HTC President brags up the HTC One, points to some of the mixed reviews for the Galaxy S4

by: Andrew GrushApril 26, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one comparison aa

While Android Authority’s experience with the Samsung Galaxy S4 was a very positive one, not all reviewers on the net have felt that way about Samsung’s latest flagship. Some of the complaints brought Samsung’s way include their continued use of plastic and “somewhat gimmicky” software features. Not surprisingly, HTC couldn’t be happier to hear that some of Samsung’s reviews are mixed.

Here’s what Mike Woodward, HTC’s president in North America had to say about Galaxy S4 reviews in relation to the HTC One:

“We look at [the Galaxy S4 reviews] through the lens of the HTC One, and it stands up positively.” “The design seems to be attracting the most attention and we’re really proud of that.”

HTC is betting hard on the HTC One, hoping that it can be the cornerstone for rebuilding an empire that has been on the decline for years. Samsung’s dominance in the market and extremely aggressive marketing certainly could be a hurdle for HTC, so any potentially bad news coming Samsung’s way is great news for HTC.

Of course Samsung also has some major advantages on its side, including a removable battery and microSD. Another problem for HTC is that they are currently ignoring the biggest carrier in the United States, Verizon. While rumors indicate that HTC might be preparing an HTC One variant for Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has already confirmed that its phone will soon be coming to Big Red.

Honestly, both handsets are quite impressive, but if you want to get a better look at how the two phones compare, check out of “versus” video below.

Do you agree with some of the complaints against the Samsung Galaxy S4? Conversely, do you feel that HTC is being overly cocky with the HTC One?

  • fred

    Do you think you are decidedly biased to Samsung in your choice of words.

  • le_lutin

    HTC overly cocky? Absolutely not. Nearly every review I’ve read of the s4 ends up saying that the feel of it is just meh compared to the htc one. HTC should exploit every single opportunity they have to get one over on htc. The mistake they’ve made in the past is that they haven’t been vocal enough about what differentiates their phone from samsungs.

    • Why can’t HTC president just concentrate on marketing, fixing the reported issues on XDA, and allow the consumers to do the talking.

      I’m eagerly waiting for Q2 sales reports for HTC

      • le_lutin

        Um, lemme see…
        First off, it’s not the htc president for north America’s job to fix bugs. Secondly the quote came from an interview that he did, which is part of his job.

    • John Mortimer

      Look when your one had no updates get back to me its not even on 4.2.2

  • That’s HTC’s huge mistake!!!

    • dandroid13

      Everything HTCrap is a huge mistake…

  • jimmyz

    After what Samsung did with the bogus reviews to Htc and others, Htc should pounce all over this. The One in my opinion is just a better more innovative phone. It feels like Samsung is really doing what Apple does hence Iphone 4, then the 4s. Samsung should have done a much better job with the S4 they were capable but they really dropped the ball and let the competition right back in the game.

    • CactusCat

      So Samsung should have done a much better job with the S4? Why don’t you enlighten the rest of us poor souls who do not have as much knowledge as you? How would you have done a better job?

      • jimmyz

        Well since you asked in such a nice way, how about trying to change the actual design lets say maybe not use totally cheap plastic with that crappy coating that is prone to scratching. Or would that have been to much to ask. Or yeah i forgot they already ripped Apple of before so why not just copy their entire mobil business plan but i guess to someone like you that is ok. At least HTC came out with something that has caught almost everyone’s attention and they didn’t need to gimmicks ie touch wiz to do it. Htc actually minimalized their ui and still people are picking the one over the s4 so if you can’t figure it out for yourself go buy your plastic piece of crap and have fun.

        • Toss3

          We’ll see when we get the sales numbers. :) My guess is that the S4 is going to outsell the HTC One 10:1.

          • jimmyz

            Yeah there are a lot of people that like to buy crap. But the real deal is if the S4 doesn’t outperform the S3 epic failure on Samsungs part, and honestly after the copying and paid for fake reviews they deserve any bad stuff they have coming karma sucks.

