The HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade drama has finally come to an end, as the Taiwanese smartphone maker explained why it decided to scrape ICS update plans for the once flagship handset. But that’s not the case for newer HTC devices, which are still on track to receive their ICS builds.

One of them is the LTE-enabled Verizon HTC Rezound, which should get its ICS build at some point in the very near future. A new Android Guys post features a leaked screenshot that clearly shows that the HTC Rezound should receive its ICS over-the-air (OTA) update at some point today.

However, Verizon is yet to confirm the news and we haven’t seen any additional reports mentioning the upgrade. Moreover, there’s something strange with that screenshot when it comes to the dates mentioned for the Rezound ICS upgrade.

For starters, “7/29” is written differently than other dates mentioned in the table in the “Push PTA or EUT” column – see the rows above and below the Rezound’s row where the dates are formatted differently to show a “0” in front of the month: “08/01” and “06/22”. Similarly, the following column shows an availability date of “6/1” rather than “8/1.”

We’ll take this leak with a grain of salt for now, but we’ll definitely looking forward for feedback from Rezound users. Did you get ICS yet?

  • bean

    Nope I did not receive it yet

  • big daddy

    got ics today and its awesome

    • I was trying so hard to comment on this but the site kept flickering and stuff and making me hit like and dislike and my profile. Smh. But anyways, did you receive the OTA update?

  • yeah no, I’ve been hammering HTC on their facebook page also and my posts get deleted.

  • obtainedsnob

    didnt get ics yet :(

  • I haven’t seen it yet on mine, but given the small number of these sold it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to complete the rollout.

  • infamos

    Please do not f**k with people about this lol did you really get an OTA ICS update?

    • cleve66

      Lol don’t f* .. about this. But you know it’s no true. It’s vzw who’s doing that. This page is bouncing all over the place with almost every letter. Fix it! And f* iphone!

  • cleve66

    Any understanding why certain pages like this one doesn’t stabilize on Rezound? Flickers up & down, stays the same size. Even, everything outside of the text box.

  • Darren White

    Screw android im going with the iphone 5.

  • Champion1229

    I think Verizon is holding this up considering leaked builds have been available since January. They just want to sell people a new Samsung S3 or Gnex for twice the price of the Rezound.

  • eddieg

    How about a nice class action suit? Weren’t we all promised ICS when we first purchased our rezound? I’d love to sue Verizon.

  • sonixmon

    I knew it was a fake, there are two different pictures floating around both obvious edits! Stupid idiots like playing around with people!

    I will wait until this weekend, if it isnt released I will put the latest leak update on. I am even considering the rooting for Jelly Bean!

    BTW my next phone will be a contract free Samsung! Almost instant updates then!

  • BigBucs731

    Just spoke with a VZW CSR and Tech Support Rep. Neither of them had a date, time frame, or any general idea about this update. I was told in an email by HTC they do not announce updates, and it is up to the carrier to release it once they send it. VZW said, they “work with HTC, but if the update is not up to VZW standards, they would not push it.” She could not however, confirm whether or not this was the case. She simply said “you will be notified when the update becomes available. We do not have a date or time frame. We apologize for the inconvenience.” Thanks, Verizon Wireless, Thanks for nothing at all!!!

  • BigBucs731
  • seeteedub

    Verizon is per usual. “up to VZW standards” means not enough of our crap bloatware injected into the OTA update.

  • dee

    If you turn your device.sideways, the screen doesn’t jump

  • formervzwemplye

    The picture above is photoshopped. Its a fake. Queue is even spelled wrong and dates are not correct. There are also zeros missing from the July dates. I called Verizon. they advised me ics for rezound is expected to be out by fall 2012

  • The “document” that was “leaked” is a FAKE. It is photoshopped. next time you see it – look at the word “quene” it should be “queue” they can’t even spell it right. Second of all there is a “0” missing in front of July for the Rezound date, but they are on all other dates like 08/12, not on July for the Rezound. I spoke with Tiffany in Verizon Advanced Tech Support Rep ID# 583058 and she advised me ICS for Rezound is NOT expected until Fall 2012.

  • buggietechnica

    I just cancelled Verizon and will not be purchasing another HTC device in the future.

  • buggietechnica

    Don’t forget to file an FCC complaint about Verizon here:

    It is an easy process.

  • MilleCam

    Verizon SUCKS.