone everywhere I have 3G coverage or WiFi. It’s great because I have a hard time fitting my favorite shows into my crazy schedule. Plus, DISH is offering them for free, so why not?

  • Anonymous

    Most of us reading this blog aren’t interested in the iPhone so why not compare the Android phones from the various manufacturers.

  • Maldonotto

    I’ve owned two Droids, currently the Droid X. I’ve had this phone for over a year and I am ready for a new phone. Both phones mentioned in this article are the ones that I’ve been considering. After many visits to Verizon stores and playing around with both devices I have ordered my new Iphone 4s. I cannot wait til it arrives. I have no complaints about the Android os but I was just ready to try something different. Only thing I don’t understand is why is every Android phone available at time of purchase but the Iphone is in such demand it has to be ordered. My Christmas will arrive a few days after the 25th as I await my new phone.

  • Lcarrasco212

    Forgot to mention iphone will be able to upgrade to ios 6 and even ios 7. Whereas the rezound will probably only be able to upgrade to ics. Battery life on the iphone is amazing. Rezound’s is terrible. For my every day use, The iphone wins because of the great battery life and the reliability of it

  • Nospam

    The higher screen resolution of the Rezound seems to improve the touchscreen accuracy for keystroke input. Not just the larger sized screen to poke the correct alpha-numeric, but significantly better borders between the characters so you finger says within the lines.