          • Toss3

            Considering HTC used stolen tech in their phones and have had serious build quality issues, I don’t think they deserve any better.

          • jimmyz

            Um yeah htc actually bought that tech from another company they didn’t know they couldn’t use it, it was the vendors fault not theirs even Nokia said this. And what build quality issues i haven’t seen any about the one yet. And Samsung knowingly and admittedly paid for false reviews on their product and for bad reviews on their competitors so really..

          • Toss3

            HTC knew about it, and are working on fixing it, which may result in further delays for many people. The quality issues are very apparent on XDA. “I just received my HTC One developer edition, and like others, there are some build quality issues (…)” “It gets over 100F as I have a battery monitor which informs me and I feel how uncomfortable it is.” “I noticed some backlight bleed and a dead pixel in the bottom right corner.”

          • Toss3

            These are just some of the threads I found. There have also been reports of insensitivity of the capacitive buttons (potentially fixed in latest update).

          • jimmyz

            Its seems that you must be a huge fan of Samsung

          • Toss3

            I buy Samsung’s phones because of their amoled screens. When you have a small screen, you want it to pack all the punch it can, and that’s were amoleds shine. Movie mode is also pretty accurate, with a white point that is even better than the iPhone 5’s. If the HTC One came with a 1080p amoled screen, I’d probably buy it over the S4. The camera in the HTC One also does not have me convinced, but I’m happy to see them trying something new, and they’ve done an excellent job of reducing the heft of the Sense interface(very smooth and fast).

          • jimmyz

            The camera thing i am with you on this one I’m to convinced.

          • @jimmyz
            LMAO !!!

            Pot, kettle, black

          • jimmyz

            Nice try i actually like nokia i think they make the best phones Os choice is lacking a little but my opinion is HTC is better than Samsung. So there is your pot, kettle, black..

          • @Toss3:disqus

            fkn right !!

    • you do realize that the htc one looks like an iphone right?how is the htc one innovative though? the front facing speakers?the lousy 4 megapixel camera?dont come at me with “they are ultrapixels not megapixels” lol. they are megapixels, larger then normal ones on the same size image sensor as the galaxy all this has done is allow the htc one to take better low light pictures with a great loss of detail and added noise.most reviews,if not all, have stated that the s4 has the better camera. Samsung appears to be the only one innovating and truly coming up with new ways to interact with our phones, but i’m sure you are referring to these “innovative” and novel features as gimmicky. either way an aluminum body is not innovative. i have seen it before. the htc one looks like an iphone clone. the s4 actually has unique and cool features. even if they end up being useless they are still features that the htc one does not have. don’t try to justify your purchase of a phone based solely on looks. which if you purchased the htc one is exactly what you did since the s4 is the better smartphone.

      • jimmyz

        Well first of all Samsung is not the only company that makes great phones. Personally i think Nokia is the most innovative company when it comes to design and build quality. The ones camera i have an issue with as well ultrapixels=gimmicky. My problem with samsung is they did exactly what Apple does and that is not innovative. And if the S4 is so great why are most side to side reviews picking the Htc one? Just saying.

        • read the reviews and you will see why they are picking the htc one over the s4, all the while stating how the s4 is better in almost every aspect in the same review lol. they do this because the htc one is a good phone with a good design. a lot of people are wiling to sacrifice performance for a better asthetic design, which is why iPhone’s are such popular sellers. so if you want the best smartphone choose the s4. if you want the best design versus performance ratio choose the htc one.smartphones are tool’s for me. I use them as such. I don’t consider them to be fashion accessoriesd. form over function. I could careless about the “plasticky” feel lol

          • jimmyz

            Then you should have got a lumia 920 best tool out there.

          • true. there are to many great phones out on the market at the moment. It is hard to keep track of them all. I feel like a kid in a candy/toy store lol

          • jimmyz

            Right i agree!!!!!

