HTC releases Droid DNA kernel source code, the playground is now open

by: AdrianNovember 30, 2012

HTC and Verizon’s Droid DNA was already extremely appealing for the masses, with its quad-core power and gorgeous 1080p display, but for the beast to really reach the hearts of hardcore Android enthusiasts there still remained one detail to sort out – custom ROMs.

But you can’t have custom ROMs with a locked bootloader and with no kernel source code, right? Thankfully, both those boxes can now be ticked by potential DNA buyers, so there’s really no more reason you should continue to avoid this bad boy.

Especially when, unlike the bootloader unlock tool, the kernel source code has been made available directly by HTC on Weighing in at around 100 MB, the code is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and should allow you to go crazy and meddle with everything about the DNA’s software.

Of course, this is no toy for inexperienced users and we can’t stress how important it is to remember two things – everything you do after unlocking your phone’s bootloader, you do at your own risk and say bye-bye to your warranty. Now, if that doesn’t scare you off, there’s only one more thing we can tell you – have fun!

  • Handsolo

    Simply disappointed by HTC again and again and again.

    Nobody cares about 1080p or extremely high pixel density after a certain point because it is biologically impossible for the human eye to perceive anything higher.

    So given that HTC’s only selling point is their screen resolution and PPI, this is another big fat HTC dud.

    Sense UI is as usual cheap looking, and the red streak HTC puts on their phones is grotesque.

    I just don’t understand how HTC keeps making bad decision after bad decision.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a decent phone. But given there are better options available, no rational consumer should be choosing this.

    • xirclebox

      Han shoots first.

  • Stu

    Sorry Hans, got to disagree. This is my third HTC phone and like the others, this one is solid and this one, IMHO, looks and feels great. I find Sense on the DNA far better than in past versions, when I’ve had to use other UIs. I may actually just stick with it!

    Speed of this phone is just incredible. Just one question for you – do you own one or are you just spouting?