Ever since HTC became the leader in US smartphone sales, their Q3 numbers came in at about $4.54 billion in terms of revenue. In addition, HTC shipping increased by an incredible 93% over the year, to 13.2 million units. HTC claims that these record numbers are because of their “strong brand recognition, leading product portfolio and expanded distribution channels”. However, since those reports came out towards the beginning of November, HTC revenue has taken an absolute nose dive straight into the ground. Although that sounds pretty harsh, after hearing the numbers, you will surely agree that something went wrong with HTC in the month of November.

For the month of November 2011, HTC reported $1.03 billion in revenue. In November 2010, HTC pulled in $1.27 billion in total revenue. Therefore dropping the revenue of the Taiwanese giant to almost 20% since last November. Finally, Q4 predictions show that HTC probably won’t be putting up the same numbers as in Q3. Although the case has not even taken place yet, HTC’s future does not look so good with their patent infringement case with Apple coming up soon.

If HTC were to lose their patent infringement case, would you miss their smartphones (US Only)? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Engadget

Matthew Sabatini
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  • Amine Elouakil

    HTC Future doesn’t look good just from a patent infrigement suit? didn’t Samsung avoided the same problem with software update? worst case scenario would be a temporary ban of some HTC products but what product? appart from the Titan and rezound there isn’t much new in the US from HTC.

    HTC Said that their results for Q4 are not going to be as good as Q3 which is normal because they did not release a proper new product on the international market, The rezound is locked to one country and one carrier. the Sensation XE is just what the Sensation was meant to be, just a little higher cpu clock and beats, which meh the XL, is not highend enough, I think that HTC plans would a bit delayed with ICS

    I bet HTC is preparing something big for CES and MWC, I expect several high end phones (HTC Vile, and Edge would be two of them)