          • tool as in what though lol? i have not looked into the lumia? i truly believe that the s4 is currently the best overall smartphone on the market that has the best performance when it comes to doing “smartphony” things lol

          • jimmyz

            Well i have an S3 and a lumia 920 i use my 920 as my daily because of the integration with office it makes work alot easier and school too, plus honestly the camera is insane on that thing. Yes it is lacking some apps that i use on android that is why i keep my s3 which i do like also. But the 920 even with the less ram an the smaller processor i find that it is faster than the android, i have never seen a lag on that thing yet and i have it loaded. Also i really do like xbox music it just works for me. My whole house is MS and everything just works together seamlessly i guess that’s why i like it so much.

      • “don’t try to justify your purchase of a phone based solely on looks”
        GOOD ONE !!!

      • ArCol

        “Samsung appears to be the only one innovating and truly coming up with new ways to interact with our phones”
        Are you kidding me???

        • no unless you don’t consider the new features as innovative or novel? i could careless if you consider them gimmicky since they are still new. I’m not aware of any other company that has done this. am i wrong though? if so i apologize. I stand by what i said from what I know. I don’t consider front facing speakers and a 4 megapixel camera innovative nor an aluminum chassis. the camera maybe, but when was the last time you used your speaker phone to blast music ?i use earphones.

  • wyngreen

    I’ve done with htc.
    lousy, arrogant, ignorant.
    and battery is rarely satisfying.

    I’ll switch to samsung phone next.

    that’s the same thing google did with nexus line years ago.
    no wonder they never go back to htc.

    • bob

      Are you mad?

    • amine ELouakil

      I wonder who’s been pulling those “sheep” “next big thing” ads that were complimenting Apple and iPhone users, double standards much???

      good luck with your future Samsung anyways

  • RaptorOO7

    Any review or reviewer who relies on “plastic” as a key decision or factor in their review process is simply one I do not consider to be informed. The bottom line is how well does the hardware, software and overall device perform. How is the battery life, memory allocation is it expandable in this post Gingerbread world where you can’t move the apps to the SD card.

    HTC you could have had me as a customer, but your gimmicky method of skipping the swappable battery, no expansion (both of which you did for CHINA) and the crappy overlay integrated into the kiddy oriented Sense 5.

    No wonder their stock is in the crapper, their profits are barely alive on a respirator and they can’t get their hardware out the door.

    What’s next, will HTC have to hock some of the corporate art collection to afford to pay their vendors.

    • bob

      Have you ever heard of a charger pack? Small enough to put in your pocket and gives you several more charges than an extra battery pack. Get with the times. Why do you need expansion? Everything is cloud based and is more useful encase you ever lose your phone. Htc one all the way. Better screen, sound, software, design.

      • a charger pack is still not equivalent to replacing the battery. yes i have heard of a charger pack as well but you are still going to have to wait for the charger pack to “charge” your phone. where as with the s4 you just toss in a charged battery and you are good to go.I would just use a charger pack as a last resort option.

      • oh and i hate this cloud based bs. the cloud is only good at backing up your documents. that’s it at the moment, not storing files that you are going to access over and over again such as digital or video content. you do realize that most data plans are now currently capped?yea good luck listening to flac based audio files constantly through the “cloud”. the cloude is still a joke at the are the one who needs to get with the times as in living in the present not in the future. the cloud is the future, but is far from being useful at the least accessing the “cloud” through wireless networks that is which is exactly what you primarily do on a phone

        • yungqb7

          Thank you!!! This is what I try to tell people all the time. Media content such as music and videos are always best to have locally. Cloud is great for docs and especially with capped data plans, why burn data when you don’t need to? Sound is subjective in this case, I’ve compared the HTC One with the GS4 with a few YouTube videos at max volume and the loudness is on par with each other. You can notice the direction of the sound, but the boom speakers aren’t anything special. Other people that I’ve done the test for said that they’re pretty much equal as well. Software, Sense needs to be on 5.1 to get rid of some annoying kinks, in my opinion. The speakers was the only thing I was giving the One credit for. However after comparing it to the GS4, its nothing outstanding. It is HTC’s best phone, but I personally feel that the GS4 is a better investment in the long run. But hey, that’s just my opinion. As long as it’s android, and not iOS, it’s all good.

    • god I hope some company designs an aftermarket magnesium/titanium/carbon fiber back cover for the galaxy s4 to shut all these “plasticky” fools up lol. It would not be hard to will have to be slightly thicker i think,but not by much. I’m not sure if removing it would be more difficult though due to metal having less flex.carbon fiber or some other material along these lines would be a better choice. does anyone want to provide me some venture capital?

    • das

      i used to like HTC when they made the old winmobile 6 phones ,i had the hd2 ,was a solid phone ,the sense overlay over windowsmobile 6 on it was unique and clever to hide most of winmos ugly UI and was smooth ,but after the desire HD range it went downhill for them ,mainly due to a bloated UI and unreliable hardware that plagued most of their newer phones ,as for beats ? ! pfftt ,its just a equaliser

  • Jack

    this website get paid by Samsung because everything you said is lies the htc one has better screen than Samsung s4

    • dandroid13

      They’re all HTCrap fanboys in these sites, just like you.

  • yungqb7

    HTC has aluminum while the GS4 has expandable memory and the ability to run two apps at once (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) out of the box. That’s what appeals to me. This is HTC’s best phone, but this is not the best phone for my lifestyle.

    • Cuco

      Sure. Add your storage on HTC Once with this:

      • John Mortimer

        Only 2gb for apps

        • Cuco

          Did you get One?

          • John Mortimer

            Nope got my gs4 and its way better than by gs3 I did get the HTC one x last year and sold it in 2 months

      • are you serious?so do you plan on either carrying that thing with you at all times or attached to your phone at all times? you do realize that the s4 has an internal microsd card slot that can hold as much as 64gb

        • Cuco

          Sure. Tiny reader, carry it anywhere

          • well I guess that is fine then. especially if you don’t mind having to carry it around and connect it whenever you want access to data on it

          • Cuco

            Thanks. it should always be connected to device because it is really small.

    • le_lutin

      I’ve got the multi window thing on my note 2 and once you get over the novelty factor, you will never, ever use it. I would urge you to rethink your priorities.

      • yungqb7

        I’ve played with both phones extensively already. The GS4 just fits my style, the One is just the One. I can’t really comment anything about it. I mean people are gonna like what they like. I think GS4 > One, but others may think otherwise.

        • le_lutin

          The internet is no place for calm, reasoned and logical comments. Who the hell do you think you are?! :)

  • Arsenal™

    without XDA

    HTC= Crap

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    HTC One is the best smartphone in the world compared to the Galaxy S4 currently. Every single specifications of it is better than the S4.

    • aidan smit

      Really? Name one. Except speakers, I understand that. And aluminium is not a spec.

      • The Truth


      • amine ELouakil

        Best screen on any smartphone and this is not subjective, metrics prove it, best sound input and output, best front facing camera, best low light performance rear camera, best design(was officially awarded for it)……

  • aidan smit

    Htc getting cocky at mixed reviews, usually about plastic or confusing amount of choice. All I have to say is this and this

  • Art. B.

    Samsung stock in the past, htc moving forward. ( front stereo speakers boom sound, zoe, premium design, beats audio. Samsung new features are basically impractical.

  • Cornelius


  • How SGS$ butter design than HTC one its very stupid compression


    Galaxy s4 is a suitable name for the phone…unearthly super gimicky 4th generation crap…

  • ArCol

    loads of Shamesung fanboys

  • Someone in this thread said people are picking The One over the S4. Where? Despite launching at least two weeks after The One, the S4 has already surpassed it in number sold, and the final numbers wont even be close. The people will keep picking the S4 over and over again. The One is a great phone, my wife has one and I love it but htc can’t realistically expect it to compete with the s4 in actual sales figures. Htc may have made a lot of mistakes but they arent that stupid.